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Great Wall Hover H5 is a real SUV with the appearance of the crossover

General characteristics Hover H5

Hover H5 is body-on-frame SUV, a Chinese brand Great Wall. Has a stylish design and looks great on city roads. And if you read about hover H5 owner reviews , many people believe that auto justifies the title of the SUV, coping with mud and slush.

Cars Great Wall has always been famous for its affordable price. Hover H5 is no exception. Cost - from 640 000.

 Great Wall Hover H5

Manufacturers have taken into account the successful experience of previous models and applied them in a new H5, even more improving. The car is a wagon body, a fairly wide ground clearance, more airbags, improved optics, climate control, electric mirrors and Windows, as well as their heating. You can purchase a model with a petrol engine 4-cylinder 2.4 liter, power - 136 HP, or a variant with turbo diesel power - 150 HP Offers a choice of 5-speed automatic or a manual 6-speed gearbox.

In its design it is a wholly-owned SUV, despite the dynamic appearance. Frame construction provides auto continuous rear axle, the connection of the front wheel is rigidly and reduction gearing is in the transfer case. In crash tests by Euro NCAP car has received 4 stars, which in many respects he has earned through his frame, ensuring passive safety.

H5 appearance differs slightly from its predecessor H3. The same convex arches, body proportions, longitudinal edges and shape the rear. But the front of the body has changed a bit. The first thing that attracts attention is a spectacular large headlights, slightly extending wings, and modified rear lights. The lines are a bit softer and smoother. Hover H5 looks like a stylish urban crossover, while having the status of an SUV.

 The external appearance of the Great Wall Hover H5

About beauty hover H5 2013 owner reviews  following: the interior of the car became more stylish and presentable compared to predecessors, trimmed hard, but high-quality plastic. Multicolored lights are gone: the controls are more informative, simple and clear.

In the center of attention and multimedia console with sensory perception. Bluetooth media center can connect to the mobile device. And in the armrest hid AUX and USB ports. When reverse gear, the camera display automatically displays the picture in the back. The interior is designed for 5 people. Trunk volume - 810 liters. To increase it 2074 litres if you fold the seats.

 Salon Great Wall Hover H5

Advantages and disadvantages

Hover H5 reviews  is different. Some owners say that for the price this is a good quality SUV with good handling, not requiring maintenance significant funds. There are those who do not like the build quality, the shape of the seats and more.

 The operating experience of the Great Wall Hover H5


 Hover H5 - advantages and disadvantages