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Legendary land cruiser 80 does not spoil the track and in 2013

Land Cruiser 80 managed to combine the comfort and maximum endurance. The debut of this car was held in 1990, but by some characteristics, he not only equal but superior modern SUVs and crossovers. Despite the fact that these vehicles have a fairly large age, they still are popular among motorists who appreciate quality, high capacity, reliability in the car. After all, you can leave this dry asphalt roads, and  do not be afraid of getting stuck, or damage something.

 Toyota Land Cruiser 80

The interior and exterior of the car

Yes , Land Cruiser 80 is large in size. Manufacturers, of course, of iron did not regret that for such a machine is a great advantage. This is a large car from all line, truly beautiful and harmonious – not dare, because he looks more like an army vehicle. But all his heaviness is solidity, because in the world of machines that would take up so much space on the road.

Lovers  off-road will appreciate this car.  the Body rises over the frame, large wheels have the figure to increase performance on difficult roads, snorkel is located along the right rack of the windshield. Big trunk that allows to transport heavy cargoes, installed on the roof.  assistance to climb on the roof, installed staircase on the left side of the back door.

The overall design of the lend Крузера has some rough edges, which adds to this model, some of masculinity and brutality. Here one can hardly find a smooth and thin lines, because at that time, men's car was associated exactly with rudeness and clarity of lines.

 Toyota land cruiser 80 front row seat

Interior of the car was originally skillfully designed and executed on a high level.  Producer was clearly thought out every detail, so here it all is at hand. In the vehicle interior impossible to find even one item that would be made of the now popular pseudo-tree, black only high-quality plastic. Motorists argue that even many years after the release and use, the plastic during the drive does not emit any squeaks.

It is worth noting a convenient and informative dashboard. The oil level and temperature of the engine, also available to the driver on the panel. However, there was no place for accommodation tachometer, that causes negative emotions almost all motorists.  Many owners say the convenient location of the gear lever, and the switching is carried out very clearly. 

 Toyota land cruiser 80 equipment

Technical characteristics

Key features that are бензиновому engine land Крузера 80 lie in the fact that the engine was developed with consideration of requirements that motorists faced this would jeep.  Motor has a high level of reliability and durability.   Six" with 24 valves and 4.5 litres produced in two basic versions: the injector and carburetor.

Many appreciated replaced the carburetted version, which has a capacity equal to 197 horse power. A fairly low compression  and the absence of a catalyst to enable the use of gasoline 92 series, the fuel can be of any quality – it's a very important moment for motorists who travel frequently to long distances.  However, in this case there is one drawback: the carburetor itself has a rather complicated structure, and each year it is necessary to produce a complete dismantling and cleaning the whole system, that car owners do more than  $200.

Fuel injected engine can develop the power to 205 horsepower. However, this car is a very whimsical, as it requires a qualitative 95 gasoline.  But it should be noted good system of injection and service of a fine of up to 200 000 kilometers.

Gasoline motor type in principle inexpensive in maintenance, but should be prepared for the fact that fuel it will spend quite a lot - 20-25 l/100 km engine is different smoothness and quiet at work, but still requires a regular replacement of oil, candles and filters, and every 100 000 km will need to replace the drive belts.  As noted by the motorists, clean the heat sink and the replacement of antifreeze, worth every 40 000 km, car persist longer.

 Toyota land cruiser 80 petrol unit

The Land Cruiser 80 installed 6-cylinder diesel engine capacity of 4.2 liters, which  could be atmospheric, or with a turbocharger.

Naturally-aspirated diesel for the European market had a capacity of 136 horsepower, but the Russian specification establishes the special fuel unit with the capacity of 130 horsepower calculated on our leaving much to be desired, and diesel fuel.

Turbo develops a power output of up to 167 horsepower and offers excellent dynamic characteristics. The maximum speed of 170 km/h and acceleration up to a hundred achieved 12.3 seconds. 

Toyota land cruiser 80 gasoline is widespread in Russia, as the owners immediately appreciated its reliability, unpretentiousness and diesel fuel our well - "digests”.  Moreover, there are few who would diesel engine switched to the on gasoline.  in Fact determine the status of the diesel engine can be the smell of the exhaust pipe and it is much more convenient - practice shows drive this jeep.  

Land Cruiser, which is a diesel engine, which has the specificity of Russia, equipped with two batteries, spiral mesh incandescent or with candles, all this provides the excellent work of the engine even at low temperatures. Motorists note that in the winter, you must use the  антигелевые additives,  then no problem with the car does not arise.  On the instructions of the same manufacturer, it is necessary for every 20,000 km to change the fuel filter and drain the water out of it as often as possible.  All of these measures will ensure the reliable and continuous operation of  high pressure fuel pump (TNVD).

 Toyota land cruiser 80 diesel generator

Controllability of the car

Over the handling  Land Cruiser 80 manufacturer's worked pretty well. Despite its dimensions and considerable weight, car passed even the most tight turns. At a speed of 120 km/ h on the highway, the car is very confidently holds road. This contributes to  the presence of a clear connection in the steering.  land cruiser is equipped with a powerful booster, however, through the use of driving the front wheels, it becomes practically "transparent". If the car has a top speed of over 100 km/h, I felt jet force steering. 

Due to the fact that the car is equipped with a powerful suspension, can not be afraid during the ride no defects on the road surface.  Even if the machine наедет on some serious potholes, all that would feel the driver and passengers – a small rocking machine.  

Many drivers say that riding at different speeds and in different road conditions, brightly showed that all the technical characteristics of the car were chosen to land cruiser would feel like on a flat road and in off-road conditions.  Drivers are advised to have shock absorbers that can be adjusted. Thus, the suspension can be adjusted to the individual characteristics for a specific type of drive.

 Toyota land cruiser 80 manageability

Cases and prices

Originally a manufacturer of released land cruiser 80 in movement, from the base of the army vehicle, up to a luxury SUV.

Currently motorists have the opportunity to purchase only supported by car. Depending on the year of the price for the car differs. So land cruiser 80 1990-1993 can be purchased for 300 000 – 400 000 rubles,  1993-1996 for 400 000 – 500 000 rubles and the 1996-1998 for 550 000 – 700 000 rubles.

As noted by the owners themselves  such cars, the price is fully justifies the quality. Such a car, even with high mileage, has a high level of quality.  So if you decide to buy a really reliable jeep, which is not afraid of any dirt or off-road, Toyota land cruiser 80 – a great choice!