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I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe)

For many people, buying a new car is an important step. Therefore, before this person usually carefully chooses the model, reading about it reviews and compare with other brands of cars. Also it was with me before buying a car Santa Fe from the company Hyundai. Perhaps my story of purchase will help many people in choosing a car or simply to provide new information about this car. Just want to note that I will write here all the main facts found out about this Marche directly before buying.

Acquaintance with a car

Hyundai Santa Fe third generation is undoubtedly one of the most famous car in its class. The car was created by Koreans, who have decided to add this model has a high level of comfort, safety and convenience. The result was amazing machine that can be on one line and with expensive European car models.

When I first saw the Hyundai Santa Fe, me in this model primarily attracted appearance. Immediately struck by the body elongated, which gives a unique modern style of this auto. This design can in principle to attract the attention of the range of audiences, it is no wonder that this model makes such a great success.

 Hyundai Santa Fe front view

For many motorists interior and style auto plays a really important role. I probably also approach this issue. Because you always want to make sure the car was not only powerful, but yet comfortable and cozy inside. Now the interior of car Hyundai Santa Fe simply amazed me! Shows that the South Korean specialists have tried to create the interior of the Hyundai Santa Fe third generation of the highest level of comfort and facilities.

Very convenient that the front seat of a vehicle fitted with special lateral support. But the rear seats  can fold and thereby significantly increase the size of the trunk. Very pleased with the quality of finishes the whole vehicle. Also, the build quality of the salon was at altitude.

Front panel has a very bold layout and design that is sure to appeal to many motorists. Buttons that are used to control the display of the computer are on the bottom of that, of course, a little uncomfortable, but for lack decided to not accept. Now, after careful evaluation of the I with accuracy decided that the interior of the car is right for me. Move on!

 Hyundai Santa Fe rear view

Engine choices

To select the engine, I decided to go with more responsibility. An essential part of every car. I was told about two available engines for this model: diesel plant R 2.2 VGT and Theta II engine. I decided to find out all the details of which I will tell you. Your future car Hyundai Santa Fe specifications I learned to employees of the store, and partly through the views of users. The final picture of me, of course, have helped make independent users.

Advanced engine Theta II has a working volume of 2.4 liters and can develop about 175 horsepower at about 6 000 revolutions per minute. This unit is equipped with modern distribution system of injection of fuel into the car. To accelerate before his first weave this motor will spend about 11 seconds. Engine easily gives the car accelerating right up to 180 kilometers per hour. Average fuel consumption is approximately the 8.9 liters of gasoline. On the highway engine consumes about 7 liters. Completed installing 6тиступенчатым ICIE or 6тиступенчатым machine.

 Hyundai Santa Fe first row seats

Now compare the same engine with a diesel plant R 2.2 VGT volume of 2.2 liters. It can develop approximately 197 horsepower of power at 3 800 rpm. Such installation accelerates to his first hundred for only 9.8 seconds. The average fuel consumption mode is equal to approximately 6.6 litre, approximately 5.3 litres when driving on the highway and about 8.8 liters for a stay in the city. This engine is also equipped with a special system Common Rail. In the engine will be cooler system and special electronic turbocharger. Aggregated motor only 6тиступенчатым machine.

Comparing the characteristics and поспрашивав perceptions of owners, I came to the conclusion that I take a diesel installation R 2.2 VGT. Still, most of the indicators are much higher and, in their opinion, it really insanely powerful.

 Hyundai Santa Fe rear row of seats

Behind the wheel

Of course, selected the engine, and the car in General wanted to try out. To do this, I signed up for a test drive and, despite the opinion of friends, decided to try out the car yourself. I decided to take a trip best friend, sitting in the back seat, told a true feeling for passengers.

Liked the fact that travel on the sidelines generally not caused discomfort or inconvenience for my friend. He said that he didn't feel any strong changes.

We went on and went to the free part of the route. That's it and managed to experience the dynamics of the car. Very impressed with the smooth running of the car and a pretty good Breakfast. That is what helped me easily dispersed to the level of 179 km/hour. While liked that car at such a speed retained excellent handling, and be inside was as comfortable as possible.

A particular pleasure for me and a friend took a trip rolled on a dirt road. I just did a проникнулся manageability mini-cars, which at the moment thrashing came to the aid of automatically-link rear axle. My passenger had said that even noticed subsequently change the roadway.

 Hyundai Santa Fe manageability

In General, after a long trip emotions were very many. I can say with certainty that the driving me comfortable enough, the car showed itself on a high level and for such a test-drive, I gave him a solid five.

Vehicle modifications and pricing options

Hyundai Santa Fe has a huge range of modifications. However, choose what you had for me it was not difficult, especially liked the excellent price of the available options, and modifications with the diesel engine under the hood was a little more. Already basic equipment “Comfort» car includes:

The cost of this configuration with a diesel engine and front-wheel drive is 1 420 000 rubles, and with the system of full drive cost easiest 1 490 000 rubles. For information gasoline engine with basic equipment worth around 1 350 000 rubles.

 Hyundai Santa Fe equipment

Equipment "Dynamic" in addition to its basic options offers:

The price of diesel Hyundai Santa Fe in the complete "Dynamic" starts at 1 635 000 roubles, and the petrol version is available at the price of 1 505 000 rubles. Only for diesel engine are available two more complete sets – it ’Sport” and “High-tech». Equipment "Sport   is equipped with advanced:

Features such modification 1 725 000 rubles. The most prestigious equipment "High-tech» characterized by the presence of:

Costs such a model about 1 840 000 rubles.

 Hyundai Santa Fe options

I chose in the end, the complete set "Dynamic». I think it is the best option available, given its cost and superior interior of the cabin at the expense of leather items.


I hope that my purchase history and facts about this model will help many to make the right choice and to buy a really nice car for exactly to your taste and desire. Advise the main thing before purchasing detail изучть all the technical aspects, prices and details of machines to know something, you want to Hyundai Santa Fe third generation or not.

And still, always remember that you do not need constantly to believe the stories of sellers in the store. More often read reviews of the same motorists, I and those who already had such a model. These people really tell you what you need to pay attention to what the car is a benefits, and what are the disadvantages.