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Japanese crossovers and SUVs

Japanese SUVs on the Russian market

In Russia, Japanese cars – crossovers and pickups - are very popular. This is explained not only by the desire for an external expression, but an objective necessity.

The number of cars sold in the European countries (and Russia ’ s no exception) grows from year to year. The most rapid and stable growth demonstrate the crossovers of various types. One of the leaders in this segment are traditionally new Japanese SUV.

 Subaru Forester

The increased demand for Japanese SUVs and determines the sentence: today these cars are in the range of almost any major automaker. Many countries produce crossovers: Japan, Korea, Germany, etc. As a result, today on the market in large quantities presents different models of SUVs, which have different technical parameters and cost.

For the price crossovers Japanese can be divided into three segments: up to 1 million rubles, from 1 to 2 million and more than 2 million rubles. However, this division is rather arbitrary, since the installation of, for example, a more powerful engine, automatic gearbox or other additional options for the car often have to pay more in 1,5-2 times. On SUVs Japanese rates are highly dependent on the configuration.

 Mazda CX5

SUVs from Japan worth up to 1 million rubles

Segment up to 1 million rubles are mostly compact crossovers Japanese Assembly. When designing manufacturers often focus on those consumers who wish to buy a SUV, but don't have the funds to purchase the "full" all-terrain vehicle. Therefore, the actual off-road performance cars in this segment often leave much to be desired. Although, in fact, it's still an SUV: Japan has always been characterized by its ability to make high quality machines, regardless of the cost.

Here there are very decent options. For example, Japanese new SUV Nissan Qashqai - 2014, which was once considered the pioneers of the class of compact crossovers. To purchase a four-wheel drive modification Qashqai with a two-liter 141-horsepower unit for 950 thousand.

 Nissan Qashqai

Popular among Russian motorists also standard models of Mitsubishi ASX and Subaru XV, which have good traffic and can be fitted quite lengthy (up to two liters) engines. Buy Japanese crossover of these models can also be less than 1 million rubles. Present in this segment and overall quite SUVs. Among the largest it can be noted Mazda CX5 and Toyota RAV4. However, as already mentioned, their assignment to the budget segment is very conditional: new Japanese crossover configuration that differs from the base, it may cost more than 1 million rubles.

 Toyota RAV4

The SUV manufactured by the Japanese from 1 to 2 million rubles

For obvious reasons, this segment on the market is much wider than the previous one. Almost all automobile manufacturers offer in this price range on some models. For the most part, it is not compact crossovers and full-size SUVs Japanese – photo posted on the manufacturers website speak for themselves.

 Toyota land Cruiser Prado

Here, in particular, includes such popular among the drivers of cars like the Toyota land Cruiser Prado, Highlander, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Subaru Forester, and other well-known models. There are also pickups from Japan: for example, Toyota Hilux. This also applies to the Mitsubishi L200.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Japanese SUVs cost more than 2 million rubles

To the category of more than 2 million rubles are the most prestigious Japanese SUVs - cars, the main advantage of which is not only a high permeability, but also the comfort. There will no longer see any vehicles without four-wheel drive or with an engine capacity of less than 2.5 liters.

 Lexus RX

The SUVs in this category include, in particular, Infiniti-FX (possibly the best Japanese crossover, the Lexus RX, the Japanese Toyota Tundra pickups, some modifications of the models from the previous segment, and so on

 Infiniti FX

There are several reasons for the popularity of the Japanese automobile industry in Russia. First of all, it is affordable price and high quality. Unlike eminent European and American brands, manufacturers from Japan usually do not set charges for ‘name’. Due to the large selection of spare parts is much cheaper and repair of machines. In addition, the Japanese designer pay great attention to security, which is confirmed by the results of numerous independent crash tests.