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Honda pickup

The company Honda has been famous for its advanced technical solutions and unusual model number of automobiles, which is not surprising, because when, for example, specialists Honda began working on a serial pickup for an American audience, they chose to move away from many local canons. Such is the history of history of Honda Ridgeline innovative model of the truck, which occupies a unique position in this segment.

Pickup Honda Риджлайн - new Japanese pickup, intended for movement to the suburbs and the city. Lightweight, dynamic, with quiet design and excellent technical characteristics pickup Риджлайн from Honda instantly took the first line lists the best car pickup. And high indicators of comfort in various conditions drive identified during professional test drives will enjoy and even surprise buyers pickups. So what can boast pickup Риджлайн from Honda?

More info about Honda Pickup Риджлайн

This model a pickup truck with a small capacity may soon come for the car. However, some groundbreaking innovations used in creating Риджлайн, can compete for the title of "the progressive", for example, the innovation system and loading Luggage. However, the Honda Ridgeline there are many classically good from the pickup: facilities, equipment, and finish.

 pickup Honda Риджлайн

The peculiarity of this pickup is a body structure. Honda Риджлайн is the world's first pickup, which is fully independent rear suspension, which is definitely better improves ride quality. While conventional pickups built according to the classical scheme with a divided front, кузовным compartment and passenger Department, Honda uses the frame of the body, where the frame of steel welded directly to the body, making it a carrier detail. Body and cabin built as if they are one together with a separate sub-frame that goes under the engine with the place where you installed the front and rear suspension. It was also significantly improved passive safety car, as Honda has filed a strict requirements to the Ridgeline to the body of the truck was 20 times more resistant to twisting and 3 times to curvature лонжеронной frame than any other pickup model.

 Body Honda Риджлайн

Interior Ridgeline is made in the classic, for Honda company, manner and received almost no changes. Moreover, against the background of the salons among other novelties of crossovers Риджлайн looks quite conservative. Developers at first took care of the most comfortable and convenient placement of all passengers, giving this model a pickup truck high and roomy cabin, where space and even quite enough for all. The design of the front panel designers have resorted to the classic rectangular blocks, which are practically absent vivid detail. Exception is only made shield of devices with a speedometer, which is placed in the centre. Also a bit of brightness in the beauty developers gave the internal controls used for the front doors. Other interior parts were left without decorations, including the selector and the automatic transmission, which was filed in the form of a stalk of the right arm.

 Beauty Honda Риджлайн

Japanese have thought Honda Ridgeline in detail, touching upon the problem of manoeuvrability pickups. It is worth noting that Риджлайн is one of the best pickup truck in its class, and judging by the convenience and comfort of the car, then he will soon receive a worthy competitor. Moreover, this pickup has more maneuverable calm and smooth and quiet course, even if the vehicle is loaded to untether.

Of course, honda pickup not compare with heavy pickups, though his 1550 pounds of pure cargo and 5000 pounds of trailer is quite enough to satisfy the needs of many customers.

 Comfort Honda Риджлайн

Ridgeline RT - standard model Риджлайн. Its equipment includes: - Tailgate, - Windshield wipers with adjustable modes and self controlled heating zones wipers, - Door handles, correspond to the colour of the body, - System of remote opening of doors, - Finishing of mirrors rear view, - Backlight with auto power down, - Reinforced front and rear tow hooks, - Preparation of a hitch, - Tinted heat-insulating glass, - Halogen lamps with auto shut-off and black reflectors, - Hidden antenna, - Built-in conditioner with a filtration system - Sliding rear window, - Электроподъемники glasses with the possibility of automatic behavior, System lock the door, - Under-regulated steering column, - Multifunction steering wheel with different profiles management Socket 12-Volt (2 in front of the cabin and 1 in the back), - Folding rear seats, - Rear-view mirror, - Headrests for all passenger seats, - Information display, - MP3/Windows Media - Tire pressure gauge, - 100-Watt AM/FM/CD, - Steel wheels, Standard equipment: automatic climate control, air bags (side, front and front), ESP, electronic immobilizer.

