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Mazda CX-9 - overview of the perfect universal crossover

History model

The first model Mazda CX 9 was created by the Ford Foundation CD3B, which also built cars like the Mazda 6, Ford edge and Fusion. Also was borrowed and six-cylinder 3.5-liter engine from Ford, which was later replaced by a 3.7 liter.

2006. Start of serial production. The car felt solid and was well equipped with various safety systems and additional options.

 Mazda CX-9, 2006

2008. There is a new engine.

2010. Design was changed to a more athletic. The changes are mostly in the front bumper. The salon was decorated better, which affected the image of the car. As in the basic package included 3-zone climate control.

 Mazda CX-9 2010

2013. Again changed the entire optics, as well as the bumper and grille. Due to this, the car began to look more stylish and sporty. The quality of the interior finish once again increased and improved basic package.

Main features

The design of the car is very stylish, which is in harmony with the sports style. The grille has a chrome trim that resembles a brand Mostovskoy Seagull. And the front optics completes the picture, creating a sense of dynamism and speed.

 Grille Mazda SH

Wheel arches, sills, and both bumpers have a plastic lining, which should not only diversify the appearance of the car, but also to protect the body from damage and corrosion. The trunk has a fairly low threshold, which will be very useful for transportation of oversized cargo. The glazing area, and the size of the side mirrors are quite large, which has been party to a good review. The rear door is equipped with a wiper, which is very useful in rain, snow, or rescued from the dust when riding over rough terrain.

 Appearance Mazda SH

For upholstery use high quality leather, however in the door inserts can be used as a fabric and good leather. The company has also taken care of as plastic, which is complemented with silver and Burgundy decorative panels. Both rear rows of seats fold that expands the size of the trunk just to epic proportions. The Central console is busy with climate control and multimedia system, which also controls and buttons from the steering wheel. It is possible to make calls on the speakerphone.

 Beauty Mazda CX 9

The engine in this model, only one – this is a six-cylinder petrol unit to 3.7 liters, which is able to issue 277 HP and 367 Nm of torque. These figures provide car excellent acceleration and fuel consumption remains within reasonable limits, although the rate at 15.4 liters in the city can be considered overrated. Transmission automatic 6-speed. It allows the engine to show itself fully.

 Crossover Mazda SH

There are also modern stabilization system: the proven traction control, antilock, against overturning, rear view camera. All this provides security and helps with the management of TC. Its share makes four-wheel drive, which is indispensable in bad weather.

There is also a set of airbags, which consists of a pair of front and blinds.

Equipment offered by all dealers in Russia, in fact, only one, however, there are two options for interior design. Both options include all of the above features, except it ’s additional view.  So what can you choose? And you can choose to decorate whether the seats are black leather, and decorative items – cloth or completely beige leather. The door panel in the first embodiment will be finished cloth, and the second quality leather. However, whatever you choose, Mazda CX 9 will cost 1 919 000 rubles.

 Mazda CX 9

Additional options:

 Picking and prices Mazda SH

Owner reviews

The first thing that catches the eye when viewing the reviews, this is a complete lack of unsatisfied customers. Perhaps minor bugs and found, but most are purely individual.


 The interior of the Mazda CX 9

 The operating experience Mazda CX 9