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Midsize SUVs

What are the advantages of mid-size SUVs?

Midsize SUVs are trucks that can accommodate 5-7 people and having engine capacity of 2.5-3.5 liters. They allow their owners to live an active lifestyle, making travel around the city and having the opportunity to storm easy off-road.


Best SUVs medium size

Due to the above qualities is popular now becoming midsize crossover - rating those we discuss in our article.

The selection of cars today is quite large, but some become more popular due to its qualities that make them more convenient and reliable. Best in class mid-size crossover can be safely allocate Volkswagen Touareg. This car is one of the most fuel efficient in its class. It is perfectly road overcomes difficulties, including the slopes, that is, it may be appropriate for extreme travel. The electronic control system, the possibility of adjustment of the steering column, mirrors, seats make Volkswagen Touareg is very comfortable. The car is available in different versions with petrol and diesel engines of various capacities.

 Volkswagen Touareg

 The Volkswagen Touareg SUV

Toyota Highlander - the seven-seat crossover SUV, which is called the family. He is quite powerful, and the ratings are among the most reliable. Version 2.7 liters engine are available with front-wheel drive, a more powerful are performed as in front-wheel and four-wheel drive variants. The latest model in the basic configuration is equipped with 8 airbags and adaptive cruise control. The car has a high controllability, which is achieved by driver assistance systems.

 Toyota Highlander

 The Toyota Highlander SUV

Constant popularity of the Jeep Cherokee. Now in Russia there are three versions with two engine choices (3.0 and 3.6 liters). Despite the power of this typical male car it is quite economical and has a reasonable price. Drive in different versions or full back, the engine may be a gasoline or diesel.

 Jeep Cherokee

 Jeep Cherokee SUV

Budget midsize SUVs

Among the budget models of note include the midsize crossovers Chinese and Korean as Great Wall Hover and Ssang Yong Kyron. Them and will consider in more detail below.

Chinese Great Wall Hover - spacious car with high quality finished interior, has a commendable dynamics and excellent driving performance. Available in two versions: with all-wheel drive or on one axis or two, as well as diesel or gasoline engine.

 Great Wall Hover

Ssang Yong Kyron Korean car, which is already available in our country in the far East. It is the ratio of price and quality is considered optimal. Up to one million roubles it is possible to buy a car with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive plug. The motor can be petrol or diesel.

 Ssang Yong Kyron

So, why should you give preference to mid-size SUV or crossover? To answer this question in three words: comfort, practicality, reliability. Arrange them as the significance of each can. In Russia such machine is the best choice, because even in the city on a good road are rarely ideal conditions. And, of course, a sense of comfort during the ride, reliability and relatively small sizes of machines of this class attracted the attention of a growing number of motorists.