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Lexus RX 270: what has pleased than upset car owners

The rx-series much said, there are many good opinions about these cars, there are of course some disadvantages. Nevertheless, the models are in demand and, certainly, each motorist knows what it is. Recently concern declared the beginning of sales in our country the next crossover rx, this time equipped with a 2.7-liter engine. To date, the model obtained a specific distribution among domestic drivers, and that allows us to generalize some information about the operation of the Lexus.

 Lexus RX 270

That heard about the engine?

The model is equipped with, as already mentioned, the power unit up 2.7 litres. On the Russian market this engine is offered in a 188-a strong performance and comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. As they say, the owners of such an engine auto behaves very well, however, power is still not enough.

In operation of the motor is relatively tolerant, serious complications with him doesn't happen. Besides all without exception drivers praise him for his excellent work in winter period. But the engine Lexus one drawback, more precisely, one peculiarity: fuel consumption.

According stated by the manufacturer consumption for a hundred kilometers should be 9.8 l in the combined cycle. However, there is a significant difference between the specified indicators and the real picture. Experience has shown that:

However, none of car owners complained of this fact, since the rest of the operation of the engine raises no objections.

 Lexus RX 270 engine

With regard to the gear box, it works well, but, as they say drivers, somewhat sluggish. Switching occurs with a slight reluctance, although the delay is not too long. In addition nuance in the work of automatic transmissions without the drawbacks or, on the contrary, special benefits to motorists do not emit.

Wheel, brakes and other components of behavior on the road

Lexus rx 270 new equipped with only front-wheel drive. For some, it is a disadvantage of the car, the other does not pay attention to it. Experienced drivers, who managed to go on all-wheel drive versions rx, suggests that much of a difference, they do not perceive: car behaves the same dignity as is the case with front-wheel drive, and in the case of wheel complete.

However, those who is planning to use the Lexus in not the most comfortable traffic conditions, or planning to haul trailer, must take into account this feature of the car. Because drag on front-wheel drive all the weight of the car and the trailer is not so easy, and load unwanted.

Separately mark owners operation of the brake system. Shortcomings here, on the contrary, brakes grasp instantly and did not fail even in the most unexpected situations. But many remain dissatisfied with the braking system: too sharply it is triggered.

 Lexus RX 270 front row seat

Allocate should and suspension, which, according to the drivers, too rigid, and therefore deprive the passenger of the car of a certain degree of comfort. Particularly noticeable car moves of the tram tracks and small pits on the roads.

Talk about salon

The interior of Lexus traditionally performed at a high level. Praise drivers and the quality of the upholstery and trim panels with plastic (it cleans easily from pollution, and also don't tend to wear out more quickly). But there are certain disadvantages:

 Lexus RX 270 dashboard

Of course, there are the rich integration, but by the firm conviction of our compatriots difference 500 thousand rubles for the camera, leather, heated seats and memory too repels. Therefore, the most popular is the standard, the minimum package.

Issues of service and value

Since the release of this version of the car started in 2012, the majority owners of the acquired it in showrooms. And here is immediately marked dissatisfaction over the Lexus rx 270: the price of the additional equipment according to the drivers, overstated utterly. For example, some rails will cost 33 thousand rubles. Besides waiting options takes a few days.

Also motorists say that's not very convenient for every 10 thousand kilometers spend any time. But there's nothing you can do.

 Lexus RX 270 Luggage compartment

Summing up, we should say that this Lexus although it has certain disadvantages, but is still true representative of their brand. Therefore, if you decide to buy it, do it with pleasure: the price of the model with a basic configuration is 1,850,000 rubles.