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Mercedes Gelandewagen: features, technical characteristics of the car

Mercedes Gelandewagen - optimal vehicle for traveling on different roads, is aimed at the fans of extreme driving. Has 5 G 5 a long history. Due to this for a long period of time the most inveterate motorists actively used Mercedes Benz G class for maximum effect of driving pleasure and a consistently high level of comfort. In 2013 Mercedes G got a new breath due to the release of the commercial version of the vehicle.

 Mercedes G: exterior

Completed modification of Mercedes Gelandewagen G 500 unique technical characteristics engine producing 544 HP this provides a torque in the range of 760 Nm, plus comes with a G automatic transmission with seven speed.

Tribute to the traditions of

Considering the Mercedes Benz G photo, we can note an interesting feature. Starting in fact from the very first modifications, Mercedes G class hardly changed its appearance. Despite this, the modern Mercedes G price differs from the older models. Besides, it is worth noting, Mercedes Benz Ge is the most expensive of all models of a car manufacturer. Rightly Mercedes G 500 is one of the leaders in its class.

 Mercedes G: photo in the showroom

Today it is no exaggeration to note that Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen - price, great - won at auto shows a lot of different awards and titles. However, no matter what, Mercedes Benz Gaelic has undergone restyling, what happened in 2012. It is for this reason can buy a Mercedes Benz G as connoisseurs of modern style and classical fans. Visually, Mercedes Gelandewagen Amg received a new instrument panel, parts of the interior. One of the latest models - Mercedes g65 Amg Gelandewagen, received a new Central panel, which only adds a unique touch of style to the already impeccable design.

By the way, an original solution that provides a Mercedes Gelandewagen price, is the automatic gearbox. All this has allowed Mercedes G buy different potential customers in more than 44 countries around the world. More than thirty years of Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen Amg pleases his unique style and special characteristics. And even the Mercedes Benz G price is not an obstacle to such acquisition.

 Photo of the driver

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A little about convenience

It is important to note, the car Mercedes G equipped with a very comfortable cabin, which can easily fit the whole family. In particular, it can be noted, the Mercedes G class is characterized by a production specifically for the most demanding customers, for this reason only a few companies are focusing on creating original tuning for these models. Thanks to its exceptional performance 2014 Mercedes Gelandewagen occupies one of leading positions in the series of vehicles for consumers with high incomes.

Specially designed for this purpose, the G club, which includes only owners of vehicles of this brand wanting the most comfortable feel in the most demanding conditions. It is worth noting that there is a special division of the company which performs various tuning for vehicles, including Mercedes Benz, the G - car owners wish to acquire a high level of comfort with minimum investment of funds.

 Photo salon Mercedes G

The history of the car and rally

It should be noted, Mercedes Benz G class has and rally history that originates in the rally Paris-Dakar. For the first time at the start of the vehicle was released in 1982, while among the racers was made by four of the crew. However, the positive effect of the team Mercedes G not achieved. However, in 1983, Mercedes G class Gelandewagen put on the rally Paris-Dakar three of the crew, who were winners in their class. Success was achieved with the participation of Jacqui X and Claude Brasseur, when managing your Mercedes Benz G class has managed to achieve spectacular results. It is worth noting, Mercedes G interior in various embodiments represented in several modifications of the vehicle, which somehow will help to choose each driver an optimal configuration, is capable of showing a high effect and comfort when travelling.

 The Oh - legendary German brand auto

This applies to various modifications Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen 2013, which had long occupied the top position in the market. It is important to note, the vehicle Mercedes Benz G 2013 is equipped with excellent equipment, to achieve the desired result and to get a reliable means of transportation. The configuration of the car Mercedes Benz G varies depending on the year of release, and a number of other features - they should pay attention with the direct purchase. Cars game almost everyday is the most famous German brand development.