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Korean crossovers and SUVs

Korean cars crossovers have the best price compared to Japanese and European models. But the quality is not inferior to any one of the parameters. To help you understand what kind of car should you choose, you can refer to the classification by price categories.

The Korean SUVs up to 1 million rubles

To meet such a small amount and get a decent model can do that from the Korean or Russian manufacturers. The first of them Ssang Yong Kyron — new Korean crossovers with excellent handling, all-wheel drive full-fledged system and nice technical features of beauty and electronics. $ 1 million can meet in picking "mechanics", and "machine", and even "diesel". Clearance — 199 mm, rack 625 litres. The crossover is equipped with:

 Ssang Yong Kyron

In the category of Korean crossovers and SUVs - prices Ssang Yong Actyon (restyling, 2 version) does not exceed 1 million. The only exception is the diesel version with a machine that some dealers may slightly exceed this amount. Other mechanical and automatic, and gasoline can not exceed the budget in the millions. As a rule, four-wheel drive option on 100 thousand rubles more expensive front-wheel drive.

 Ssang Yong Actyon

Depending on configuration it is assumed:

Optional available leather upholstery. You can choose between 2.3-liter gasoline engine (150 "horses", 214 Nm of torque) and 2-liter diesel unit with 128 HP and 310 Nm. Depending on engine and transmission — the maximum speed from 163 to 170 km/H.

Another Korean crossover — rates up to one million — this model of KIA Sportage. But this only applies to the old version. The price of the redesigned model, which was presented in 2013, exceeding the one million threshold.

 KIA Sportage

Also, Korean SUVs — rates not exceeding 1 million, is the Hyundai ix35. Here the same situation as with the previous model from KIA Sportage. Restyled version exceeds the bar in a million.

 Hyundai ix35

Korean SUVs from 1 to 2 million rubles

As mentioned above, the Korean new SUV KIA Sportage with the restyling is above 1 million rubles. Compared with the old version, this has become more aggressive and high-quality cross-country and security. Suspension type MacPherson strut significantly improved and better behaved on the roads.

 New KIA Sportage

Restyled Hyundai ix35 — is a Korean SUV photo which produces an irresistible impression. They are available in several configurations:

 New Hyundai ix35

Another Korean crossovers presents such a model, as Ssang Yong Rexton. Now comes the second version of this popular car. It involves equipping climate control, which works flawlessly, and new high-quality trim, and installing improved fog lamps and electronic warning system about the status of the road surface.

 Ssang Yong Rexton

Additional chrome trim and improved silver roof rails increase the aggressiveness of the design. Often purchased version with automatic transmission (T-tronic) and engine 186 "horses".

Korean crossover — photo Ssang Yong Actyon Sports is impressive for its aggressiveness and ideal for venigorodskogo mode proportions. They were created with the participation of Mercedes-Benz, which really sports. Ssang Yong Actyon Sports — a powerful engine and strong frame, which is not terrible even rocky mountain track. Not to mention the shifting or hard passable soils.

 Ssang Yong Actyon Sports

New Korean SUVs - prices from 1 million — this Hyundai Santa Fe restyled version 2012. There are two versions of — with the usual five-base and elongated — seven-seater. The interior and the beauty became more youth and aggressive. For elongated base mounted gasoline engine 3.3 liter (290 "horses"). For a shortened five — the 2.4 liter engine in 193 "horses". And automatic and mechanical equipment have 6 bands.

 Hyundai Santa Fe

SUVs Korean production from 2 million rubles

KIA Mohave belongs to the category of new Korean SUVs from two million. It is an elegant option for active lifestyles. This SUV — the most powerful of all KIA. Recycled completely appearance differs from the classical models bright lights-parallelograms and horizontal bars. Additional relief hood is visible from afar.

 KIA Mohave

Three-row Seating position, spacious and ergonomic cabin for 7 passengers.

Such a Korean crossover - price includes equipment systems:

 The KIA Mohave SUV

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe — to buy Korean crossover in the presence of a amount of 2 million rubles. This elongated SUV K2 class. The unique style Storm Edge distinguishes this model among other at first sight.

 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Optional can be installed panoramic roof the whole length of the car. You can make a choice between 2.2 liter and 3.3-liter engines. Exclusive box-machine ensures maximum efficiency and smooth control.

 The Korean SUV Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Selection of Korean crossover depends on the financial possibilities and priorities in the preferences. Because someone is more satisfied with a manual transmission, and some need a diesel engine. The peculiarity of all Korean models is that they are absolutely ideal for the city mode, both the fuel consumption and stylish appearance.