 Beauty Honda Риджлайн

All models of this pickup necessarily come with a 3.5-liter engine V-shaped 6-cylinder capacity of 247 horsepower with a five-speed automatic transmission, and also equipped with AWD system of optimal distribution of torque to the rear axle and front, and between the left and right wheel. So it turns out that the front wheels only received 60% of torque, but can also get up to 70%. Also, if the machine suddenly забуксует, the half-axis by using differentials increase friction blocked.

Honda Ridgeline pickup has the power to develop speed of 100 km/h in just 9 seconds, and maximum speed of the car marked value of 311 km/h

The base of the same pickup Риджлайн is 3099 mm, length 5250 mm, height 1780 mm, width 1980 mm clearance 208 mm, the length of the trunk reaches 1257 mm (between the arches). Pickup Honda has a capacity in 679 kg and a curb weight of the 2047кг, which is transmitted to the front and rear wheels in a ratio of 58/42%. The weight of the car 2744 kg and together with a trailer - 4575 kg tank capacity - 83 liters.

 The engine of Honda Риджлайн

Cars as much as they would not be ideal to have both advantages and drawbacks. Of course, pick up the Honda Риджлайн has both.

The advantages of a pickup truck:

Disadvantages of a pickup truck:

Objectively assessing Pickup Риджлайн from Honda impossible to say, good or bad. Judging from the reviews, as well disagree majority of owners of this car model. For the most part, reviews changeable due to the fact that the expectations and preferences of the owner of the car is different. That's what they say themselves the owners of the truck.

Vladimir, 32, entrepreneur: To Риджлайн I had Pajero, 2000. When needed a new car, then turned his attention to the pickup from Honda. Operation of the new auto start right on our regional roads. I work in different cities, so Mota between them. Road to auto withstand amazingly, it seems like sailing on a cruise ship. Suspension is tough, especially felt during the ride through the city. But any curb  or paving cease to be преграждением and unpleasant things. But now it is the second year that I Риджелайне. During this time, the only oil and bushings for the stabilizer had to change, Yes pads front and rear. And not a machine but a tank! Only suspension is worth - mostly indestructible!

Alexander, 41 years old, owner of a construction organization: Pleasantly pleased with a big trunk, which easily fit into his all necessary equipment for work. Nice to see a stylish design and a beautiful collection of parts for the truck, because in my case it's an appearance of your car. Inside the car too pleased: a comfortable seat, moderate colours that do not irritate the eyes - in short, everything is planned specially for the business person. A pleasant discovery was precise steering wheel, which allows full control of the car, which is especially important when the machine is loaded with expensive equipment, which can be damaged during careless driving.

Boris, 37 years old, a car enthusiast: Bought this pickup more than a year ago for holiday trips (fishing, hunting) and just kept riding on the road, which occurs at every step. The first thing that struck me during the first trip is extraordinarily rigid suspension, which is easily and painlessly helps auto overcome any obstacles. Also liked the management by the car, which turned out to be even clearer with the help of informative steering, so I even began to forget about how can throw and throw the car. Dynamics of the car also excellent, auto easily cope with any of the trajectory at any speed, so that drifts became practically impossible. In one word, no complaints. Pickup Риджлайн is beautiful, durable, reliable and powerful machine with an intelligent four-wheel drive and a flow rate of just 15-17 liters. The only downside is the price of the car. And so, the best pickup't find.

 Honda Риджлайн

Those who want to buy a Honda pickup can turn to, in specialized shops hire and official car dealership brand. Today, the stores offer auto purchase these types of picking the pickup, RT, Sport, RTS and RTL. Honda pickup price equipping the RT according to different dealers may vary within 24 000 - 53 000 dollars, the price on Риджлайн with a lot of Sport can amount to 54 200 dollars, the price on the RTS 57 400 dollars, and on RTL - 62 100 dollars. Some dealers offer additionally install special equipment in your Риджлайн, but prices can vary from 500 to 3 000 dollars.