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Dacia duster - Romanian brother Renaud Daster

East European SUV of the world level

2009 saw the release of Eastern Europe's first SUV of the world level. As You probably understand, we are talking about dacia duster. Since that time, the car has undergone several modifications. One of them even acts in the racing series of the Trophee Andros.

 The concept of Dacia Duster in Geneva

In the Western part of Europe and in the USA SUV sold under the brand Renault. The French group is on one level with the most respected manufacturers in the world, its development are in great demand in almost all parts of the world, therefore sell a machine called Renault duster more advantageous from a marketing point of view.

Price-quality ratio for Romanian SUV's just perfect. In fact, they are in the same price category with Chinese models, but are made according to the highest standards of the company Renault. And if to pay about $2000 to the base price, you can get a car with beauty, not inferior to the design of the Mercedes-Benz GLK-class or BMW X3.

 Dasia Duster front view

Inter'er'-exterior-and size-and-weight characteristics

The appearance of the Duster is quite attractive for a budget model. We cannot say that the car is lost in city traffic, and on the background of SUVs of the higher class, it looks pretty priglyadno. The interior of the cabin Dastera pretty simple, but is executed rather qualitatively. The main materials are finishing fabric upholstery and textured plastic. With regard to overall indicators, they are quite fit into the standards J-segment. Front wheelbase derails in width 1560 mm, rear – 1567 mm Total length of the crossover is 2673 mm Full width of the vehicle, including rear-view mirrors, stopped at exactly 2 m total length of the body ’ 4315 mm For front-wheel drive version ground clearance is equal to 205 mm and for all-wheel drive – 210 mm (one of the best in its class). Cabin height to the first series of – 907 mm, for the second – 895 mm Trunk has a rather modest volume 408 HP True, especially for its expansion, it is possible to fold the rear seats. In this case the Luggage compartment comes to 1570 HP Oh and one more size, the radius of the duster – 10,4 m the Mass of the vehicle in full gear ranges from 1280 to 1450 kg

 Dasia Duster side view

Technical characteristics

For  Dastera manufacturers have prepared three types of engines: two petrol and one diesel. 1. Junior gasoline engine has a displacement of 1.6 liters and capacity of 102 PS Maximum speed of the engine is 165 km/h, while starting the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h takes about 11,8 seconds. Fuel consumption: 6.5 litres on the track, 9.8 l in the city and 7.6 l in mixed mode. Supplied with this unit 5-or 6-speed manual gearbox. 2. Second four-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 2.0 liters and capacity of 135 PS Similar characteristics provide a crossover Dacia Duster 2 el top speed of 177 km/h and seed dispersal  from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.4 seconds. Consumption in this variant a bit more: 6.5 litres on the track, 10.3 l in the city and 7.8 litres in mixed mode drive. Of gearboxes for this unit features a 6-speed "mechanics  4-band "machine”. 3. The only diesel unit has a four-cylinder with a total volume of 1.5 liters and capacity of 90 PS This engine ensures maximum acceleration up to 160 km/h and seed dispersal  from 0 to 100 km/h in almost 16 seconds. Efficiency of the diesel engine is very good: 5.0 litre on the track, the 5.9 l in the city and about 5.3 l with mixed type of operation crossover. Aggregated diesel engine 6-speed manual gearbox.

 Dasia Duster rear view

Picking SUV

In Russia crossover Daster available in a rather wide range of configurations. Basic "Authentique» includes:

More advanced equipment  the Expression" additionally includes:

The most complete version of  the Privilege" in addition to all of the above offers:

On the Russian market some dealers also offers komlektaciya Dastera "Luxe Privilege", which is different:

 Beauty and extension Dasia Duster

Update 2013

Updated Renault Duster in Geneva in the spring of 2013 manufacturer, unfortunately, is not presented, but instead showed him a special "adventure" version of the Adventure Edition, which could  to reveal some elements of the future restyling.

Dacia duster 2013 please the fans, first of all, an updated exterior and interior design. Most likely SUV to find a new grille and modified 16-inch wheels. A little podpravitsya silhouette of a roof of the car, refreshed exterior mirrors and door handles. Well, in the cabin fans Dastera will wait improved interior.

 The Interior Of Dacia Duster

Among the latest updates accessories for decoration auto is worth mentioning: the fluorescent lights, armrest between the front seats, nozzle for exhaust pipes, window deflectors, caps for wheel arches, and also presence of the navigation system, which, certainly, will be on the list of the basic equipment and this considering that Daster in concept refers to the budgetary SUV.

Rates on Duster in Russia

As is known, from 2011 on plant «Avtoframus" was launched SUV production under license of dacia. In selling model, manufactured by the Moscow enterprise, arrived in early 2012. Due to internal Assembly SUVs in Russia for dacia duster price remained at a low level.

So the initial price Dastera in a base complete set "Authentique   FWD version is 469 thousand rubles all-wheel drive modification is not less 519 thousand rubles Loaded Renault Duster  the Expression" with front-wheel ICIE EUR 524 thousand rubles, with automatic transmission 598 thousand rubles of the Cost of the car with all-wheel drive in this set is at least 574 thousand rubles (maximum of 639 thousand roubles for the version with a diesel engine.

For a complete version of  the Privilege" Dastera dealers are asking 627 thousand rubles, and for diesel modification 692 thousand rubles

The cost of the most expensive configuration "Luxe Privilege" Dastera begins with a mark in 709 thousand rubles

Ensure the manoeuvrability of the car You can, by watching the following video: