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Honda HR-V is an economical family car

Honda HR V – excellent heavy hatchback with excellent characteristics, hidden under the bland exterior design.

 The appearance of the Honda HR-V

Japan hatchback Honda HR V – the model has interesting characteristics. That was the attitude of drivers towards her contradictory, so it is impossible to say whether this car. It is more practical to evaluate individual performance to achieve a certain output.

 Exterior Honda HR-V

The body "Japanese"

Hatchbacks are rarely pleasing to look at. Drivers nothing much was expected from the Japanese model. The designers still managed to make to the body of the few original parts that hit potential buyers. What elements should be highlighted?

Surely these minor points would be particularly interested drivers, if they were not highlighted so brightly. Not Honda always surprised by the beauty of their own cars, but this time drivers saw an unexpected decision that drew their eyes. Because of this should consider in detail each of the items.

 Honda HR-V: rear view

Primarily attracts the attention of powerful grille. Most models of this brand are renowned for the functionality, so the beauty of the individual elements nobody thinks. But the use of such a bright object on “face” turned out to be a fundamental factor for drivers.

In addition, the radiator grille has allowed to allocate the headlights. Indeed, its background, they began to look much more interesting, making rapid entire body and attractive. So using simple technique gave excellent results.

 Honda HR-V in the showroom

Front fog lights are slightly elongated, becoming almost subtle drops. They carefully finished picture of the grille as its integral part. For this reason, the external design of the body is evaluated only whole image.

 In the trunk of the Honda HR-V is a lot of space

The installation of such unexpected headlight forced to recall that even the hatchback is able to become a serious competitor on the track. The shape and lighting power at once reminiscent of a sports model, affecting its speed. Yes, externally, the car can not be called a bolide, but it hides a serious possibility.

 In the interior of the HR-V passengers feel comfortable

Running indicators

Also reviews about Honda HR V have focused attention on the running performance of the hatchback. You should not think that the Japanese model does not possess striking features. On the contrary, designers have finished almost all the features, making even a long trip are not only extremely comfortable, but also quick.

So acceleration to 100 km / h happens in just 11.7. These data are checked in practice, it is therefore not surprising achievements of Japanese experts. Usually such acceleration matched only sedans, and now a heavy machine with improved patency freely takes off. Moreover, the engine power is only 105 HP, so the designers managed to work through many sites are necessary.

The maximum rate for Japanese women – 165 km/h, so expect high speeds to get around an opponent is not necessary. The hatchback is able only from place to quickly accelerate, and after a few seconds the rpm's enough to fly a meter by meter. Although for urban and family car indicators are quite sufficient, than I can assure potential buyers the best reviews.

Finally, we must mention the ground clearance, which is 19 cm I Must say that even for a hatchback, this figure is great, and so you can safely run into any bumps, without worrying about the safety of personal transport. There will be no problem even in the forest, so the family can easily reach any of the beautiful meadows on the banks.

 Tuned Honda HR-V

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Fuel consumption

Separately it is necessary to estimate the consumption for this model is known to the Japanese manufacturer is 8 liters in mixed mode. Of course, you can enumerate a lot of cars in this class that require a lot less petrol, but still for this feature is HR has surpassed many of its competitors.

Now the drivers are slowly beginning to take seriously the achievements of the Japanese car industry. Early on it appeared more often sports cars and passenger cars, but is now at the forefront of heavy machines. Perhaps it is no coincidence HR is one of the most popular models. She's good on all their data, and is relatively inexpensive compared to competitive cars.