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Experience in operation of UAZ Farmer

Reliable assistant in the countryside can become far not every car. We propose to consider the appeal for these purposes the passenger-cargo vehicle-terrain UAZ-39094. This model is called the "Farmer" because of its equipment for the transport of persons, cargo or equipment on all kinds of roads solid or ground coating and even on the roads. UAZ Farmer is designed for operation in the farms, and also in sphere of small business countryside.

 UAZ Farmer 39094

Technical characteristics

To begin, consider the UAZ Farmer technical characteristics in order to understand what actually is this vehicle.

Drive the car – on all four wheels with the option of disabling the front two. Cabin – a, with two-line location seats; there are three side door: driver, front passenger and one for passengers of the second row on the right. There is the possibility of transforming the rear seats in two berths. Behind the cabin is a metal cargo platform with bows and tent on them. He removable and can recline in any of the three sides. In the body there is a possibility to install two double seats (they are supplied with the machine).

 UAZ Farmer rear view

Length of the machine 4820 mm, width 2100 mm, height 2355 mm, and the front with a tent rises above the cabin 100 mm wheelbase is 2550 mm, and the width of a track – 1445 mm The car comes with a factory tyres 235/75 disk R15; you can also install tyres 225/75 for diameter R16.

Angle of entry - 28°, the Congress - 27°. Ground clearance is impressive: 220 mm, the machine is capable to overcome the Ford half a meter depth – all that is good news for residents of off-road.

Laden mass of the Farmer – 1975 kg, the full weight of – 3050 kg Payload – 1075 kg, of which up to 700 kg can be discharged under load.

 UAZ Farmer beauty

The vehicle is equipped with a 2.7-liter carbureted 4-cylinder engine ZMZ-4091, calculated on gasoline with an octane rating of 92 and above. The maximum achieved power – 112 PS or 82.5 kW at 4000 rpm and torque – 208 N*m) at 3000 rpm

Speed limit Farmer - 105 km/h, declared by the manufacturer consumption – 15.4 liters per 100 km at a speed of 90 km/hour. Tanks of a capacity of 50 liters of fuel.

Transmission ’ s manual, four levels, with the possibility of including the reduction of the divider two stage transfer box.

The machine is equipped with dual circuit braking system with vacuum booster; drum-type brakes are used.

Front and rear suspension – spring, dependent type. To turn the car will need a radius of at least 7.5 meters.

 UAZ Farmer engine

Operating cost

Although the new UAZ Farmer price is quite affordable even for beginners of small entrepreneurs, all do the math, how much is totaly out the operational period of a machine, for example, in the first two years, if you are thinking of buying a new car. The calculation will take, in addition to the value of the vehicle, fuel expenses, insurance, transport tax, maintenance and purchase of winter tires.

1.    the Price of the machine. Recommended Ulyanovsk automobile plant on UAZ Farmer price 2013 – 487 thousand rubles, while the cars produced in 2012, you can get a discount in the 30000 roubles – as a result, last year's model will be released in 457 thousand rubles.

2.    Fuel costs. We rely on intensive operation of the machine and take a tentative millage over the next couple of years, 60,000 km, and the cost of used 92-octane gasoline will assume 27 rubles per liter. Calculate costs will, based on their officially declared fuel consumption, although in real terms, of course, these figures will be higher. So, our 60 thousand kilometers, according to the declared cost 15.4 liters per 100 km, the car needs 9240 liters of petrol. Amplifying their 27, get a considerable sum in 249480 rubles, that is more than half the value of the "Farmer". If not go to so much, say, 40000 km for a couple of years, the total gasoline will need 6160 litres, and the total cost of $ 166320 roubles – looks like it's still quite significantly, but much less than the first indicator of the cost.

3.    Mandatory insurance fee. The insurance policy for 1 year will cost the driver older than 22 years of age and driving experience of more than 3 years 4277 rubles if such seniority is still no – 7270 rubles. For the current biennium, these amounts, respectively doubled – 8554 ruble or 14540 rubles. We note that in different territorial subjects of the estimated cost of the compulsory insurance policy may slightly vary within 10% of the amounts.

4.    the Tax on technical means. Annual vehicle tax on Farmer will 4480 rubles, therefore, for all of the current biennium – 2 times more – 8960 rubles.

5.    the Passage. At design during mileage 60 000 km vehicle will undergo scheduled maintenance four times. If you have to use the services of the official dealer with a minimum of required spare parts, the total value of these THE amount of 25000 rubles.

6.    Winter set of tires. Acquisition of winter version rubber involves the selection of the tire producer, and their quality. Focusing on the budgetary category of spare parts and taking the approximate cost of tires 4,000 roubles manufacturers such as Cordiant or Kama, we can conclude that for UAZ Farmer price of tires on all four wheels will be about 16 thousand roubles.

The total cost of operation of UAZ 39094 for the first two years of work by summing up all of the resulting prices and several will vary – mainly because of possible mileage mileage and age with the experience of the driver in insurance. Thus, operation of the machine with 60 thousand mileage with a driver whose experience of driving less than three years, cost, excluding the cost of the car in the total amount of 314 thousand rubles, where the main item of expenditure – the cost of gasoline. Buying the same Farmer 2013 issue together with the operation under such conditions will just 801000 rubles. If to take for calculating mileage 40 thousand kilometers and an experienced driver, use УАЗом will cost in the 225 thousand. With the purchase of the same car this amount grows to 712000 rubles, of which more 30000 you can save money by buying in a motor show, car 2012 model year.

 UAZ Farmer side view

Summing up all the calculations, you can safely be called UAZ "Farmer" budgetary vehicle with very good characteristics for the Russian off-road, suitable for both freight and people. At the same time, this machine is pleased road in operation: the cost of using it is comparable with similar costs on foreign SUV, whose price is several times higher. Meanwhile, small businesses and entrepreneurship in rural areas, it should not become a barrier to the purchase, as this amount does not need to upload all at once, and it's quite reasonable to produce spending a regular basis throughout the period of operation, that is not so will hit the pocket of farmers.