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Jeep Liberty in Russia: "Patriot" with the American character

After the appearance in our market, liberty received a lot of feedback from the drivers. Traditionally, the quality of performance of the vehicle, no complaints. But there are a huge number of people's opinions, operating the car for several years, but because the knowledgeable in all its nuances. First of all, you must find out what they think motorists about the engine car.

 Jeep liberty front view

Liberty from the technical side

Standard models for non-us markets is gasoline unit with 2.4 liter, комплектующийся or variator, or 5-speed manual gearbox. However, the largest number of opinions left a diesel 2-liter engine, which is installed only on order. Combined engine with manual gearbox, with its capacity is 140 PS Motorists say that this engine "not eating, and pret». He calmly allows the owner to feel comfortable on the road without worrying about having to constantly monitor the motor load. Anyway, reviews diesel received positive, due to the dynamics of, reliability, unpretentiousness in maintenance and absolute adaptation to the Russian conditions. He has, however, several disadvantages:

In the rest of the complaints of the motor does not have, and the experienced and advanced drivers even advised to resort to its chip-tuning in order to increase power and torque.

With regard to transmission, its quality is also caused only positive feedback from our drivers. In the gearbox sure all, who knows what it was designed in the framework of the Alliance concerns Mitsubishi and DaimlerChrysler. Among the positive qualities of mechanics says:

Of the drawbacks is often called, only the absence of the automatic transmission, diesel engine.

 Jeep liberty rear view

Driving, especially in the version jeep liberty ii sport, earned high praise from the owners. Is the ability enter the turns at speed without fear of unwanted body rolls. In fact, say the drivers, it provokes aggressive and bold riding.

As we can see, in terms of technical specifications liberty declared itself mainly with the best hand. But yet the greatest number of discussions the owners causes the interior of this car and its implementation.

Liberty by comfort

First of all, motorists, the subject of the quality of performance of the salon. Plastic, they note, are used very good: it looks rough, almost stone to the touch, but:

Speak well of our compatriots and about visibility. Ветровик machine owners describe so: set quite close to vertical and is from the driver during movement. Because of this, when viewed from the driver's seat, it seems that the front moved forward and started to navigate vertical. This, say the drivers, slightly narrows overview ahead, that is not so essential, but at the same time improves the side view on the left side so much. It turns out that the visibility of the machine in a bad direction "at half past ten" definitely improved in comparison with small crossovers early years of release.

Among the disadvantages in the block "view", in the opinion of the owners, is to allocate no automatic climate control. Those drivers who are accustomed to the good climate control will be surprised and even play.

 Jeep liberty beauty

A carbon filter in the system of ventilation. Believe motorists, this decision creators, most likely, have adopted is to increase the resistance to flow, while increasing the capacity of the system. This leads to the fact that the ventilation system is not such a noisy even at the minimum functioning.

Washer, rear and windscreen is radial, that is such a saying experienced owners, as for the first tens. There and mode of operation with pause regulated character. But no rain sensor in one of the outfits.

Let us dwell more on some characteristics of the salon, which speak of our compatriots.

Steering wheel finished with a soft material, has a sufficient number on the reverse relative to the driver's side of depressions and other elements, which is why the fingers so conveniently located. Motorists stressed that the wheel can and понастальгировать a: it seems that you are behind the wheel of Muscovites and the first Zhiguli.

Dashboard fulfilled in the retro style. All elements of the round, located symmetrically in relation to each other, arrows sectors are well marked, not intersect each other. As they say owners, it's something like an old calculators Soviet era. In their opinion, is a definite plus panel is that all information perceived excellent, even if the sun is very active and many rays falling on a car. Minus the fact that the panel was practically unaffected by modern design trends, and therefore the result is not only retro, and "retro further nowhere".

 Jeep liberty front seats

It is worth mentioning switches, located under the steering wheel. With rare exception, car owners believe that switches too functionally overloaded. Here the main light, front and rear fog lights, turning indicators, controls the brightness of instrument panel illumination. And this is not all: turns on / off interior lighting or change its algorithm is located here. Right switch has, in addition, adjustment of the front and rear washer. For this reason motorists warned that the new owners from possible mistakes and advise first time is very attentive to the switches.

For reviews of motorists, profile seats very successful: the high enough drivers, excellent lateral support. You can sit tight, don't feel your feet, to be exact, hips seemed to hang in the air. At the same time, there is no lumbar backwater: not even in the top version. Most drivers impressive range of adjustment: you can move the seat so that your legs stop to get the pedals.

If we talk about the back row, the most positive quality, according to owners, is the ability to adjust the tilt of the back passengers.

With respect to this element of the car owners liberty emphasize the following:

 Jeep liberty Luggage compartment

Seat, to increase the volume of the Luggage, formed a very unusual: something like ремешковых loops that need to pull in beauty. However, they say the owners, this process is not so fast and simple, but lay down seatback flat together with rear headrests. In the mechanism there is a spring that smoothly it all will fulfill itself.

In the boot posted by spare wheel. It's full size, but note with sadness motorists on the black stamping. Therefore it turns out that in order to properly get out of trouble, which, as is known, on the roads occur owners get alloy wheells the official producers. And this, unfortunately, is not cheap.


Thus, liberty in the eyes of Russian motorists appeared as a good car, possessing all American features, but at the same time quite appropriate for our conditions. In this light, especially positively noted the quality/price ratio: the cost of the car in the richest set is 1,433,000 rubles. Drivers advise: do not hesitate it ’ buy.