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Ford pickup off road

The main advantages of the pickups are:

The chart clearly visible segment sales of cars with a pickup truck. This is despite the fact that the sales figures 2011 this body is not reached and up to 5 percent.

 Chart sales

Line of pickups Ford

I'd like to say about cars Ford pickup, because it is one of the few producers specializing in the car with such a body type. Besides Ford with an open body lot of advantages. For example, powerful frame – it was always indicator of the model Explorer. By the way, ironically, however, these old pickups Ford is still popular today.

 Ford Pickup

The company specializes on the production of pickups 1st (lightweight) and 2 (heavy) categories of decades, which is an indicator of professionalism in this direction. Models are constantly improved. During the time of issue of the power for the car increased from 95 up to 300 horses, and, according to a new concept, this is not the limit.

The best-selling among all had an old Ford pickup F-150. For many years, this model has continued to occupy the leading positions. The new pickup Ford became not less demanded. The upgrade, which underwent auto Ford pickup in 2004, introduced major changes in all of the following series.

During the restyling of Ford pickup 2012 F-150 has a new power steering. System "rack-and-pinion" enabled auto become more  the sweet by better be challenging tracks and softer be managed as a whole.

 Ford pickup F-150

The appearance became more aggressive, purposeful. Some compactness in previous versions has been replaced by volume, reliability. The view improved in the mirrors, largely thanks to the projections of the body.

The engine of the F-150

The body of this Ford pickup 2012 – the 8-cylinder engine (the 6-cylinder - base), the volume of which 5.4 l (4.2 l – basic variant), and 300 "horses"that gives traction even under the heavy load. Over time, however, another model was the master Amateur pickup and went ahead – it was a Ford Ranger pickup. He deserves a more detailed review.

 Ford Ranger

As the Russian market is only acquainted with the body pickup, this model is more than demand. To date – this car is available on request. The model is quite in demand, and therefore have to wait. Based on market trends, the demand will grow, and so in the near future we can expect this versatile SUV in a more open market.

Recently hosted the Detroit auto show. Among the many models and configurations clearly distinguished concept car from Ford. Atlas really became the  the highlight of the evening". This car has received a name of the thirteenth generation pickups. Its appearance is much more serious than the previous versions. The only appropriate epithets to describe – tank, powerful, not cut and вездеходный. However, not appearance becomes the main advantage of the novelty.

Producer assured that the concept of reduced weight and improved aerodynamics, which will allow him to easily cope with any road surface with maximum load. Majority views riveted this Ford pickup 2013. Besides producer assured that this concept is intended to initiate a revolutionary series beloved F-150, which over 50 years does not submit positions in America.

1. Power. Depending on the modification power Ranger pickup ranges from 125 to 200 horsepower. Certainly, we're talking about the last generation.

2. Ground clearance – 23,2 see

3. Wheelbase - 32,2 see

4. The engine. This car comes in several variations engine: 2,2; 2,5; 3,2. First and last – turbo diesel, 2,5 – gasoline "four".

5. The body of two types: two-door and four-door.

6. The choice: 5-speed mechanical or machine.

7. Torque – 375 Nm.

8. Acceleration up to a hundred for 12 with small seconds.

9. Fuel consumption – 9.4 l per 100 km by the Way, it's worth noting that for such dimensions and parameters appetites Ford acceptable.

Advantages and disadvantages Ranger

Eccentric, defiant, but rounded and paradoxical design. Auto looks quite seamlessly thanks to the right proportion of the cabin-body. The fact is that very few brands can boast of organicity exactly pickup models. Front bumper has some features Куго, namely the characteristic of  the фордовскую" the hump on the hood. Ford Ranger pickup looks pretty powerful, and a wide range of the grating betray the General exterior view, first-class "rascal».

It is seen that Ford pickup Ренжер tailored okay. Despite its brutality, the car clearly not deprived of intelligence and style. In the end, the manufacturer was able to create a distinctive and harmonious way. And this is even despite its "private" the origin and destiny.

 Interior Ford Ranger

Inside the Ranger has a good level of an SUV. Of course, the luxury of not wait, but excellent ergonomics and severity – this is the correct feature of the salon of the car. In the new model has become more convenient not only the front passenger and the driver and passengers of the rear seat. The vehicle interior is very spacious, due to the fact that the base is a little lowered between the roof and the "floor" enough distance that creates extra space.

Some moments reminiscent of the good old Focus. For example, lighting or media in expanded configuration. Torpedo pickup Ford Ренжер massive, however, be in the front bumper.

