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Directory crossovers

Premium crossovers

The BMW X5 is the SUV premium, one of the most recognizable in the world. Interior leather, for finishing panels used wood. The materials are very high quality standard quality, which imply luxury crossovers. The instrument panel is very simple, some car owners have noted that it looks scopulate. Planting convenient driver's seat has many modes of adjustment. The heated steering wheel is also adjustable.


In provided the BMW X5 iDrive multimedia system, tells how to avoid a traffic jam and supporting Russian language with the possibility of voice input. The diesel engine, with a capacity of 249 HP Fuel consumption is 7 liters per 100 km in the city.

Stiff suspension, so that the driver feels the quality of the coating. Very well felt twists and turns as the driver would be "included" in them along with the car. When dry, the coating faster they are held 2 times and without drifts. Such a crossover with all-wheel drive stable on any surface. Under normal conditions 70% thrust falls on the back.

 Crossover BMW X5

The Audi Q5 also belong to the category of most recognizable crossover world." The design of any car of this brand has smooth lines and soft curves. New equipment has updated the configuration of the LEDs, new forms of manifolds and a slightly modified bumper.

 Audi Q5

Power diesel engine - 225 HP with robotized transmission. Interior leather, encouraging high quality materials. The driver feels confident at any speed, but the low sensitivity of the gas pedal when you start moving to get used to. With the active drive is spent 11 liters of gasoline per 100 km, calm - 8 L.

It's a SUV with permanent all-wheel drive system Quatro, known for 25 years.

 Crossover Audi Q5

The Infiniti QX70 is the pride of the Corporation. Crossovers new generation has been characteristic of her style that distinguishes all models. The design is calculated on the dynamics and speed. He emphasizes the high status of the owner. In the basic version provides a diesel engine, the power - 238 HP This modification has a capacity of 333 HP and a claimed capacity of some models - 400 HP

 Infiniti QX70

The car accelerates very quickly. Engine size - 5 l. Number of valves for V8 - 32. The distinctive feature that the range of models of almost all new Infiniti crossovers - wheel-drive. This is a real sports car, when driving fast the driver literally strapped in the seat. Therefore, the intended audience rentals - the young and middle-aged people who love the drive, but appreciate the premium purchase.

 Crossover Infiniti QX70

Budget crossovers

If you look for the brand's crossovers - catalogue of different models - different auto unusual appearance, which not everyone likes. The interior is organized quite functional: no unnecessary details, but everything is ergonomic and very comfortable. Much attention is paid to detail: to everything there is a special drawer or compartment. In Skoda Yeti 4 having a turbo motor, horsepower - 122 HP

 Skoda Yeti

Crossover with front-wheel drive Skoda Yeti is not intended for off-road riding, despite promises made by the manufacturer about picking Outdoor. But to overcome the roughness of asphalt and small potholes increased ground clearance and geometric features of short bumpers are quite suitable. The main thing is to avoid soft ground. If you take the Skoda Yeti with front-wheel drive, the possibility of patency expand.

 Skoda Yeti Crossover

Despite presentable appearance, crossover refers to the budget. This is an updated version of the model range, received a new steering wheel, convenient control buttons and a new audio system. If you take such new SUV AWD, the clutch is controlled by a button instead of "whirlings", as on the previous model. The salon is comfortable, but the noise is weak. The basic version has a volume of 1.6-l engine and manual gearbox. The power of 117 HP Fuel consumption is 9.8 l in the city.

 Mitsubishi ASX

Stiff suspension, despite the increased stiffness of the new design of trailing arms and redesigned bushings-bushings. But the car easily and without rolls included in the turns. It can feel a little swinging in large ruts, but a typical country road will pass.

 The Mitsubishi ASX crossover

If you choose crossover - front-wheel drive or - be guided by the fact that where going to go. For city driving, and driving on the highway enough for the front wheel, it will cost you less. If you're going to drive around the countryside - take four-wheel drive, as due to weather conditions, the road surface can unpredictably change.