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Full-sized SUVs and crossovers

Best full-size SUVs

On the modern market, you can highlight the top three of the class full-size SUV that can rightfully be considered the best. That's where we start our review.

This car for over ten years the leader in this class. He is very practical and reliable. Reliability and smooth operation of all parts pleases, even after many years of operation. Of course, the cheaper it will not name (basic set will cost about three million rubles), but it's worth it.

 Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Specifications of Toyota Land Cruiser 200:

 SUV Toyota land Cruiser 200

Land Cruiser 200 is available in several versions, which enable the owner to get the most suitable car.

The car is about the same price range as the previous one, however it is noticeably more powerful, which gives some advantages to compensate for higher fuel consumption.

 Nissan Patrol

Specifications Nissan Patrol:

 Nissan Patrol SUV

As always, high power, excellent equipment and good technological equipment.

Specifications of Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8:

 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

 Jeep Cherokee

Interesting offer - full-size pickup Ford Ranger. This is a true SUV that is ready to storm the mountain, forest and desert roads, it is suitable for lovers of extreme travel.

 Ford Ranger

Specifications Ford Ranger in different versions:

 SUV Ford Ranger

Budget full-size SUVs

The budget models class full-size crossover can be attributed Chinese cars, known for their affordable prices.

One of the leaders of sales in China and in Russia - the Great Wall H5. This car has a robust frame construction and all-wheel drive. It is stable on the road and will cope with difficult conditions. For an amount less than 700 000 rubles you get a real SUV.

 Great Wall H5


 Great Wall Hover H5

Noteworthy Chinese brand Geely, which released the full-size crossover Emgrand EX9. The car is comparable to the Toyota Highlander in size, two options are proposed capacity: 5 and 7 seats. The engine Emgrand EX9 petrol at 162 horsepower. Gearbox can be a five-speed "mechanics" or dedicated six "automatic".

 The new Geely SUV

 Geely Emgrand EX9

So, who needs a full-size SUV? It is necessary for those who equally need comfortable ride on asphalt, dirt road or through the woods. This car fans will appreciate the power and reliability, of course, with commensurate financial capability.