There have been complaints rigidity plastic front panel and doors. But, probably, do not forget about the utility model. Although, of course, in our country such vehicles often buy not farmers. But their delight excellent soundproofing. And it once again confirms the special comfort of  the farmer pickup».

In addition, car has some of the details that our customers will be a novelty:

Comfortable leather chairs to accommodate comfortably behind three people, and the front passengers. While the Ranger installed native rearview camera. And the front glass is well heated. From just shows that the manufacturer takes care not only about comfortable ride, but also about the safety of its consumers. For example, airbags on the passenger seat fail in his absence, which allows the driver will not be a hostage of  the security attributes».

Besides the impressive capacity, Ford pickup large trunk. He opens the back. When this is put forward another step, which helps to go inside, for example, when loading something heavy. Trunk оббит steel некрашеным sheet. This allows you to transport massive and solid things, not fearing that may damage the coating.

 Trunk Ford Ranger

"Base" has all necessary modern security system:

If necessary, a system for stabilization of the car подтормаживают the wheels and reduces torque and the speed limit through the engine control module. In General, about electronics pickup can say a lot – it can carry out its work on a single algorithm or in election cases, considering lifting angle and speed of the machine.

A challenge faced by designers of the company-manufacturer, given the positioning of the model. After all, hardly pickup Ford Ranger could become the sole pickup for the farm with the necessity of large carrying capacity. Here, by the way, he's all right: the vehicle can tow a 3.5-ton trailer. Therefore, the total mass of the Laden vehicle can reach the impressive figures of 6 tons.

The undoubted advantage can be considered a modified rear spring suspension with a continuous bridge, as well as a modified front suspension: double wishbones. In the end the machine has excellent directional stability. The designers managed to achieve a better balance between rigidity and suspension comfort. But we should not hope for good behaviour at high speed with active driving. Although the overall management of the car pleases, and has subsided vertical displacement.

Not to say that Ford surprise in the "off-road" qualities: permanent rear-wheel drive with front axle plug, there is also a decreasing number of transfer box. It is interesting that torque is available even at a speed of 110 km/H. But not pleased with absence of inter-axle differential lock. Especially sad that this applies to Russia, because some other markets system was still included in the list of options.

Indisputable advantages are the high ground clearance (23,2 cm), as well as the possibility of overcoming the fording depth of up to 80 see But most of all motorists, eyeing the car will appreciate the range engines. Our market is available immediately for three motor. If you were previously only diesel version, now available and petrol unit. But, undoubtedly, is shocking how little fuel at such dimensions and purpose Ranger – in the combined cycle (as in the passport) he is 10.8 liters per one hundred kilometers at a petrol 2,% liter engine. Yes, in real terms, consumption will be more, but even such a figure is positive aspect of the operation of such a “large-scale" auto.


Not to say that the feedback on the Рейнджере clearly bad or good. Everything depends on the expectations and preferences of each individual owner. But on average, positive feedback, much more. And this is not surprising given the large number of advantages of this pickup truck. Here are some reflecting the basic essence of the total mass:

"Great car, initially there was a feeling that is too bulky, but "taste", you understand the real meaning of the word comfort!»

"Good pickup. The only minus – a certain heaviness in acceleration, car нешустрый, but, given its qualities of an SUV and the carrier, it can be forgiven.»

«Moved with Toyota Л200, liked the soft suspension, good Breakfast and a variety of additional functions, even in the database.»

"It is rather the power of speed, if you need hardy hard worker, Ranger for you! I say so, because he realized that he for me.»

«Clearly appearance – the dignity of the Ranger. He got even more pronounced face. Good suspension, conveniently placed on the rear seat. Automatic fast and smooth, precise and predictable control. A diesel engine – it is powerful, and cost-effectively.»

You can also find reviews with the complaint about the lack of instruction in Russian. However, we note that the official dealer cannot sell cars without a Russian-language documentation, everything else – it ’gray» sale. And it must be understood.

Extremely negative reviews can be found rather rarely, if it's certainly not the custom of  the writings» competitors. And this is not surprising, because people, which is oriented to buy a pickup truck, understand what it is and what it gets. Therefore, Ranger, given its maximum compliance with the parameters of “class", fully complies with the essential requirements. And everything else ’ s details that someone really likes and someone ’ s not really, but the overall picture is positive, in favor of Ford.


If you to think about buying a pickup truck, among many other auto should give preference to the Ford. This concern one of the few who devotes pickup trucks special place, spends a lot of effort and funds for improvement of this particular direction. Indeed, Ford can be called a veteran in the release of pickups. And confirm the model cars. Not in vain that the pickup Ford F650 was recognized as the best pickup in the world.