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Kia Sportage 2013

Kia Sportage 2013 - not only is this great SUV with "athletic", but it is the best car of the year by the major automotive publications. And not without reason, because the developers have approached very carefully to the creation of this model, thinking about every detail: from the exterior to the interior and filling. SUV Спортейдж is like realization of the plan of the perfect car can not only safe and comfortable driving for long distances, but agile, fast, with excellent adhesion to the surface.

 Kia Спортейдж 2013 front view

The interior and exterior of Kia Sportage 2013

Design Kia Sportage new is simply stunning, why it cannot be confused with any other vehicle. Every line and detail, even the smallest, performed in the spirit of sport. Not surprising, because the design of the third generation Kia Sportage worked himself Peter, who previously worked in the concern Audi.

The exterior design has its own characteristics, although it retains a traditional SUV elements: ' screwed up ' headlights, massive grille, sloping roof and unique bonnet line. Design creates the unique bold image, which brings unforgettable emotions. Inter alia, a pleasant discovery in the design Спортейдж can be considered alloy wheels 16 inches. Note that today the model is sold in 10 different color solutions.

 Kia Спортейдж 2013 in the cabin

Interior Sportage third generation also corresponds with your class. To create salon used, high quality plastic and comfortable Seating, which combine to create a unique cozy interior, in which each driver feels himself a master. Other charms of the interior Sportage 3 you can add convenient dashboard, which is functionally divided horizontally and equipped with convenient on-Board computer with a larger screen.

 Interior Kia Спортейдж 2013

Dimensions SUV Kia Sportage 2013

General characteristics of the size of Kia Sportage new remained virtually unchanged, although the creators of this model, and pursued the objective to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. Were made only minor changes in the lumen of the road, which decreased by 23 mm and became a total of 172 mm, the height of the SUV was 1635 mm, and with a roof - 1645 mm And height of the body was lower, although it has expanded to 1855 mm were Also some minor changes in the length of the crossover, which in the end was 4440 mm Were slightly increased overhangs (rear 0 cm, front - 1 cm). Thus the interior has preserved its volume, which, as before, seem to be spacious and large. If necessary, you can adjust the trunk volume (folding rear seats).

Specifications Kia Спортейдж 2013

Car of the third generation Sportage from Kia equipped with three types of 2-liter engines: this diesel, turbo-diesel or gasoline engine.

 Door Kia Спортейдж 2013

Picking Kia Спортейдж 2013

Car Kia Sportage 3, is produced in 5 versions: Classic, Prestige, Comfort, Luxe and Premium.

Standard equipment of the new vehicle model Kia Спортейдж Classic includes:

Loaded Kia Sportage Comfort  in addition to the above functions has:

Loaded Kia Sportage 3 Luxe is distinguished by the presence of:

Picking Prestige and Premium third-generation Спортейдж from Kia equipped with all modern aforementioned innovations. The only thing that the configuration of the Premium also includes the intellectual systems of the automatic Parking.

 Kia Спортейдж 2013 side view

Maneuverability of the new Kia Спортейдж 2013

Expectations from driving quality new Спортейдж fully met in practice. This amazing Korean SUV - a unique combination of sports car and crossover, embodied all the best qualities of driving from both classes, getting obedient and easy operation, which combines both a and might which are so appreciated by the strong half of humanity, and manoeuvrability requirements from the side of the beautiful half of the world.

Entered following the design innovations, technological improvements have given Kia unique maneuverability, velocity, safety, reliability and comfort, which marks every motorist after the first day of exploring this outstanding model. All these characteristics of the vehicle provides sports suspension unrivalled build quality that is both soft to easily accelerate to the desired speed, and hard to maximum comfort to overcome the most complicated obstacles that may arise in areas where there is no pavement.

Thus, we can conclude that the Kia Sportage 2013 perfectly suitable for driving in the city, and for long trips. With this car even higher speeds and sharp turns not have the capacity to infringe the comfort of the ride that you mere pleasure. So this SUV is ideal for roads of Russia with its "special" pits and hummocks.

 Kia Спортейдж 2013 side view 2

Advantages and disadvantages of Kia Sportage 2013

Like any other car, Kia Sportage 2013 has many positive and negative sides.

Among the advantages of Kia Sportage 3 are:

Have Kia Sportage 2013 and a few drawbacks:

 Kia Спортейдж 2013 rear view

Owner reviews Kia Sportage 2013

Basically owner reviews about this car only positive, his little flaws is easily compensated by the presence of a large number of advantages.

Alexey, 25 years: Almost two months chose between Спортейдж and another model SUV. Crossover was necessary as the air: and for the city at your leisure, and go, and on the road for business or fishing ride. Decided to buy a new Kia Sportage 2013 - and no mistake! Particularly pleased with the interior, which differs significantly better quality than that of other crossovers. Can't wait for winter to come to finally try all delights of the automatic all-wheel drive.

Ivan, 31 year: Only yesterday took his Спортейдж 2013. The General opinion about good car. Driving impressions exclusively positive: a noiseless motor, excellent location, good suspension, comfortable Seating and an unrivalled volume of beauty. However, at the time of Deposit reverse felt a significant need in парктронике, as with so "Saraichik" no Windows and mirrors will not help easy to Park.

Dmitry, 35 years: Great SUV. Reliability, great looks, comfort is all about Kia Sportage 2013. Having read a lot of reviews online, feared that the suspension will be harsh. But during the ride was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't even hard. Goes easy to manage not make any complexity. However, I advise you to take it with a gun to manage lay more on automation, which are selects modes for our roads.

The Cost Of Kia Sportage 2013

Gasoline and diesel variant of the new model Kia Sportage has a different configuration, so the cost car Kia Sportage quite different, ranging from about 850 000 rubles and ending with 1 350 000 rubles.

Спортейдж in  the gasoline version" comes complete Classic, which can be purchased for $ 856 000 - 900 000 rubles, complete Luxe - 909 000 rubles, Comfort - 900,000 rubles, Prestige - 1 099 900 rubles, Premium - 1 209 900 rubles.

In Спортейдж "gasoline" is missing trim Classic and its value in complete Comfort is 1 079 900 rubles, complete Luxe - 1 149 900 rubles, Prestige - 1 219 900 rubles and Premium - 1 349 900 rubles.