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Mitsubishi asx: review owners create a representation of a compact crossover without secrets

About Mitsubishi ASX owner reviews for those who are still planning to get the ownership of such a car, allow you to learn a lot. From the General information reports it is already known that the car was developed at a rapid pace, and because the basis used was already a favorite project, called Outlander. You should pay attention to is the rather small petrol engine 1.6, which ASX has a very simple configuration. This information can play a decisive role when comparing the Japanese crossover with other cars of similar parameters. Also worth mentioning that it is equipped mechanics. Although for owners of horse-drawn engine 1.8 or 2.0, there is a choice of models with the machine.

 Owner reviews of Mitsubishi SUVs 2013 help to find out the truth about her work on Russian roads in any weather

Among the features of the car is the owner reviews of Mitsubishi SUVs 2013 show with the approval of the alleged Creator of the spacious salon features. In the figures be the judge of that by looking wheelbase is 2670 mm. Only by reducing the rear overhang the size of a car became less. But to Express the individuality of the car SUVs gave their own design, one element of which was a brand-new color «kawasemi".

In the cabin ASX

The interior design is similar with Lancer X. But owner reviews on Mitsubishi ASX 2013 note that in the review model, the quality of finishing materials is much higher. So, on the front panel is made of soft plastic. Also the display of the instrument panel, decorated with different color schemes, interesting stands out along with a monochrome console.

 The owners of SUVs as noted disadvantages and advantages of the salon

To make fit the driver of any height and physique comfortable possible thanks to the adjustment of the steering column in height and reach. In high-end versions passengers will appreciate a transparent roof for a panoramic view when traveling. And thanks to special lighting, and the cabin becomes a magic interesting. Comfortable perhaps with the armrests. Here there is a space for personal belongings or a small bag (purse, clutch).

Or, if you need to carry something, then the scheme of back row seats 2+1 will solve the issue of increasing the trunk. For the location of cabin baggage you can use the space under each of the front seats.

I advise you to compare Mitsubishi SUVs SUV with great options, clicking on this link. But if you look after the car for distant trips big Selma, we note the seven options presented in this article.

About the car

Control over what traffic is driven by the volumetric side mirrors, rear sensors for Parking and reversing. And the availability of compact size cars alongside the aforementioned devices facilitates Parking the car in Parking lots, yards and other urban places of a congestion of cars.

 Many owners are satisfied with the results of the operation of the optics

Well-designed optics of this car. Consumer reviews about the car Mitsubishi SUVs show how useful a pair of xenon lamps, especially on unlit stretches of road. Due to their presence, managed to avoid hitting the pedestrian.

But the main thing is that the reviews of car owners Mitsubishi SUVs 1,6 narrate how they felt on his stallion.


The chassis has the same device as the platform, but the softness, the smoothness over bumps and voids puts the review model is much higher compared to hard Outlander. The abundance of holes and bumps, characteristic of the Russian roads, in no way will affect the ride comfort. Also not darken user and overcoming the "speed bump", located on the way to work. The main thing that he was overcome at not too high a speed.

When this list of advantages with a drop of tar becomes weak index of noise insulation of the cabin. Who likes to hear the sound of the working motor, it will be fun. When driving at high speed, the hum of wheels will not cause discomfort to the occupants of the car. In city mode, nothing will stop to listen to the radio or your favorite music while traveling.

 Among the shortcomings noted by the owners inclination cars cornering at high speed

Good responsiveness of the brake system and the steering wheel is also included in the reviews about the car Mitsubishi SUVs as positive characteristics. Thus, acceleration in a straight line to the runway to taxi is not necessary, but with near-zero zone, care must be exercised. If you enter a turn at high speed, the vehicle body tends to tilt to the side. To avoid tipping, you should slow down.

In complex situations, the vehicle does not lose stability on the road. Automatic connection of the rear wheel in the front is a great way out of a difficult situation, if one of the wheels there is no road. So for owners of cars SUVs solving problems with slipping in the winter period will be translated at the highest level.

So imagine the owners of auto Mitsubishi ASX. This picture is enough to make your own impression of purchasing a new steel one for everyday use. But the flow rate it slightly higher than I would like. So it pays to be prepared for the fact that over 100 would have to pour into the tank of about 10 litres of fuel.