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Mazda CX-7 five - year operating experience on Russian roads

The history of the creation model

For the first time the General public saw the new brainchild of concern Mazda in 2006 at the exhibition in Los Angeles. The premiere place was not chosen by chance – it was planned that the North American continent will be the main market for this model. However, the Mazda CX 7 interested and potential European dealers. So a little later, the car showed up at the Paris motor show.

CX-7 is based on the concept of the MX-Crossport taking into account the proven technical solutions (from Mazda 6 MPS – all-wheel drive transmission and a 2.3 liter turbocharged gasoline engine; Mazda 3 – upgraded rear suspension).

 Mazda CX-7 2006

In 2007 CX-7 launched serial production of: separately for European and American markets. Outwardly, they were easily distinguishable: the European version has been redesigned bumpers with fog lights and side turn signals in the side mirrors. In addition, overseas version was equipped with deforsirovannym to 238 HP 2.3 liter gasoline engine coupled with the 6-speed "machine". While "European" was on Board the same engine with a full 260 "horses" and a 6-speed mechanics.

In February 2009, in Toronto, Canada the presentation of the updated CX-7, and in a month at the Geneva auto show was held and its European premiere.

 Mazda CX 7 new generation

Main features

Mid-size crossover Mazda CX 7 is a great example of design solutions. Large lower air intake, grille, blending smoothly into the hood, windshield with a slope 66° and tapering at the rear side Windows visually give the CX-7 view of the rapid car.

After restyling the car was updated grille in the shape of a Pentagon, new fog lights with beveled edges and a modified rear lighting equipment.

 Appearance Mazda CX 7

Internal trim Mazda CX-7 made in sporty style. The gear lever and the multifunction steering wheel is covered with leather. Devices on the front panel are in deep wells with a strongly projecting canopies. Itself the front panel as if divided into two functional zones: on the bottom – directly dashboard and round vent dampers; on top – the trip computer display. Front seats share a high Central tunnel. Plastic used in finishing, hard, but not squeaky.

Storage is provided by: the glove compartment is 5.4 l between the front seats, lockable key glove box, pockets in the front doors and compartments for magazines on the back of the front seats. Trunk volume CX-7 – 455 HP Folded back row of seats will increase to 1350 HP

 The interior Mazda CX-7

After 2009, the car was updated dashboard, 4.1-inch LCD display, Bluetooth and the driver's seat with memory for three positions.

Inherited from the Mazda 6 MPS the new crossover has received a 2.3 liter gasoline engine MSR2.3 DISI Turbo (Direct Injection Spark Ignition), equipped with direct-injection, turbine and intercooler. Coupled with a manual transmission motor gave out a standard 260 "horses". And in versions with 6-speed "automatic" Active matic engine power reduced to 238 HP Note that both versions of the engine could not boast of efficiency – according to the passport data consumption was 11-11,5 liters in the combined cycle. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h was achieved for 8.3 seconds.

 Mazda CX 7 - rear view

On postrestaylingovoy cars can be found naturally-aspirated petrol 2.5 l engine (161 HP, direct injection, 5-speed automatic transmission, acceleration – 10,3 seconds, average consumption – 9.4 l, modification with front-wheel drive transmission for the American market) and 2.2 l turbodiesel unit MZR-CD (170 HP, 6-speed manual gearbox, acceleration – 11,3 sec, average consumption – 7.5 l, modification for the European market). The latter is additionally equipped with a purification system of exhaust gases SCR.

Off-road quality CX-7 should not be evaluated too strictly. As any crossover, this car is only for light off-road, where he feels confident with adaptive all-wheel drive and solid ground clearance of 205 mm (208 mm after 2009).

 Mazda CX-7 - specifications

The complex of active safety, the shape of the ABS system (abs), EBD (brake force distribution), DCS (control stability control), TSC (traction control), EBA (emergency brake assist) and cruise control. Passive safety are six airbags and safety belts with retractors.

In addition to full strength systems of active and passive safety, vehicle basic configuration Touring equipped with climate control, electric front seats, remote audio controls on steering wheel and adjustable steering. And buyers picking Sport in addition to the get the rain sensor, trim leather, xenon headlights with autocorrection and Keyless Entry access to the interior without a key).

 Picking and prices for Mazda CX 7

Rates on new car model start from $44 thousand

The experience of driving on Russian roads

Among the indisputable advantages of the practical car owners are noted:

 Bright individualism exterior Mazda CX 7

As with any vehicle, the CX-7 has its faults detected during long-term operation. Summarizing numerous reviews, we can identify the following weaknesses:

 Crossover Mazda CX 7

Despite the short production period, charismatic and recognizable CX-7 will go down in automotive history as a successful combination of sporting character, off-road qualities, design, comfort and safety.