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German crossovers and SUVs

German crossovers and SUVs up to 1 million rubles

Russian motorist when choosing all-wheel drive crossover German brand value of up to 1.0 million rubles has been based on the technical specifications, at least - design. Trips with your family or friends comfortable in the spacious car with a big trunk. For hot summer days is more suitable car with the radiator of the cooling system variable. On the roads of Russia, for the most part rough and patches, and a smaller cuffs rolled into the asphalt, a big plus is the optimal configuration of the car. Preferably the presence of all of the airbags, the railing on the roof, all the basic options, good review.

 The German SUV

German crossovers up to 1 million rubles presents the automobile, most four-wheel-drive cars, have increased ground clearance operates economical engine, you have the comfort inside the cabin, basic equipment made impressive as the exterior resembles a jeep. Regardless, too expensive car or affordable, it is not designed for driving on potholes, ruts, pits. Crossovers from off-road vehicles are used in their construction standard platform cars - sedans and hatchbacks.

Ordinary Russians are willing to spend one million rubles for the purchase of a new off-road car or crossover. Therefore, the manufacturers have filled the market "iron horses" of various models and their modifications in this price segment. You will be able, with the specified amount to buy a new SUV from the German manufacturer with an excellent degree of comfort, dynamics and maneuverability. Owners of such cars get pleasure from riding in them, noting only minor shortcomings.

1. Compact crossover Opel Mokka 1 generation, released in 2012, seat-5, cost from 775 000. On the market of Russia on this brand promise to put four engine:

Shifting fully vested on the standard machine or mechanics, installation fully automatic transmission was not made. Crossover Opel Mokka will be produced front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive. This is the price range for the grade, depending on your transmission (automatic or mechanics):

 Opel Mokka

2. City subcompact front-wheel drive crossover Volkswagen CrossPolo class is equipped with two petrol engines of 1.2 and 1.4 liter with automatic, or "mechanics". Seats 5, clearance 21.8 cm, price-768 000 rubles.

 Volkswagen CrossPolo

3. Crossovers Volkswagen Tiguan:

 Volkswagen Tiguan

German SUVs from 1 000 000 rubles

The SUV from the German manufacturers have earned the status of a reliable and durable vehicles, as well as the trust of its customers with unprecedented reliability and good controllability.

Known worldwide for Audi, BMW, Opel, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen is working on a buyer, the authority of their brand among owners determines the very existence of the company. The Germans are known for their responsibility and thoroughness, so their machines rarely have manufacturing defects.

SUV Volkswagen Touareg, the cheapest in this price range, has a value of 1 998 000 rubles. But what a pleasure it will bring you for the money. Permanent four-wheel drive 4XMotion, adjustable clearance from 16 cm to 30 cm, the resource safe movement with the roll angle of 30 degrees and overcome the slope at 45 degrees - many. Touareg comfortable seats with memory and configuration 12 coordinates, the stunning beauty of expensive leather. Not all "smesiteli dirt" have such comfort.

 Volkswagen Touareg

German crossovers and SUVs premium brands

In the price range starting from 2 million, included in the German SUVs and crossovers premium brands. To select one of located in this price fork cars will be useful information about the make model and its modifications. Exact specifications for the selection of SUV are key factors in pricing. Some brands and models will be schematically described in this text.


 Audi Q3

At the end of a brief overview of the placed information about the German SUV Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG V12 Biturbo price of 14.8 million. This is the best of the best and most powerful SUV "Mersa". Very terrible to look at, at the same time with a simple, graceful design that at all times the modern. Beautiful salon.

 Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG V12 Biturbo

The acceleration of this great car to one hundred km/h - 5, 2 seconds. Technical characteristics of the unit at the highest level. In the G 65 AMG has everything. He will become a Legend and he is. He has no competitors. He Gelandewagen, i.e. the Cube. He put a V12 engine with a volume of 6 liters, hence the maximum capacity of 615 horsepower, torque of 1000 Newton meters. Weight - 2580 kg. Who will climb on it in the dirt?