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Mercedes gl 500 SUV luxury

Mercedes-Benz GL - great status car with an unsurpassed level of reliability and comfort. Mercedes gl 500 is almost perfect car with perfect settings, which can be a great helper on any roads.

 Mercedes gl 500 in the showroom

The German SUV Mercedes GL - class SUV cars, different impressive size and excellent technical characteristics. In the car market of Russia is available 4 version of the GL class: 350, 400, 500, 63 AMG. They are United only by a common design, for the rest, each has its own peculiarities. This car is hard to call a full-fledged SUV, there will be found a lot of people who buy this magnificent car for use on the roads. Rather, it Executive SUV image to demonstrate social status and a truly comfortable ride. After all, Mercedes gl 500 – it is a transport, any technique capable to give odds in matters of image and breed.

It is difficult to find a more well-known and respected in the world of cars than Mercedes. C the moment when the new Mercedes gl 500 appeared on the market, it caused a furor among the Executive class. Thus, we consider changes in the new 2014 Mercedes c point restyling, and that he is ready to offer people who want to buy Mercedes gl 500.

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The updated SUV is truly the perfect visual characteristics. Exclusivity and emphasize the power of the original parts of the car. Quiet smooth body lines and expressive elements give the SUV swiftness. In General, it is elegant, stylish and extremely respectable car that is immediately noticeable even in the photo Mercedes gl 500.

The new version of jeep Mercedes gl compared with the previous model a few "grown up". His length was a solid 5120 mm, width of 2141 mm, height of the car is $ 1849 mm. remains the wheelbase – 3073 mm.

You can also mention the new design features in the design of the front bumper with integrated air intakes and tail led lights. The restyling has been also the back lighting and the fifth door of the car. Visually increased headroom due to the grille and side punch.

 Mercedes gl 500


In the salon 2014 Mercedes gl 500 harmoniously combined the highest level of comfort and practicality. Seven seats will be able to get your whole family or group of friends - plenty of space. Every detail in the interior fitted with a jeweler's precision. The dashboard is ergonomic and comfortable, and the driver's seat to easily reach any desired item.

 Salon gl 500

Since Mercedes Benz GL 500 - luxury SUV, the cabin has all the necessary functions, as well as technological innovations. Large screen on-Board computer perfectly manifests himself as a Navigator or a full-fledged multimedia center. Convenient adjustment of the steering wheel and seats easy to adjust the driver's seat under himself with any complexion.

In addition to the comfortable seats, the passengers have a lot of other additional options needed for a comfortable ride, and the materials of furnish of salon, of course, are true German quality.

When unfolded seats Luggage capacity is quite small, however if you fold the rear ranks, it increases to an impressive 2300 litres.

 Interior trim Mercedes GL 500


The engine range, which formed the basis of the configuration of the GL class, has been upgraded. As a result, were optimized some technical features, increased power and reduced fuel costs.

Basic GL 350 is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine which volume is 3 liters, with a capacity of 240 horsepower. The car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds.

 Mercedes GL 500: luxury SUV

Version Mercedes GL 450 aggregates a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine twin-turbo with a volume of 4.6 liter capacity 362 HP the Run to 100 km/h this engine delivers in just 6.3 sec.

The top version of Mercedes benz gl 500 is equipped with a 429-horsepower V8 engine of 5.5 l twin-turbocharged. This is a real monster that accelerates to "hundreds" in 5.6 sec.

 Gl 500 underlines the high status of the owner

In the list of technical equipment updated GL includes air suspension, ensuring maximum comfort for the driver and passengers, Electromechanical power steering and many kinds of security systems.

All engines operate in tandem with the excellent seven-speed boxes-machines, creating a stunning comfort for the driver. There are no new developments, however, the technical characteristics will not yield any latest technology from other manufacturers.

Price Mercedes gl 500

For sale in the Russian market Mercedes Benz gl 500 became available in late 2012. Then the only version that could be purchased, were GL 500 in the maximum configuration of 5 200 000.

Later there appeared an opportunity to order a modification of diesel 3-liter engine capacity of 258 HP Cost Mercedes gl this version is 3 470 000. In February 2013, the Russian dealer centers also offer Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG, the price of which reaches 6 800 000.

 Mercedes gl 500 - consistent quality and chic

Of course, the price of Mercedes YF 500 ensures that you get the car equipped with the latest technology and surprising versatility.

Range of standard equipment, which is equipped with the base, the budget model is underwhelming. There is:

So, what can you say about new luxury SUV Mercedes benz gl500? The car has a number of advantages:

In General, we can conclude that in this class it is difficult to find a more worthy representative, and the price Mercedes gl 500 is justified. So if your funds allow you, and you want to buy Mercedes GL 500 - don't hesitate.