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Models & prices Ford Kuga 2013

Brief description of the car

Ford Kuga – is a compact crossover with a stylish and sporty design, but its main feature is e-filling, thanks to what he considered the most intelligent crossover Ford. The new Ford Kuga 2013 price  as you will see further rises depending on the configuration.

 From corrosion and accidental chips auto protect plastic lining.

Externally, the car turned out pretty cute, though, and reminds traits Focus, on the basis of which actually built. Sills, arches and bumpers have a plastic lining that will help to keep the body from accidental chipping due to stones, as well as from corrosion. The large windshield and big side mirrors provide the driver a simply lovely review.

The salon is pretty athletic and emphasizes the dynamism of the car. In more expensive models, you can choose leather upholstery, as well as recessed in the dashboard navigation system. The steering wheel has buttons the media control, which is quite convenient while driving. The rest of the cabin was quite comfortable and spacious.

 Sporty and comfortable style characterize the interior of this car.

Why the car is so smart? It's pretty simple:

In the car a huge number of security systems: stabilization, anti-lock, intelligent all-wheel drive, information about vehicles in the blind zones and such. The entire set can protect the driver from mistakes and most emergency situations. 

Choose from a selection of powertrains as diesel fuel and regular gasoline. While much attention is paid to efficiency, though the engine power is quite high. Gearbox automatic, but uses a double clutch and electronics that provides a soft, but quick switching without loss of capacity. according To the owners of the engines really consume less, relative to competitors, but also have excellent dynamics.

 Ford Kuga 2013 has two powerful engines: gasoline and diesel fuel.

Specification and prices for Ford Kuga 2013

Complete sets of all four. Let us consider what is proposed in each of them.

 Trunk Ford Kuga 2013 extended by folding the rear seats.

Basic equipment, which has only front-wheel drive, 6 speed gearbox, gasoline engine with 150 HP steel Wheels 17-inch and have a simple decorative caps. Power Windows front and rear, and a rear defroster. Side mirrors are heated and regulated from the drive. There are fog lights. Is set to simple conditioning, and standard trip computer. The steering has electric power, and the engine is started from the button. The trunk floor is adjustable, and the office itself has a socket and the spare tire in the form dokatki. The rear seats fold flat, expanding cargo compartment, and all are upholstered. 

Auxiliary systems: ABS, EBD, ESP, EBA, ELA. Set simple audio system with monochrome display. There is a refueling system without cover. There are front and side airbags, and side curtains for both rows. Price 1 350 000 including taxes. When buying additional options on the  Ford Kuga 2013 price  will rise to 40 000, but will be Postanovlenie heated front seats and windshield, as well as nozzles, alarm system and dual-zone climate.

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You can select four-wheel drive version with a diesel unit or a choice of 150-strong petrol engine with full or front-wheel drive and manual transmission or automatic transmission. The spoke wheels have a cast. Rear window tinted. On the roof is added rails. Climate dual-zone immediately. The driver has a waist end, and rear passengers will blow the air ducts from the front panel. Heated seats. Installed alarm system and double lock doors.

Only four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. Presents all engine range: petrol 150 and 182 HP and diesel with 140 HP Available new alloy wheels. Added glossy exterior finish. There is a rain sensor, a compass on dashboard, auto head lighting. The seats have a combination leather and fabric. Set a more advanced audio system. There is cruise control. Keyless access system, and the prevention of tipping over. Price 1 700 000. Surcharge available pre-start warming up, active Park assist and active assistance to the driver on the road, the trunk opening system without hands. Prices accordingly in order: 40 000, 26 000, 37 000, 49 000.

 The cost of the basic configuration starts from 1 350 000.

Four-wheel drive, automatic transmission and diesel engine 140 BHP petrol or 182 HP at the Wheels 18-inch alloy. In the configuration system of the trunk opening without hands. Headlights with wipers and side mirrors with illumination. The panoramic roof. Available active Park assist. The driver's seat is electrically adjustable. Color interior lighting. Advanced multimedia system with voice control. From the options you can select the same pre-heating at 40 000. The price starts from 1 950 000.