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Models & prices Kia Sportage: review one of the most popular models

Car Kia Sportage - price which is not high compared to cars with similar set of options is made in South Korea. The expansion of the South Korean automotive companies in the world automotive markets lasts for several years. And, it should be noted that the company has made a leap forward. One example of a successful model can be called a Kia Sportage. This car is in great and growing demand for several years, which means good marketing policy of the company and the high quality of their vehicles.

 KIA Sportage: appearance

The overall performance of the car

The debut of the first generation Sportage was held in 1994. In this form the model was produced for a long time, until in 2004 the car was not brought special design changes.

In the fall of 2004 in Paris took place the presentation of the second generation compact SUV. As a result of the drastic changes of the little car began to resemble its predecessor.

In 2011 at the annual Geneva motor show hosted the debut of the third generation Kia Sportage models, enhanced appearance which is a credit to Peter Schreyer, chief designer, who previously worked at Audi. In 2012 began selling the updated model.

Kia Sportage 2012 really not only greatly changed in appearance, but came into a higher price band. Development of third generation crossover lasted for three years. Redesigned was the appearance of the model, making it look stylish and expensive and found a characteristic recognizable features, finding, however, the similarity with the products of European concerns.


As mentioned, the updated version looks much more attractive than its predecessor. In the front of the machine attract the attention of a massive grille, predatory squint headlights of the original form and built into the bumper fog lights and the side - high sill line and extended wheel arches. Dynamic sporty appearance justifies the name of the model.

If we consider, for example, the model Kia Sportage 2013 year (or 2011 - 2012 - in General, any year of the third generation), we find that it is longer and wider than its predecessor. Ground clearance (clearance) decreased to 170 mm (second generation Kia he was 195). So of off-road qualities of the model. Also increased the overhang: 10 mm front and rear — as much as 70 mm. So thanks to the new geometry of the body machine was "asphalt". Weight decreased by 91 kg, and the body has become more streamlined shape.

 KIA Sportage: the sporty appearance of the car.

Undergone major changes not only the appearance of the car. To attractive appearance also added a very nice internal filling. the Main element - dark console, perfectly combined with the interior in soft colors. 

The seats are very comfortable and convenient. The driver's seat is equipped with four rules, and indeed in has plenty of room even for a tall man. For passengers free space not so much as for the driver. Threesome in the back seat will be somewhat cramped.

I am glad also that Koreans become more responsible approach to the materials. Although it used the traditional plastic, it doesn't look cheap.

The trunk of the car pleases storage capacity. Its volume can be increased by folding the rear seats.

 KIA Sportage: the salon.


The Korean manufacturer is traditionally offers several layout variations to choose from. This applies, in particular, engines. Russian motorists can choose one of two options:

Since the motor running on gasoline, more popular, there are two variations — front-and all-wheel drive.

Specifications economical crossover Vortex Tingo can be found here, and information about the crossover with SUV Mitsubishi ASX in this article.

 KIA Sportage: gearbox

As the configuration and price Kia Sportage the third generation is quite diverse. There are five modifications:

Classic (basic) is quite rich, so by purchasing it, few people will remain dissatisfied. There is the ABS system, air conditioning, 16-inch wheels and front airbags. That is, this version contains everything you need, but scarce and it can not be named. If you decide to purchase, for example, Kia Sportage 2013 - the price for this package starts from 995 thousand.

In the top-end modification Premium is only available version of the crossover with all-wheel drive. The options here are much richer. There are separate climate control, airbags for the driver and passengers, leather seat trim, electronic stability control, curtain airbags, rearview camera and 18-inch wheels. All this splendor, on average, will cost 1.5 million rubles.

In the Premium version will be able to experience what luxury and comfort, in full.

How does the new crossover on the road? Appearance adjusts to the sport mode. But on the other hand, it's also an urban crossover.

Version with Kia gasoline engine and automatic transmission shows no high-spirited nature. "Automatic" with a quiet ride smoothly and easily switches the speed, but when accelerating it begins "to think". The situation with a manual transmission is better, however you still have to admit that this car is not meant for dashing race.

Kia Sportage - owner excellent suspension. It is easy enough to cope with small road irregularities and potholes, agile and obedient. While driving one can feel the comfort and peace of mind.

 KIA Sportage: car stylish looks and stands out in the stream.


 the Pros and cons

If you are going to buy a Kia Sportage, remember that it is — a typical "SUV for the city." It doesn't show terrain and in the storming of the road is unlikely to help. Speed and vehicle dynamics also represent something outstanding, not impressive also weak insulation.

But for regular riding with the family is a wonderful machine. It has many advantages, and comfort among them is in the first place. Bright appearance allows you to stand out from the stream of cars, and convenient salon will give the best impression. If you need a car for out of town trips and long trips, and you are not a fan polihachit, then a great choice would be Kia Sportage - price the car is also very impressed.