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Is that people like the Sandero stepway

Since the publication of reno sandero stepway has flowed away a lot of time. It is noteworthy that in Russia this car is well settled down. Even the first editions pleased durable and reliable mechanisms. However, opinions differ: some model like, and someone found a lot of disadvantages in new modification. So what say Russian car owners?

The opinion of the majority

The car is positioned great alternative to domestic models. Renault Sandero modification Степвей is inexpensive, it has all the necessary options: system of sliding lock, power Windows, heating, air conditioning and other Manufacturers have equipped model remarkable suspension, due to which the auto perfectly освоилось on Russian roads. If no icon in the front, then it would be naive to believe that all favourite "AVTOVAZ»finally, it "updated" and invented a machine with adapted suspension. Unfortunately, the time of new solutions yet to come.

The reliability of the Franco-Romanian product – perhaps the main advantage of the car. Further, the opinions are divided: the agility and comfort, acceleration dynamics and relevance options – all this was subjected to frequent discussions. Examine objectively question the profitability of the Renault Sandero Степвей.

 Reno Sandero Stepway appearance

General view of the owners of the car

The appearance of the model evokes mixed feelings: front, sort of like, looks nice and stylish, and the rear of the body, like a stubby. Feeling that the imagination of designers dried up. But many owners delight doors: clap not necessary, pens, soft, open smoothly.

General view of Степвей akin to the jeep. There are lining chrome, Luggage arc of the original performance, and other items. Fastening labels of the same linings shaky. Manufacturer sorry tape and glue, so it is possible that over time have something to glue. However manufacturer regretted the paint coating: the thickness of the layer is excellent, with the appearance of scratches, you can use Polish – that is, incidentally, confirm a majority of the holders of Renault Sandero Степвей.

The dimensions of the vehicle, according to many owners – what we need. This car easily Park, it doesn't take up much space, but inside is enough space to fit five people average physique. Trunk small, but its size can be increased, true then someone will have to leave the beauty, as the rear seats left. Many swear that the spare wheel is located in an awkward spot – under the bottom. Someone, on the contrary, I am sure, that's even better: not interfere in the trunk.

 Reno Sandero Stepway rear view

Consider the beauty Renault Sandero степвей: owner reviews about it also mixed. The resulting opinion is:

In winter stove save you from severe frost, but the air conditioning is rather weak, although in hot days and it will fit. Some owners say that after 10 thousand mileage appear noise when warming up. If this is observed, should immediately go to the service station.

Noise auto also not by children of peace. In the city the engine is not worried "ominous roar", but should give more than 3000 revolutions in the cabin felt stable the sound of the motor and the wheels. Eventually there will be  the crickets", and first of all for some reason starts to creak front passenger's door. The secret is not clear.

For the review, here it is complicated by a thick front: it creates a dead zone. Mirrors are also more would be better, although not everyone thinks so. Due to the specifics of aerodynamic characteristics, have glass mirrors wipe often, so it is advisable to always carry a heavy roll of napkins. But the rear view mirror allows to assess the situation back, it's nice.

 Reno Sandero Stepway салон


Now let's talk about the engine reno sandero stepway. With the release of the first car marketers Renault decided that until enough to be one modifications to the engine, which is an 8-valve petrol engine in volume of 1,6 litres capacity of 84 HP and  is aggregated with a 5-speed manual gearbox.  And although, later, there was a 16-valve gasoline engine with  automatic transmission, many owners still remained faithful to old modification proven years of the unit, so most of the statements of the owners was about.

This engine is reliable, simple, but very quiet. Love "eat" 92 and 95 gasoline, but does not reject 98. Glad that it is practically insensitive to the choice of gear, and does not detonate. A simple example: at a speed of 50 km/h, you can enable the fifth transfer, the machine will gradually ramp up to the limit. Acceleration, of course, smooth, with no clearly-defined acceleration. This style is perfect for a leisurely drive through the city. Those who prefer to drive, remain dissatisfied.

Transfer short, you can start with some inclination even without the gas pedal. The engine does not resist, he copes with stress and, obediently pulls the car. If desired, you can move and on the second pass, with virtually nothing will change. All this is good, but that's outside the city at 100 km/h engine produces up to 3000 rpm, and then begins a powerful acoustic attack. Next, the noise increases, the acceleration dynamics is markedly reduced. After 100 km/h, in addition to noise, as if transfixed.

For overtaking ahead transport should consider maneuver in advance, otherwise you can not catch. After a small break-auto accelerate to 155 km/H. It's taking some margin of error. Frustrating that the machine is quite voracious: while driving on the motorway it will take 8 liters per 100 km, and it besides, that the driver does not accelerate over 100 km/H. In the combined cycle – 9 liters per 100 km When you consider that the weight of the car a little more than a ton, and its capacity – 84 PS, consumption of large.

 Reno Sandero Stepway дно

About a suspension reno sandero stepway owner reviews positive: energy-intensive, quiet, elastic, durable – this is its main characteristic. Because of this, some drivers cease round holes in the riding a certain negligence, but it does not seriously influence the General state of the machine. It is worth noting that it does not like sudden visits in turn, the car is filled up.

Brakes are working fine, pedal small, but the system locks sliding triggered a little early. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the grip of the regular tires insufficient, however, is debatable car owners not.

To summarize

Car budget. Even if to take the credit, you will get a sum not begrudge for reliable car Reno Sandero Stepway: the price of which  starts with 453 thousand rubles

For city – a car that is necessary. The driver does not get tired, although it depends on the individual physiology. Suspension perfect (so says the majority of car owners), problems with repair, too, does not occur. The main thing – periodic maintenance, in fact any car is like a child: for him to look after.

Accessories for auto released at affordable prices, owners should not hang around the car markets in search of the necessary details, it is recommended to buy the original spare parts and only in dealer showrooms. Well, accessories such as floor mats and seat covers is better to take olume since the original cost exorbitant amounts.

Along with the possibility of purchase for repair of almost all parts of the official dealers, the low price of the Renault Sandero Stepway  provides a pretty oust the Russian roads eminent classmates.