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Mazda pickup

 Calm confident SUV

Have you ever tried to translate several tons of cargo on the road? This can be done using a bulldozer, grader or other heavy equipment specially intended for it.

First of all about the technical characteristics

Ground clearance - 24 see

Type: 4-door pickup, frame body

Engine: 143 PS

Dimensions:  length 5 075 mm, width 1 805 mm, height of 1 755 mm

Wheelbase 3 000 mm

Ground clearance 240 mm

The full weight of 3 030 kg

Curb weight 1 855 kg

Mazda BT-50 pickup truck, unlike the previous generation, has a new engine, which is a major advantage, but also the underlined part. It was developed specifically for the new line of this model cars and replaces the old and morally obsolete турбодизельному motor, which had a capacity of only 109 horsepower. Now, if the new truck passengers will be occupied all the free seats and will want to ride, Mazda pickup, will rapidly and steadily gained its speed.

 And what we have inside?


This engine has a pretty good traction torque indicator has 330 nm, and may already be attainable at 1800 rpm.

But in reality everything is a little different: 

mazda accelerates smoothly and as such "reception" does not affect you, like most traction. Improve the transfer of accounts, when the arrow tachometer reach 4,000 rpm.

But for our «Russian roads", as well as for other murdered country trails, this engine is quite perfect.

This ideal complement other important elements of the new truck, such as the torsion bar front suspension and rear leaf spring suspension. This harmonious combination may indicate that the carrying capacity significantly exceeds the comfort of the pickup.

 and now, ride

Suspension of this car is very elastic and power-hungry. When driving on uneven coverage, she chews his all these irregularities, leaving them. Unfortunately, the whole course of the shock absorbers is not enough to have a body was optimum stability: on mid-sized holes and wheel fail, what passengers can cause discomfort.

 high cross-country ability in бездорожию


Control the pickup is not difficult, but it is more pleasant to steer still in some other mazda.

Brakes work only sneaker in the floor, and to be able to properly them to maneuver and to reduce speed, you need to have a certain skill, and it will take some time to get used to all this.

This SUV has the connecting system of a full drive. But it is still better to ride in the back bridge, because its design includes a special limited-slip differential, whose main task is to a situation, when a machine is stuck rear wheels, they were spinning slower, it will be faster to get out and go on.

 another handle changes drive a car

If desired, a bridge can be connected manually – to do this, stop motion, and switch lever transfer case with provisions of the "2H" in the position of «4H" and then you can go "on all 4 wheels».

By the way if you don't want and you need to connect the front wheels straight on speed, then do the following: during the next stop, where you control will be in position "2H", click to the left of the steering button "RFW». In this case, the front axis will continue to communicate with the drive shafts, and this means that you can now include a full drive is already in motion.

 To roll back all these changes in the system of a full drive, you need to stay again, make sure that the handle is in the position of  the 2H" again press the same button "RFW" continue  - mode rear-wheel drive car, thereby Mazda new pickup will save you a few liters of diesel fuel.

Now, about the beauty

How can you not evaluate the work of the manufacturer on a new salon Mazda BT-50. Basically it is intended for work and transportation of various cargoes, but a new beauty "series B" is very good and every thing contained in it, can't please your eyes. Here, for example remote climate control and audio-CD-player differ from all pleasant silvery plastic finish. Not very noticeable, but the cabin has increased.

 new interior pleases an eye


Sit still better to come because the person sitting behind if driving on the pits can toss up much stronger. Though, thanks to the rear couch be back was much more comfortable than before.

Still it is difficult – it get inside the car, due to the fact that the pickup doorways are very narrow.

Incidentally, the Japanese argue that in order to develop this pick-up, which could be used on roads and in such conditions we have, Japanese engineers and marketers had to fly to Russia.

They had to meet with Russian owners of the car, and to interview them, which contained one of the questions, such as, "What did you like?", "That was not pleasant to you in this truck?". We can safely say that the Japanese did a great job on improving the characteristics of this model: increased capacity of the motor - now she is 143 PS, special interior, improved design, and also preservation of the existing advantages.

A little about the cost and feedback

Unlike other cars, Mazda BT-50 allows you to move it in any convenient direction without troubles him not even catch up some crossovers. But in spite of this, this pickup will not be fit in the role of a car for the family, because it needs not quite match the example above narrow doorway. Low import duties on cars allow you to purchase this tool movement so that the price of a brand new pickup from Mazda will be less than in the same crossover or SUV is just 759 thousand rubles.

There are plenty of online sites where you can find reviews about this truck. Most of them have a positive evaluation. Praising the owners мазду the fact that the car is really good, even in spite of some shortcomings.

On all issues related to Mazda BT-50, as well as for the cost of the SUV, you can contact the call center at: