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Grand Vitara Suzuki - an overview of the new SUV

Such a car as the Grand Vitara Suzuki today can rightly be considered the flagship of the Suzuki Corporation. For many years this model is very popular all over the world and brings the expected profit of the company. So developers are in no hurry to radically change the exterior design of the car, and a small but stylish restyling version 2013 evidence of this.

Exterior and interior design auto

The Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013 received a new grille, slightly modified bumper, giving the car a more aggressive appearance and a new sports slightly tinted lenses. It immediately attracts attention when you first look at crossover. Bought the car with the new wheels with brand original pattern of the spokes.

 Exterior view Grand Vitara Suzuki

Place the spare wheel, which once stood on the tailgate, took the license plate, at the same time as the spare tire moved under the bottom of the foundations for a new car. In the salon Grand Vitara there have been no significant changes, except for minor interior details, as well as options for interior decoration.

In addition to all other modifications, the new jeep Suzuki Grand Vitara will delight its customers exclusive package called X-Adventure. This means that the car has 18 inch wheels and unique coloring of the body, two-tone interior design and original sports roof spoiler.

 Trunk Grand Vitara Suzuki


Suzuki Grand Vitara is equipped with "real" all-wheel drive 4x4. It is a permanent transfer of torque to the wheels and with the ability to select one of four modes (there is a switch on the console). The 4H mode – used to driving on ordinary roads, the involvement of the 4H Lock, you need to lock the center differential for driving off-road.

Mode 4L Lock - will include a reduced number of transmission at the conquest of very difficult terrain. In the case of a towing vehicle provides useful and practical mode N (the so-called neutral). Activation of this system leads to detach the transmission from the motor to tow vehicles when they break.

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013 offers Russian customers in four trim levels:

Buy jeep Suzuki minimum configuration that is available only with the 2.0 liter engine is a 1 019 000 rubles for the variation with the "manual" box, either 1 079 000 rubles for the version with "automatic". The maximum and the most expensive model JLX-NAV EV 169-horsepower engine and automatic transmission is defined in the price 1 309 000.

Test drive

Landing in the auto comfortable due to the lack of "steps" (threshold). Both front seats are comfortable, the side support mechanical. When placing passengers on the sofas of the second row easily adjust the backrest. At the first passage it becomes clear why Vitara – crossovers with the best cross in its class.

 Salon Grand Vitara Suzuki

The going off road for jeep – not a problem. Don't forget to disable the stabilization system, and move the toggle switch transmission control in the desired mode. Go back into the terrain can interfere unless enough suspension moves. Test for diagonal hanging crossover is easy. There is a small misalignment of the body, closed the door firmly.   

The pros of the car:


Excellent Japanese crossover from Suzuki liking a lot. The Grand Vitara 2013 model year is a very special car. It combines such advantages as an attractive "off-road appearance»good off road capabilities and a rich equipment. Grand Vitara 2013 – it is a machine with the makings of a real off-roader that he has not lost over the years.