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Jeep Cherokee 2014 model year

History model

80-tide years Jeep was in a rather disadvantageous position – car Wrangler significantly inferior in comfort to the Japanese automakers Nissan and Toyota. In order to compete with them, it was necessary to develop a new car. The company decided to immediately release two versions of the same car – this stylish SUV Jeep Cherokee middle class and his elder brother, the Grand Cherokee.

 Jeep Cherokee SJ

The first model was produced from 1974 to 1983 and had the symbol SJ. At that time it was a full-sized SUV. The car was significantly different from his older brother, but not for the better. It was a fairly nondescript machine.

The new model has been reduced in size and moved into the compact SUV class. Model XJ was produced from 1984 to 2001. The car looked like his older brother, but was a little smaller.

 Jeep Cherokee XJ

From 2002 to 2013 has released the third generation, namely Jeep Liberty. He was more similar to Wrangler and little resembled the older brother, but also provided excellent ride comfort.

In 2013 released the latest current model Jeep Cherokee (KL). Features it resembles its more luxury kind, but is smaller and more rounded and sportswear.

 Jeep Liberty

Interior and exterior

New 2014 Jeep Cherokee has a streamlined shape. The car is the grille and rather narrow, but stylish front optics. Wheel arches and sills finished plastic that provides protection for these parts. Plastic is in perfect harmony with the bumper, giving the car style and aggressiveness, however, the version in which he is painted in body color looks less attractive.

 Jeep Cherokee (KL)

Ground clearance is 223 mm or 183 mm, depending on the modification. Bumper beveled that provides the best angles for patency.

As usual the Americans, beauty abounds plastic and looks rustic, despite the smooth and rounded. However, the build quality is pretty good – plastic does not bend and any strange there are no squeaks, which often can be observed in cheap cars.

 Beauty Jeep Cherokee

In the center of the dash flaunts 8.4-inch touch screen multimedia system. The same is installed and older version of the Grand Cherokee. The UConnect system is quite simple and at the same time easy to understand, but the functionality is not deprived.

On the Central dashboard, right between the tachometer and speedometer, emblazoned on-Board computer, which, by the way, you can enable and Navigator. All the controls are traditionally for most cars.

 Interior Jeep Cherokee 2014


Considering the price of the car, it is not surprising that it is equipped with all modern stability control systems. Equipped with 8 airbags. There's also adaptive cruise control, which reads the information from the camera and radar and monitors distance to the vehicle in front.

 Security system Jeep Cherokee 2014

The car body is made of durable, yet lightweight alloys that provide excellent passive protection. In case of an accident it perfectly absorbs the impact energy.

The heart of the car may be a gasoline engine 3.2 or 2.4 liters. The first is ideal for racing fans, as it produces 272 horsepower. A smaller engine has less power, but 177 HP for compact and fairly light car will be more than enough.

 Propulsion Jeep Cherokee 2014

The manufacturer plans to add a diesel engine. This is currently available in Ukraine instead of petrol variants.

As the transmission is a 9-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to its characteristics and the number of speeds it can provide not only a pretty fast drive, but also maximum comfort and smoothness when switching. Also there is a manual control mode.

 Powertrain options Jeep Cherokee 2014

Four-wheel drive vehicle has a lower gear, and also allows you to lock the rear differential. Of course, such a humble set will not be surprised, however, with the traction control it will provide the maximum possible safety in rain or ice. The movement is also handy system settings-wheel drive, which will help to correct it under the terms of a concrete pavement or simply to make the car more sporty. In the absence of necessary, you can disable the rear axle.

 Four-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee 2014

At the moment there are 4 versions: this Sport, Longitude, Traihawk and Limited. Regardless of configuration, all models are equipped with the automatic transmission and engine 3.2 liter only came in one modification Limited. So specifications the 2014 Jeep Cherokee  has practically the same in all versions:

 Picking Jeep Cherokee 2014

Owner reviews

Reviews on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee  we were divided into advantages and disadvantages.

 Jeep Cherokee 2014 - rear view