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Features of the new Mercedes gla

 Mercedes GLA 2014

Crossover Mercedes GLA 2014 is different from the other cars in the compact body, the size of it is quite small, but very powerful, taking part in test-drive, from the manufacturer, has established itself at its best - easily overcame the surface in the mountains and gently descended down the slopes, the driver did not notice that was driving through the forest paths and other irregularities on the road.

The car is all-wheel drive. Mercedes benz gla 2014 has a clearance size in thirty-four millimeters. Sport type front bumper is a novelty of this model. Equipment complement the stylish alloy wheels with a radius of nineteen inches. The first cars produced by developers have a bright-red color, with variegated colour scheme and elegant appearance, the car is just impossible not to notice on the road.

Front new Mercedes GLA 2014 is decorated with slightly narrower headlights with built in led strips and lights. When you purchase a vehicle with full equipment on the roof will be located a large hatch, he will do so being in the car and give you stunning views.

The dimensions of the Mercedes GLA up to four and a half thousand millimetres in length, one thousand eight hundred millimetres in width and fifteen hundred millimeters in height. Due to its small size, high-quality lightweight metal from which it is made, the total weight is only up to a thousand pounds and it is the new Mercedes GLA crossover 2014 is able to overcome obstacles, which can not cope other vehicles with similar characteristics, similar class and level. 

 Characteristics Mercedes GLA 2014

Description of the interior of the car

The roof of the vehicle located with a slight slant back, – for this you might think that in the rear passenger seats and enough amount of height for a comfortable ride, but it's all prejudice. There will be enough space to accommodate two people, because the characteristics of the new Mercedes gla 2014 is not designed to carry more people in the back seat. The volume of the Luggage Department is up to fifty-six liters.

The interior of the car is breathtakingly beautiful. The novelty relates to sports type machines, but inland as possible to make a different conclusion. Seat, driver and passenger made of high quality calfskin imitation accordion center, made from a stunning touch fabric. During the trip you will feel awesome and you will not notice the time spent behind the wheel, the dashboard is exactly the same with car models coupe SA. 

 Interior of Mercedes GLA 2014

Specifications and features of the Mercedes gla

Characteristics mercedes gla 2014 will allow the car to be one of the most powerful crossovers. Under the hood is the engine a total volume of two liters and two, it is turbo diesel and has an output of up to one hundred seventy horsepower. Has a four cylinder that does not distinguish it from the previous model.

When you purchase a Mercedes maximum configuration management will help the seven speed automatic transmission also features double grip - this car will be equipped with all-wheel drive modification. When you purchase a car in the basic configuration, it will have a six speed manual gearbox and will be equipped with front-wheel drive modification. In accordance with these limitations and price 2014 mercedes gla will be different. Acceleration to a hundred kilometers per hour in eight and three-tenths of a second, this time was determined on the test drive from the manufacturer.

When driving through town the fuel consumption is up to five as much as nine-tenths of litres for every hundred kilometres travelled. When driving on the highway consumption is reduced to four integers and four-tenths liters per hundred. The total tank capacity for fuel is fifty-six liters, filling your car full, you can long not to think about the problems with the fuel.

Revealed flaws on the car, namely a very pronounced sound of the engine, it failed to dampen even with insulation, equipped in the cabin and the hood of the Mercedes. This defect occurs when moving the gearbox to the function of the off-road driving, in other embodiments, the engine sound is quite acceptable for this kind of car.

 Technical characteristics of Mercedes GLA 2014

Criteria price of Mercedes gla

From the beginning of the year of manufacture the price of a new Mercedes gla 2014 was announced for implementation on the Russian market. There are three options of purchase of the car - two of which, fitted with petrol plants and one diesel.

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Buy Mercedes GLA 2014, the lowest level since the development of high-speed operation up to one hundred and fifty six horsepower you can from one million three hundred eighty thousand rubles. The cost of a car with a diesel plant will be one million four hundred thirty thousand Russian rubles, while its developing speed is one hundred thirty-six horsepower. The most popular and available all-wheel drive model of this series will go at a price of one million five hundred forty thousand, achieving speeds of it will be in two hundred and eleven horsepower.