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Jeep Compass operating experience in Russian conditions

Discuss appearance and beauty

Production of the car was started in 2006 after his presentation at the North American international auto show. Just note that from domestic motorists machine received mixed reviews. For the beginning we shall familiarize with the most objective and comprehensive assessment of the jeep of the first generation.

Traditionally auto start studying with appearance. What can I say? The body design of the compass, non-standard, like, this option is not all motorists. Then, as they say, someone like that. Some drivers say that they are not satisfied with the look of a car, others will be pleased to note that on their machine, many turn to the show. The evaluation of the appearance of the car is always very subjective and depends on the specific preferences of this or that person. But still compass design cannot be called boring or unoriginal, highlight it, definitely.

 Jeep Compass first generation

The interior of the vehicle complaints from owners is. Finish very high quality and accurate, besides, according to the drivers, the cabin everything is at hand. Individual accolades of our compatriots has earned the plastic, which is used on the front panel.

Positively characterize the jeep compass feedback on the spacious interior: there is enough space, and no problems with the placement of the passengers there. Comfort in the cabin is ensured thanks to the amazing sound insulation, the quality of which is on a very high level. But all the same as the compass and certain weaknesses in the matter under consideration.

So, many complain of insufficient for such a vehicle boot volume – a total of 436 liters. On the one hand, for city conditions it is quite enough. But on the other, leaving, for example, on a summer residence whole family and lots of things is a bit tricky.

In addition, arise over time minor flaws:

Otherwise the beauty is only pluses, does not create problems and brings true pleasure to drive on this machine.

 Jeep Compass first generation of beauty

Next, open the hood and проедемся

The first generation compass equipped with two engines available in three modifications:

The best way our drivers speak precisely about атмосфернике, calling it an ideal engine. It is hardy to gasoline, reliable, and simple to maintain. Fuel consumption for the all-wheel drive version with this unit is about 10 litres per hundred on the highway and 11 l in the city. At loaded traffic flow increases per liter and a half.

In terms of performance compass fully justifies their belonging to the legendary brand. First of all, motorists praise smooth and резвую rate of acceleration. In fact, the car is no worse than any representative premium: calm, confident acceleration with complete preservation of comfort. But it is possible and good light: power enough to satisfy the demands of any supporter of high-speed acceleration.

 Jeep Compass restyling 2011

With regard to the indicators permeability, that here compass simply delighted with his owners. The car feels great and on an icy road, and on muddy dirt road, and even when crossing water obstacles (good air intake from above).

In General, the first generation compass is a very good car, which though has a few shortcomings, but still justifies its purpose. Only now, its production has ceased, and therefore on the market of used cars meets the most different for jeep compass price.

And what is known about the restyled model?

New restyled compass first generation appeared in 2011, when the 70th anniversary of brand jeep. In a related development, was released on a special model that had some differences in the exterior, "stuff" and available colors. 

 Jeep Compass restyling 2011 beauty

The changes were in the range of engines:

And again distribution we got exactly gasoline engine, the quality of which we have already considered, studying the first generation. Fuel consumption remained at the same level, although many owners say that the first time the new compass spend up to 15 liters per one hundred. However, the problem resolve itself after running of the car.

However, I regret to say that according to the drivers, the novelty yet is not designed for off-road, it is primarily aimed at the use in urban environments. Nevertheless, some potential compass is – this plug-wheel drive with a uniform distribution of traction. The experience of the drivers showed that the car is capable to overcome serious obstacles, it is important to only disable the stabilization and traction control system.

 Jeep Compass restyling 2013

Let's talk about the disadvantages restyling

Whatever it was, and an updated model of the compass has a few shortcomings:

 Jeep Compass restyling 2013 beauty

Questions of acquisition

On the domestic market is the only one available is loaded jeep compass limited. Among other things, this set is released excellent sound system and a rich set of additional accessories: chrome lining, grid in the trunk, mats, and more. The cost of a new restyling jeep compass 2013 is 1,321,000 rubles.

Note that the company Jeep has conducted another restyling of the first generation compass in the current year 2013. The novelty has received some technical changes, slightly changed outwardly, and has acquired a higher level of comfort. However, in our country this model is not for sale. And about the experience of her экстплутатции we will try to tell You a little later.