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Experience of exploitation of the land cruiser 100

The overall impression of owners of drive a Land Cruiser

Like many other models land cruiser 100 - the price of which requires the company to constantly monitor the opinion of consumers, constantly underwent some changes. Representatives of company Toyota tried to take into account the preference of people who already have the experience of driving this vehicle and could from a practical point of view appreciate, specifications, and other indicators.

So, changing over time grille – it became more. Rear lights slightly change the color markers, as светоизлучателя the company decided to apply the LEDs. Front panel with time became softer and several more attractive. Rear passengers have the possibility to control the radio, and also appeared blow the rear seats ceiling.

 Toyota Land Cruiser 100

Since 2006 the manufacturer changed the optics of both the front and rear. Rear lights were all led. Since 2002, the cars of this model are equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission. Machine more comfortable. For people who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of this dynamics, renewed Toyota Land Cruiser 100 has become more attractive.

Also specialists Toyota developed and implemented on a hundredth of model steering with variable gear ratio. Due to this innovation the big machine became more controllable.

All these innovations in principle a positive impact on feedback from owners. Among the advantages that mark most bought a hundredth of a model:

This is not surprising, because the machine is designed for the conditions of roads, and the city is more than confident. However, in addition to those owners Крузера 100 who operate the machine for 10 years and write only in glowing terms about his steel horse, there are still those who say frankly that it has sold "кукуруйзера" due to the large number of problems with the different nodes, which makes me very glad.

 Toyota land cruiser 100 front view

Next, consider what the advantages and disadvantages revealed owners during operation of the vehicle.

Facilities and disadvantages inside

On that first drew attention to each driver is the comfortable cabin of the vehicle, namely whether it will be convenient to drive. If you view the land cruiser 100 owner reviews about the location of the controls in the cabin, then obviously you notice the presence of some inconvenience.

Owners say poorly thought-out layout of the buttons washer of headlights, heated steering wheel and seats. To be able to make the corresponding adjustments, you must reach out sideways and down, in such a position of the body is greatly reduced the visibility of the road. Furthermore button "электроподсоса" is located so that it does not fall on the eyes, and a duplicate of the indicator on the instrument panel no. Therefore, it is often overlooked, and unmetered works when it is not needed.

One of the drawbacks of aesthetics and comfort in the cabin, recognized by Toyota, is that when connected USB overlaps cigarette lighter socket. This is important in view of presence of sufficient number of devices (FM receivers, boilers, chargers for mobile phones), which are connected to this Jack. For such reputable, eminent manufacturer quite incomprehensible situation.

 Toyota land cruiser 100 beauty

Among the advantages of the salon most car owners celebrate comfort seats and a huge amount of leg room. Also the seats are very practical, is difficult to stain on them safely and comfortably accommodate as many as five adult passengers, in addition will have space for a small Luggage.

As for the interior of the salon, in the opinion of many, it still leaves much to be desired. There is unwanted squeaks coming from seats, plastic front panel also does not look for its money (machine because not cheap). Although there is a matter of taste, for half of the drivers is much more important than good technical characteristics, which lend Крузера 100 I must say quite impressive.

 Toyota land cruiser 100 rear seats

Fuel consumption

The main question that worries every vehicle owner during vehicle operation – this is probably consumption. To begin, we note that for Toyota land cruiser 100 it is offered two variants of the engine: petrol and diesel.

According to the manufacturer petrol unit volume 4, 7 liters of high technical characteristics and dynamics. The second diesel engine capacity of 4.2 liters according to them is still considered to be more reliable and economical.

As is known to the issue of the expenditure must be approached on the basis of the engine capacity, fuel, which goes machine (diesel or gasoline), and the operating conditions. So many drivers who have a gasoline engine on land cruiser 100 flow noted in the area of 17 liters on the highway at a speed of 150 km/hour. And the owners of the diesel engine at 100-110 km/h mark consumption 9-10 liters per one hundred.

As you can see, the actual data on fuel consumption are not very different from those stated by the manufacturer. For the first time  Toyota regulates 16.3 liters per hundred, and in the second 11.1 litres in the combined cycle. Of course, all calculations are performed when the vehicle speed is around 100 km/hour. Therefore gasoline 4.7 at 150 km/h, a few walks the fuel, but it is going fast.

So, basically, we can say that for the SUV that expense is quite acceptable. However, residents of the North still has to spend on fuel is more, because in the cold flow increases. In winter the average temperature in a 25-35 degrees below zero, as noted by the owners, fuel consumption increases to as much as 22 liters.

 Toyota land cruiser 100 engine

What else owners note

Only during operation of the vehicle can reveal all its advantages and disadvantages, so  it would be useful to learn some more nuances, which is spoken by the owners.

Often reviews of Toyota land cruiser 100 speak about the lack of anti-corrosion treatment in places that are hidden from the casual inspection, for example, under the lights, on the inner surfaces of the doors. After some time there appear signs of rust. To avoid having to spend additional funds on a good антикоррозийку.

The problem of quality fuel equally acute for both diesel and gasoline units. On diesels, first of all, clogged nozzles and filters. Repair itself is practically impossible due to the complexity of the fuel system, should be in service. The cost of replacing the nozzles can be 60 thousand rubles. In addition, the high content of sulfur bad for the engine oil because of what it loses washing properties. Petrol units become less приемистыми, increased consumption.

 Toyota land cruiser 100 side view

When large разбежностях opinion on the integrity of a site, all noticed that the weak point of the machine, especially in conditions of bad Russian roads is lower control arm front suspension. Manufacturer would do well to increase the resource of the given node. In addition, the problematic point can be called and the steering rack.

Please the prices for spare parts. Compared to other cars in this class of  the weave" everything is more accessible. So, for the 2006 model, the cost of the original wing is the average estimated about 12 thousand rubles, the cost of bumper – 5 thousand Natural for some sedan this price category would be a burden, but also the opportunities he is totally different.

 Toyota land cruiser 100 rear view

Feedback on the land cruiser

Consider some real reviews about this car.