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I bought skoda yeti

Developers have positioned Skoda Yeti as a typical crossover capable, if necessary, and to curb the roads. This is clear from the advertising car, though when choosing a used car this advertising is somewhat unusual. In particular, not all car owners flattering remarks about the patients, although in General the car is very good. Purchase of this vehicle does not bring happiness to its owner, but at this point there are nuances. Let's talk more about that. 

 Skoda yeti

Selection of the type of engine

If a person was determined that wants to acquire the Skoda Yeti price which looks very attractive, then you need to deal first of all with views of the engine. Developers includes the following variations of the engines of the car:

All of these options engines do not have significant differences, although the city is better to use a gasoline engine, whereas the need for frequent travellers the easy road requires the purchase of a турбодизельного unit. Otherwise, everything depends on the additional requirements of the buyer.

 Skoda Yeti engine

Assessment of external state

So, if You find all the parameters of your car, the first thing is always important to evaluate the appearance. And there can be many issues. In particular, buy Skoda Hildren you can either without any body problems or substantial violations. Defects in the form of chips from the blows of the stones appear on this model auto often enough because the paint on the car is not extremely robust, and that is unpleasant, over these chips blown up paint and formed beetles. For a new car is not as significant, although as a result of practical use to paint the car will need to be about 1 time in 5-6 years. But on the other hand, such defects or should discourage buy a car, or need to forgive them and take care of the car.

What is also important for car Skoda Yeti – beauty, which undoubtedly has a meaning look. It is convenient and practical, but not always big. This applies to the Luggage compartment, which amounts to approximately 300-400 liters, agree a lot less than some of the crossovers of the same class. However, for the transport of small amount of Luggage this volume is enough. Can also be folded seat and increase free space to 1400-1600 liters. Note, if the former owner carried in the trunk of things with folded seats, they could be damaged. To assess this fact should be purely for aesthetic reasons, for which, in part, bought and sold relatively new car.

Also sitting in the cabin of the vehicle must be in test mode to check the on-Board electronics, air conditioning and factory system. It is, incidentally, much less quality than many other cars.

 Skoda yeti Luggage compartment

Technical inspection of the vehicle

Go to the technical part. Car's condition is estimated at the moment of start of the engine. If the ignition and start the starter requires 1-1 .5 turnover, this may indicate its подношенности. Do not think wrong, but for late in the year release of Skoda machine Hildren must be started practically from 0.5 – 1 turnover. If You don't care, then you can proceed to further examination, but if the startup issue has become important, you should check the contact on the ignition system and a layer of soot on the candles.

Running engine, you need to carefully listen to him. It is not acceptable to the engine Skoda Yeti published the side noises or throw shaking in the hood. There is also the chance that when driving the former owner could damage the muffler. Because when you start, if damaged fasteners, or any of the joints, muffler, and his искрогасительная Luggage in the injured knee will make a nasty knock, which is carried in the cabin.

During прогревочной of the engine in the cabin should not be any smell of technical liquids, oil or fuel. This is extremely rare, although note that it was worth. The work new Skoda Yeti at idle speeds should smoothly and rapidly. If she as if overwhelmed or троит, then again it is necessary to pay attention to the candles, which are worth clean. You can also change during the test the package.

If all of Your check engine to succeed and nothing suspicious You haven't noticed, the  you can go to the other stages, namely, to the diagnosis in a HUNDRED. It is explained by the presence of a complex system electronics Skoda Hildren. Diagnostics, in turn, will allow to get rid of many problems with electronics, fuel system, ignition and the engine in the future.

 Skoda Yeti beauty

Verification of the vehicle in motion

Evaluate the machine in motion can be on the way to a HUNDRED, where you can verify and all other transport nodes. During the drive you should ask the owner of the car seat on a passenger seat. The buyer should try to drive a car that will give him more information about the state of the machine.

The wheel should work perfectly: no failures and sharp spasms. If present, you must consider the condition of the power steering and steering rods. Work on repair may not be particularly expensive, but a long – about 1 week in the capital's shops.

In motion, it is important again to listen to the engine. It should be equal, should not be a knock, breakdowns or other noises heard in the cabin. In this case, keep in mind that riding with the engine of 1.2 TSI sometimes causes some discomfort. In particular, shifting automatic transmission occurs shortage of revolutions. As a result of auto reconverted into a lower gear. This is characteristic only for one type of engine and only in the case of ascent along the gravel road. As a typical inconvenience this concerns not always, though, the car of the middle class must fight with such deficiencies.

If the behavior of the car You already own noticed some discrepancies, then it is best to abandon the acquisition of the selected vehicle. Remember, cars Skoda Hildren quite a lot, but because to find a model without the existing problems were not working. For this reason you should not focus on the car in which there are considerable problems. Let it not worried, but later becomes the basis for costly repairs. In any case, all this greatly reduces resource generation.

 Skoda Yeti manageability

Inspection of the bottom

On arrival in the SWDS in addition to the diagnostics of the engine and “brain" the vehicle must ask mandatory and about the inspection of the bottom. This step is required when you purchase any used car. Such an improvised technical inspection on the pit or under the lift and it is best to rely inspection service division the employee, of which there are clear criteria on the car Skoda Yeti.

Inspection of the bottom will examine rust, mechanical and corrosive defects, and other shortcomings. If the protection of the body was made by the previous owner immediately after the purchase, the body is in a good condition. But, in any case, cautiously to relate to the sellers, who covered the body or bitumen mastic right before the planned sale.

Inspection of the bottom also involves the examination of the condition of wheel arches. To do this, you can even shoot wheel that will allow to have a better view of the brake pads and their condition.

Certainly, for all the diagnostics You will need to pay a lot of money, but Your long-awaited purchase will not cause any disappointments in the future and will not spend additional funds.

Before the registration of the vehicle

After conducting a thorough inspection of the car should draw conclusions. If the technical condition of any complaints does not cause the manner of work of the engine, handling and comfort of the cabin, the car is worth taking. If there are some problems, but the car You like, then you can compare the cost of repair, or diagnosis with subsequent replacement parts.  however, if the engine and other transport nodes issues are concerned, the car is worthy of your money. You can also negotiate a discount for defects body, although it's all very individual.