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Mercedes ML 2015: a detailed review, specifications

Mercedes ML continues the story of Mercedes Benz M-class, which began back in 1997 in the USA. The production of cars reflect fashionable at that time, trend – just three cars in one: station wagon, SUV and minivan. This car is not expensive to drive every day to work, easy to load once a week shopping at the supermarket, to go with the family on nature. And cause the envy of your neighbors prestigious brand Mercedes.

 Mercedes ML 2015 in the showroom.

During the period of release of the M-class has passed through three modifications: 1997 - 2005 - W163, 2005 - 2006 W164, 2011 - present - W166. Major trends in constructive changes are:

From the point of view of the combination of power and economy for the bodies of Mercedes M-class proved optimal motors in three liters of volume, which is confirmed by equipment engines (gasoline and diesel)  popular models, such as Mercedes ML 350.

 Mercedes ML 350: appearance

Mercedes ML occupies a niche between the legendary Gelendwagen and very popular S-Klasse. Impressive modern crossover with a high level of comfort and great performance loved by many. The car is reliable, undemanding, reputable and reasonably affordable.

An article about the features and operation of Mercedes Gelandewagen you can read in this review. And a range of SUVs and crossovers Mercedes-Benz listed here.


The new model is immediately visible design changes. Updated led head optics. The appearance was generally more aggressive than the previous version. Athletic massive front bumper slightly anteriorly, and its Central part is decorated with two large slots, protected shallow gratings. Also we see a new grille, slightly deflated on the bumper, making the car began to look more impressive. On the sides the model in all its length appeared longitudinal ribs, visually highlighting the glass doors. Rear view mirrors also completely redone and equipped with a repeater of turns.

 Mercedes ML 2015: invariably stylish and elegant the appearance of the car


In the car's interior felt comfort: it features high quality upholstery and fine ergonomics. Technology is also at the level of: an updated multimedia system Comand; climate control; fully updated steering wheel, in which four spokes were replaced with three more massive; the casing of skin became thicker; heated seats, and rear passengers there is a separate heated. For maximum comfort of the driver mandatory equipment from which you want to highlight: improved interface onboard computer; Parking sensors; two positions for adjusting the rudder; every single mirrors are auto-dimming.

Noteworthy in the cabin of the updated high quality upholstery in a rich palette of colors. The seats, upholstered in leather, combined with superb quality upholstery create for the passengers and driver maximum comfort. Although the car belongs to the class of SUVs, the seats in the cabin are very comfortable and remind seat sports cars. Also in the decoration panel has elements of precious wood.

 Mercedes ML: interior

Roomy trunk, which amounts to 690 litres, or, with the seats folded - 2010 - in conjunction with a large cabin made a ML is really a family car. The manufacturer not just talking about the desire to reduce weight to improve aerodynamic abilities. They succeeded by donations 57 mm high, but the car should increase speed and quality.


Mercedes ML 2015 has a very impressive technical specifications, which will not leave even very demanding customers indifferent.

As the base engine will be installed BlueTec diesel with a volume of 2 liter or V6 with 3.5 liters of volume, which by default can be bought in rear-wheel drive version. The rest of the model initially will have four-wheel drive, equipped with the 4 Matic system. Among interesting power plants it should be noted petrol engine capacity of 3 liters with two turbines. The motor is rated at 331 horsepower and is equipped with a seven-speed automatic with manual shift. The new ML will not sit by and AMG, offering buyers a branded V8 supplying capacity of 520 horsepower.

 Mercedes ML: a worthy continuation of the model range of Mercedes.

There is a hybrid model with electric engine, which got the console HYBRID. The cost will commence no less than 5 million rubles. In tandem with the electric motor will operate six-cylinder petrol installation at 306 horsepower.

Competitors of ML are such famous cars as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S equipped with a 550 horsepower engine and the BMW X5 M50d with three turbochargers. Among cars of this level of absolute leaders simply do not. Each one is better according to some parameters, but inferior in others. For example, the Cayenne Turbo S leads for the price (almost 175 000$) and power, but at the maximum speed he is not the first. For this indicator, BMW X5 M50d, accelerate to 311 km/h , has a large gap (281 km/h and 213 km/h) from  its two competitors. The same combination of attractive prices with service leadership still belongs updated Mercedes ML 2015.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The undeniable advantages of this model include:

The drawbacks are:

The sales of the updated models of Mercedes Benz ML is scheduled for mid-or late 2015. It is hoped that the price of the car will remain at the level of the latest news with the currency, but the chances are slim. Most likely, the entire range of the manufacturer will rise by about one million rubles. Starting equipment in Russia was sold for 3 million Fans of the German brand looked forward to the appearance of new items.