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Lineup crossovers from TagAZ

Briefly about the plant

Taganrog automobile plant (TagAZ) began its existence in 1998, after the reconstruction of the Taganrog комбайнового plant. The new Russia was need of fundamentally new enterprise on the basis of which it would be possible to collect cars of foreign companies. PPG Doninvest Finance &Industry Group has sponsored the refurbishment and two years TagAZ was solemnly opened and running. Currently TagAZ model range is represented by the following brands:

SUVs from TagAZ

In addition to cars and trucks автомобилй Tagansky automobile plant produces  a number of crossovers, very suitable for families on the streets of the metropolis, and for the conquest of rural roads. Just at the plant there are 6 SUV. Let us consider each of them in detail:

A fairly new model of the company.  Crossover has modern, and at the same time, discreet appearance. The car was created for people who are not just sitting around, looking for something new and varied. Machine  spacious with a very large and spacious interior, it can easily accommodate five people, so you  can go in the path of a big family or company. Vortex Tingo features of  for the FWD model and has only one engine type:

Price on a car varies from 560 to 615 thousand rubles. 

 TagAZ Vortex Tingo

Appeared recently, namely in 2012 and is an updated version of the model Vortex Tingo. This model is a modified front part of the body, improved design of the interior, as well as slight modifications in the technical plan. The car has:

The cost of the car, approximately 500-550 thousand rubles.

 TagAZ Tingo FL

This Korean moved to Russia and was, perhaps, one of the most affordable SUV. The machine has a great design. And looks very elegant. Has large and comfortable saloon, steering wheel and seats height adjustable, allowing the driver to comfortably sleep in the car. Different pockets, boxes, coasters generously arranged throughout the interior and in the trunk. The vehicle has two types of engine:

The average price of a car is 750 thousand rubles.

 ТагАЗ Hyundai Santa Fe Classic

The new crossover model of the company. It seems that the car copies the Chinese JAC Rein. Re-decorated front only the lower part of the body, but the copy is still noticeable. Beauty TAGAZ With 190 spacious, in which there is a spirit of the last century. This car is more suitable for those who have already outgrown the domestic auto industry, but until  is willing to pay large sums for the production of the Korean, and especially the Japanese brands. The vehicle has a single engine:

The cost of this crossover is 710 thousand rubles.

 TagAZ C190

This  frame SUV with four-wheel drive, and a powerful engine from Mercedes   components of Korea. He will be a good alternative to any jeep. A spacious and beautiful  living room with armchairs made "under the skin". A large mirrors, high Seating of the car and wide windshield - will provide the driver perfect visibility. The machine is quite simple in design, and at the same time being very reliable and easy to manage. Types of motors:

The maximum price for this car - 675 thousand rubles.

 TagAZ Road Partner

Overall very powerful model, which started to be issued in 2008. The basis of this SUV was taken a similar model Korando Korean SsangYong car factory. We can say that the car in half of comfort and off-road talents. Design remains controversial. To some it seems beautiful, and someone reminds awesome military vehicle. Beauty is acceptable, and as such raises no objections. SUV can be as 3-хдверным and 5-тидверным and it is offered with the following types of engines:

The price is 730 thousand roubles.

 TagAZ Tager


Undoubtedly, SUVs Taganrog automobile plant (TagAZ) have great popularity among consumers. Their characteristics are quite match their price. Owners of these cars very well about them speak and do not plan to change to other brands.  And the people are just going to buy a SUV, expect the plant novelties, which will address the deficiencies of previous models, and added something new. Indeed, crossovers of this trademark are a small price, in contrast to similar models of other companies. Some buyers it scares. Allegedly, it means that the machine will not last long and will not work. However, those who are still hesitant to buy a car TagAZ very quickly convinced of the opposite.