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Jeep Grand Cherokee - a successful combination of old traditions and modern realities

 Jeep Grand Cherokee

 There is an opinion, that it is with the legendary Jeep Cherokee began Dating motorists post-Soviet space with cars of class SUV. Anyway, ever since then, invariably, this "Indian", embodied in metal and wins the hearts of many Russian motorists. It is equally convenient and feel the impeccable track and difficult places. Not an exception and the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, first shown to the public at the motor show in new York in 2009. Jeep Grand Cherokee in the series was launched in 2010, and will soon appear on the markets of CIS countries.

At first glance it becomes clear that the spirit of traditionalism is still strong in the minds of the designers of Chrysler Corporation, who do not want to hide military origin of this iconic American car. All possible innovations in appearance all subsequent models Jeep Cherokee resemble some plastic innovations than a radical departure from past traditions. However, none of motorists and not trying to resist such constancy.

Moreover, while retaining the familiar contours of the developers of the next Grand Cherokee is more than compensated for this constancy of high quality improvements of its internal space, an updated line of power units and improving the dynamic characteristics of an SUV and increasing the security of passengers, increasing rigidity of the body.

The Exterior Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012

 Exterior Jeep Grand Cherokee

It should be noted that the jeep Cherokee 2012 differs from its predecessors in several larger dimensions, becoming higher, longer and wider. The dimensions of the new SUV is (height x width x length): 1764 x 1943 x 4822 millimeter. Wheelbase – 2915 millimeters, the average clearance – 221 mm. Cargo compartment also increased and is 1028 liters. Despite the increased size, smooth bends of a body reduced the drag coefficient novelties, thanks to which the handling and fuel economy become more acceptable.

Designers have left chopped the shape of the body and traditional grille with seven slots, trapezoidal wheel arches and short overhangs. But tried to give the car a thorough and aggressive appearance by changing the geometry of the integrated headlights, making them slightly "narrowed». Visibility on the road and around it has become much better thanks to the new, panoramic two-level structure hatch, which stretched from facial glass stem to stern.

Complement athleticism model higher line glazing and sloping rear rack. Black middle rack visually makes the body longer. Swiftness of this SUV gives and the new form of the rear lights, now calling on the rear fenders of the car body. Artistry and aggressiveness here much more than brutality that can also be considered a merit developers Jeep Grant Cherokee 2012.

The renewed interior of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012

 The Interior Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee

To the credit of the developers of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, they took the chance to radically change the interior of the SUV, and a special thanks. The interior decoration used exclusively soft, pleasant to touch and smooth materials that among other things, significantly reduced the level of noise in the cabin. Chair now become more resemble a Royal throne, thanks to a new profile, massive подголовникам, armrests and rollers lateral support.

The driver's seat is staffed with eight different provisions, which are regulated electric drive. The car is also equipped with a new steering wheel with three spokes, adjustment of tilt and also is electric. In addition, the steering wheel is performed with heating. Updated dashboard, which received a pleasant white backlighting and increased dials. Center console was a few already, but that doesn't impair the pleasant impressions from the salon, the more so that designers removed from her awkward tumblers.

But attracts the attention of a pleasant design of automatic control modes full drive (Selec-Terrain), located on the Central tunnel and competent dosage inserts wood, chrome and metallized plastic. From salon of innovations disappeared right-hand stalk switch. Designers have moved the management of the wiper and washer on the left switch. Among other premium options note the presence of a button start the engine and contactless access to the interior, rain sensors and lighting, rear view camera, remote opening the doors of the load compartment with electric drive. Drive also allows you to open a transparent panoramic sunroof.

Technical characteristics of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012

The lucky ones who managed to break jeep Grand Cherokee specifications his cause positive emotions. Successful and justified many of them believe the joint work of designers Chrysler and Daimler, which was in equipping several transfigured platform Mercedes ML pneumatic suspension Quadra Lift. Due to this new SUV received five types level (Off-road 2 and Off-road 1, Park mode and Aero mode and Normal Ride Height) and Select system-Terrain with the help of which you can change the modes of operation of the all-wheel drive powertrain, depending on the condition of the road surface. The system has five modes: mud/sand, snow, rocks, auto and sport.

The proposed range of power units is limited until the Pentastar V6 3.6-liter V8 HEMI 5.7 liters. The capacity of power units, respectively 280 and 360 "horses". Both the engine petrol, but the manufacturer promises to soon complete the new jeep another and a diesel power unit (though this may be the motor from one of the previous jeeps). Pentastar V6 is equipped with W5A580 five-speed automatic transmission, and V8 HEMI – seven-speed 545RFE.

The developer guarantees the level of fuel consumption for the Pentastar V6 not more than 15 liters per hundred kilometers in urban and 10 liters per one hundred kilometers on the highway. V8 HEMI is less economical, spending 20 liters per one hundred kilometers through the city and 14 liters per one hundred kilometers on the highway. Russian motorists will be available two complete sets of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee – Limited and Overland. The new SUV in picking Limited will be equipped with a power unit Pentastar V6 3.6 liters. Its cost will be about two million rubles. Loaded Overland involves the installation of the engine V8 HEMI 5.7 liters. In addition, this SUV will air suspension Quadra-Lift, through which the clearance can be adjusted up to 270,5 millimeters. The cost of new items in this set is 2.7 million rubles.

Experts of the automotive market boldly say that with such parameters and a set of electronic AIDS Jeep Grand Cherokee latest model able to move as a cruise ship, regardless of the condition of the road surface and even in the absence of such.