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Features of the Lexus rx350

Cars Lexus RX series at all times were the leaders of sales of the company. And Lexus rx350 no exception. Its dynamics, sporty character and power have always attracted motorists. However and in this car has its own peculiarities. But it should be noted that features does not mean disadvantages.

So what are the details should be known to the person controlling rx350?

 Lexus rx350 front view

Sounds in the cabin

The first peculiarity, which is impossible not to pay attention, is  the crickets». In General, the quality of sound insulation of a car high comfort of driving provided. But even occasionally new Lexus rx350 too noisy. As a rule, squeaks heard in the area of the driver's door window lifter and right in the center column. There are other sources of noise, but in other cases the problem can be resolved, for example, replacement of the wheel rubber. But the most interesting feature of this feature is that any specific reasons for the emergence of  the crickets" no. Screeches appear periodically, mainly in wet weather. The experience of the drivers showed that are guaranteed to get rid of this disease impossible. Just the noise may disappear by itself or will continue to periodically remind people of their existence.

 Lexus rx350 rear view

Direct use auto

When operating a car, it is important to know how to relate himself Lexus and conditions for its use. Wherefore should be aware of the features such as exposure to low temperatures. Problems with starting the engine, even in the most severe frosts does not occur, but special attention should be paid to the front racks, which in the conditions of the harsh Russian winter can simply freeze.

For older models characterized as the one feature that has a negative connotation. We are talking about "disease" a car:

But such drawbacks "adult" Лексусам, which not received proper care by the owner during his youth.

 Lexus rx350 wheels

Nuances of management

Features are detected in the work of the automatic transmission. Functional it flawlessly, switching produces in time, but it requires a driver respect. Shouldn't blindly dent the accelerator pedal to the floor, the car and without this quite quickly pulls away. But many act in this manner, and therefore they need to get used to the fact that "machine” will be slightly longer “thinking” after a sharp taps on the gas pedal, rather than at a smooth set of speed.

Another feature of Lexus are the brakes. The fact is that many owners say some of the nuances in the work of the regular brake discs. They are susceptible to overheating, also does not provide the projected deceleration enthusiastic driving. According to motorists, to overcome this feature can be in two ways:

 Lexus rx350 speedometer

And much there?

Finally, another feature of the car Lexus rx350 – the price of its service. Indeed, service rx350 expensive, it was accepted practically all the owners. However, this kind of specificity is typical for all Lexus models, but because the price of the service should be considered rather as an integral part of the car. Besides this is the second feature of the car – unpretentious. Along with the scheduled arrivals include, the need for maintenance can only occur through the fault of the driver or due to failure of circumstances. Moreover, the claimed 10-thousand miles between THE actually seems excessively reduced: the car feels great after 20-30 thousand, and some to be the service elements ways to work flawlessly and over 60 thousand kilometers.

As you can see, any specific features rx350 has not, so the correct approach to the use of this car it will become your indispensable companion. In conclusion, let's call the last feature auto: based on the suggested configurations, very pleased when purchasing Lexus rx350 price. The standard model would cost the owner of 2,625,000 rubles. Buying the same Lexus rx350 2012 model year complete motorist pays 2,956,000 rubles. And believe me, the difference between the cost is justified.