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New Chevrolet Niva

History model

The previous version of the model Chevrolet Niva – the brainchild of the joint venture " GM-AVTOVAZ” – produced in Togliatti since 2004 and During this time the car only once suffered minor facelift in 2007 and facelift in 2009. The main structural elements of the body and interior concept and the power plant and transmission machines remain unchanged from the "birth". The price of the most expensive set today starts from 567 thousand. This includes a fairly poor set of options: air conditioning, leather upholstery, electric and heated side mirrors, power Windows (front), heated seats (front) and adjustable corner column. From multimedia, there are only two built-in speakers and the initial audio check. Security systems are limited by mechanical belts, alarm, Central locking and immobilizer. Dominants appearance of such equipment are alloy wheels, roof rails, fog-lights in the front bumper, and body mirrors in body color.

 Chevrolet Niva

After the market is quite modern and low-cost rival Renault Duster sales of Chevrolet Niva plummeted. The cause of the fall of buyers ' interest was not so much close price "classmates» much more high consumer quality French-Romanian products, especially on the background of the old "diseases" 1st generation Chevrolet Niva, which was noted by many owners of the car:

 Renault Duster is a competitor of the new Chevrolet Niva

To eliminate the above disadvantages and to return the model to the deserved respect and was called new model of Chevrolet Niva, the prototype of which has caused a serious stir in August 2014 at the stand of the Moscow motor show. While experienced products are natural and sea trials for the production model in Togliatti constructed a new production facility at 1.5 thousand employees. Serial production is scheduled for December 2015. First sales are scheduled for the beginning of 2016.

 Chevrolet Niva 2015

The main features of the new Chevrolet Niva

Until about the appearance of the Chevrolet Niva can be judged solely on the prototype that was shown at the exhibition. According to company representatives, who said on the stand that the serial sample will be practical copy machine shown, it should be recognized that an international team of designers ’GM-AVTOVAZ» has labored not in vain.

The silhouette of the car became much more muscular and expressive due to the abundance of angular forms and well-placed punch. Brutality external appearance of the car add stylish wheels, shod in mud tires, original grille, narrower head optics and factory body kit in the form of protection of the bridge and engine, winch on the front bumper and grilles for headlights and taillights. Complete this impressive picture of the powerful trunk roof with four lights working lights and fixed on the rear door full-size spare tire.

 Niva Chevrolet 2015 - appearance

The interior of the new Chevrolet Niva fully corresponds to the external form of the vehicle and is designed in the same courageous stylistic decisions. The lounge is comfortable and comfortable new seats provide the necessary level of lateral support, the front panel is functional and made of decent quality materials. Devices and regulating device located in the usual places, informative and intuitive. Color of the dials – blue backlight - looks a bit futuristic, but not annoying. It seems that his promise to make a comfortable cabin on an order of magnitude higher compared to the previous generation, the developers do.

 The interior of the new Chevrolet Niva

New Chevrolet Niva built on a unique platform, assuming independent front and independent rear suspension and a more rigid body. The continuity of the model in terms of excellent machining provide beveled bumpers and short overhangs. The size of the new Chevrolet Niva is almost identical to the previous model, only a body length increased by 260 mm (up to total 4316 mm), which allows little to ameliorate the problem of insufficient space in the trunk.

The base powertrain is a 1.8-liter engine combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. The roots of this gasoline engine French series (EC8), auto Peugeot-Citroen, it was used for many years, and is now licensed to be produced in Russia. Power 136 HP should be quite enough to troubleshoot problems with the dynamics that occurred earlier. The choice of this model of engine due to its reliability, efficiency and loyalty to fuel quality.

 Technical characteristics of the new Chevrolet Niva

The future plans of the company there is a desire to put on the market purely "urban" front-wheel modification of Chevrolet Niva, to extend the range of petrol engines and even to offer buyers a diesel option in the first place, to enhance the competitiveness with Renault Duster. This sight is discussed and the possibility of equipping future modifications of the automatic transmission or CVT.

 Updated Chevrolet Niva

On the final trim of the car's too early to say. Their formation will depend on what basic requirements for vehicles of this class will have consumers in early 2016. Although we can already assume that impressive off-road kit model will be offered only optional.

 New Chevrolet Niva - side view

Chevrolet Niva new in the basic configuration was 10-15% more expensive than the models of the 1st generation. Today it is ranges from 520 to 540 thousand. By 2016, the possible changes in the pricing policy of the manufacturer, but the final price of Chevrolet Niva will always be focused on the price of the main competitor, Renault Duster.