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Gelendvagen Brabus

The world's largest independent tuning-Atelier – Brabus – it is known to almost every motorist. And certainly many would not refuse the famous nameplate on the back of his "iron horse». The main object of tuning for the Atelier are Mercedes, among which there are famous Gelandewagen. It would seem, "gelik" there is already a long time, a lot of different modifications to it, even  the charged version of AMG (the value of which, by the way, substantially rounds eyes). But nevertheless there are motorists who little of what is available. And it is for them in their time started the development of a Mercedes car gelendvagen. We shall familiarize with the essence of the machines on the example of several models.

 Gelendvagen Brabus 2009

Harsh, but beautiful

In 2009 "gelik» celebrated its 30th anniversary, on this occasion, the workshop was prepared and presented to the advanced version of the G-class. Appearance and beauty were changed at a minimum:

In the end, the whole image of German and spoke about his Grozny, aggressive and strong character.

 Gelendvagen Brabus 2009 beauty

Feral power

But realize the true potential of brabusovskogo merina only when you know its characteristics. «Gelik" 2009 equipped with a powerful dvenadcaticilindrovym biturbirovannym aggregate capacity of 6.3 HP indices are really impressive: it has a full 700 "horses", and the torque limited the mark of 1100 Nm. Combined engine with five-speed automatic transmission.

All this allows the Mercedes dispersed to hundred in just 4.3 seconds, and maximum speed of 240 km/hour (although the speedometer gradation is to 280 km/hour limit was established by engineers of the car). In the end "gelik", despite its clearly not a sports square design, literally takes off when they are pressed into the accelerator pedal to the floor.

 Gelendvagen Brabus 2009 engine

Applicable updates

In 2012, on one of avtovystavok guys from Brabus presented a new version of "gelika». But this time, improved was the most seemingly revised MEPC – G63 AMG. However, in the Studio and found that add to the machine:

1.  First of all, significant changes have occurred in the exterior of the car. It is equipped with an impressive body kit, while maintaining previous value of clearance (although it is hardly possible to imagine a person who decides to leave the gelendvagene from brabusa far beyond the normal roads);

2.  has Changed and both the bumper and thresholds and the grille;

3.  a truly spectacular led light on the edges of the front and rear wings, which lights up, if your car door open;

4.  All this beauty was put on a huge 23-inch wheels with alloy wheels;

 Gelendvagen Brabus 2013

5.  Beauty traditionally arranged signature door sill, only now the logo of the company is highlighted;

6.  Seats are finished with high quality skin (you may also select and Alcantara), a specific color salon customer chooses;

7.  Also appeared in the salon branded velour floor mats and under wheel petals box.

 Gelendvagen Brabus 2013 beauty

8.  But real miracles specialists of tuning Studio created with and without a powerful engine of the car: compressor a 5.5-liter AMG was boosted its capacity was increased to as much as 6,2 litres, and capacity amounted to…800 PS And now "gelik" can accelerate up to 270 km/h, if you disable the electronic limiter, and acceleration up to a hundred takes only 4 seconds. To emphasize all this power in the Atelier of the car is also equipped with:

 Gelendvagen Brabus 2013 engine

Thus the conclusions

What can you say in the end? Mercedes gelendvagen brabus, of course, the car is impressive. The buyer obtains the ownership of power and luxury at the same time. Of course, they need to pay a decent amount. In the beginning of the article we indirectly affected the cost of the car from AMG. For those who don't know, this version of  the gelika" on the Russian market is not less than 14 million rubles. But even this figure pales before the last brabusovskim variant: the most powerful, tuned, the most sophisticated Gelandewagen, as it became known, will be available at the price of 36.5 million roubles. The most interesting thing is that those who can always be found. Because Mercedes brabusa – this is not just a car, it is a state of life.