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Features Tingo Vortex

In the process of familiarization with the experience of operation of tingo might get the impression that the car, taking into account its price component, is an elementary construction machinery with several mediocre abilities and light deficiencies. However, it is very naive to believe, that this opinion can be fair. Anyway, even this product TagAZ requires knowledge of some nuances related to the specifics of the car, its individual components, the terms of use. Summarizing the most typical models vortex features, we offer you the features of a Chinese.

 Tingo Vortex

Flaws body

The quality of the external elements of tingo vortex drivers no comments causes.

But those who first will get acquainted with the tingo is very important to know the following features of its appearance:

 Tingo Vortex tailgate door

The specificity of the automatic transmission

Another peculiarity of the tagaz vortex tingo is its learner-robot-machine. The box is really prone to learning manifests itself exclusively positive, not capricious and not тугодумна. But it has a checkpoint at the vortex and certain nuances:

 Tingo Vortex wheel

Strange vibration

Among the features of tingo is isolated and the presence of vibration during movement. Why is this feature?

The reasons of this phenomenon are unknown, some models vibration is present constantly, on the other it is only in the winter, the third and did deprived of this feature. Just do not be surprised and do not hurry up to a HUNDRED, if you "lucky" and your machine is also vibrates.

 Tingo Vortex instrument panel, steering wheel

Finally, the specific ABS

The main purpose of the anti-lock braking system quite clearly follows from the very name – prevention lock brakes. In principle, this system to reduce braking distances should not be more accurately, it never and nobody guaranteed. But this is the machine vortex Tingo shows that the situation can be exactly the opposite.

Very often when braking in the urban context, we observe the following picture: too quickly comprising Chinese electronics system literally gives stop the car. Неблокированные wheel continue their rotation for too long, which affects the way braking. This may, of course, negative consequences. But the main thing is that such situations occur periodically, not in every case, so guess when your car will stop immediately, and when not, it is practically impossible.

The only way the means to remedy this by far not the most pleasant features of tingo is installing a different system, not of Chinese origin (for these nuances are observable in other cars with roots from this country). However, this will require a considerable sum of money and flawlessly executed work, otherwise it will be a greater degree of caution and prudence of the driver.

 Tingo Vortex air bags

In principle, all considered features of vortex’and are not "death" and the vehicle is pretty good demand from modern motorists. If You are considering to purchase this vehicle, then we advise You to close your eyes on the little children, because they are in every car, the more and reviews of Taganrog brainchild more positive.