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Mitsubishi Outlander: the owner reviews the experience of actual operation

Mitsubishi Outlander — owner reviews about this crossover often found on automotive forums of the Runet, seem rather contradictory. This is easily explained by the fact that producers usually release several different levels of technical equipment specifications of the same model. Price luxury configuration can greatly exceed the price of the underlying (sometimes the difference in cost reaches 50–70%). And these variations in picking seriously affect the technical specifications and General design of the car. Hence the contradictions in the estimates. Therefore, when forming the list of advantages/disadvantages of any model is to always specify the basic parameters of a specific configuration, for which the given rating: amount of engine, type of transmission and the actuator, the level of finish, etc.

Exterior: exterior features

 The exterior of the Outlander typical crossovers

Judging by the small number of references to external data crossover to owner reviews, this model is not particularly concerned about drivers when choosing the Mitsubishi Outlander. The exterior of the car is completely neutral: no negative feedback nor enthusiastic epithets.

Salon: assessment of quality finishes, the convenience of the driver and passengers

 Salon different advantages

This part of the car is always exposed to the most profound study and analysis. The number of reviews only confirms this thesis.


 Quality upholstery many owners are pleasantly pleased

 The boot on this model is made with high quality and practical


 Many owners are not satisfied with the hand brake lever

Engines: power, torque, efficiency

 The engines on Mitsubishi Outlander come with different volume


Transmission and suspension

When talking about these elements of the car, then it is owners are worried about the settings of the steering, chassis transmission, reliability brake system.


 With the Mitsubishi Outlander can not be afraid of sudden obstacles on the road


 On the roads you can hear extraneous sounds from the car

The overall impression


 In operation Mitsubishi Outlander shows itself as a reliable crossover


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Owner reviews for Mitsubishi Outlander 2013 allow you to create a clear conclusion about this crossover, as powerful, reliable, unpretentious and quite comfortable car.