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Infinity qx56: review and specifications

Probably in the company of similar full-size SUV Infiniti QX56 exactly looks most clearly. Its unusual design only emphasizes the size of the car, making it really noticeable and impressive.

Infiniti QX56 – the flagship of the clan Infiniti, and the company has done on this SUV special rates. The previous model, although its size and could not fail to inspire respect, had no LuxeMate and beauty trends. So in the design and production of the third generation car, the Japanese tried in earnest, creating, essentially, a brand new car.

 Infiniti QX56

Initially, the model was produced in Japan, because Japanese cars have always been highly rated. Was seriously modified base to build a new generation: the structure was made more stringent by increasing the width of the spar cross-sections and better articulation of the frame beams. It was also made more stringent and cabin mount.


Rough body line was changed to a more streamlined and smooth. Grille is in harmony with the General appearance of the car much better than the previous generation. In addition, in this model, the Japanese designers used the updated headlights with low profile. Such front optics have been used in the second generation Infiniti QX.

From the photo, the SUV looks bulky and even a bit clumsy, but in reality looks truly fascinating and luxurious.



The interior of the car striking splendor. Representatives of the campaign compare it to the gorgeous salon business jet - and indeed, there will not argue. The chairs in the cabin is upholstered in full leather, with perforation, soft and gentle, they are heated and ventilated. The steering wheel is wood and leather is adjustable in two planes and has heating. The Central console is also finished in wood. There are in the cabin of the SUV and metallic elements.

In the most charged equipment the machine is equipped with two rear seats for VIPs, divided by a massive Boxing. There are many places. There is a block for controlling the microclimate, but also – Cup holders and heated. Rear passengers can pass the time watching movies and listening to music, as in the headrests of the front passenger seat integrated displays with multimedia and great sound transmitted through 13 speakers.

In the third, the back row can be accessed by folding the second-row seats with the push of a button. The rear can accommodate three passengers, however, will be more convenient two.

To fold the chair and with the click of a button directly from the Department of the trunk. The space will increase, under the feet will be flat floor. The fifth door is equipped with electric drive, and it only opens fully.



Under the hood, a huge SUV installed the new motor. Displacement will remain the same, but the number of cylinders was increased to eight, and engine power – with 325 to 405 HP With this engine is much more economical in contrast to its predecessor. motor Operates in tandem with automatic metapenaeus gearbox with lockable transformer, reducing fuel consumption and improve acceleration.

Touched innovations and suspension. Infinity QX56 new generation is not provided rear axle – it is equipped with independent suspension, equipped with pneumatic elements engaged in continuous support of ground clearance. Operated and Hydraulic Body Motion Control - the original hydraulic system, designed to eliminate the roll.

At idle the motor runs surprisingly smoothly and quietly, and only when reaching 3,000 rpm you will hear a nice rumble. The machine acceleration to a hundred kilometers comes with amazing ease some 6.5 seconds, and the highest available speed – 210 km/x.

Great importance is given to the safety of the car. You can equip new Infiniti systems tracking “blind” areas, collision avoidance, cruise control, and the basic equipment already includes the function switch to low beam and back from the far and the camera for the panoramic view.

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On the road the car is very convenient. Suspension literally "swallows" all the irregularities of the track. The AWD system in the new car has not changed compared to its predecessor. Note, as before, concentrated mainly on the rear axle, while the front passed half the energy.

The entrance to the curbs at the expense of course of clean wheels 22 inches in diameter, equipped with low profile tires, should be carried out quite cautiously. So to cope with difficult off-road luxury car can not. 


Price of Infiniti QX56

The amount you will have to pay for a brand new Infiniti QX56 2015, starts from figures 4 608 500 rubles. In the maximum configuration (Hi-Tech) SUV will cost a potential buyer in 4 754 000.

The overall cost of this SUV with a rich set of options is justified. Car this luxury and status, and its comfort and reliability matched price.