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New crossovers 2015

 Crossover 2015

Automakers are constantly fighting for their customers: develop and improve your vehicles functionality and design is becoming more modern and rich, because every year, car owners are becoming more demanding. Crossovers 2015 — the kind of cars associated with the greatest expectations of motorists. According to statistics, the popularity of these models is growing every year, so many companies are scaling down production of cars of other classes and implement the shift to this category.

So what trends we will see? Best new crossovers 2015 presented by companies such as Mazda, Kia, Nissan, Audi, Skoda, Hyundai and AVTOVAZ. However, other firms are also in a hurry to please their customers. Photo of new crossovers 2015 can be viewed on the official site, although many manufacturers are trying to hide some characteristics and features set.

Mazda CX-5

Compact crossovers 2015 this Japanese company have always been popular, so the producers decided to slightly modify the model to satisfy all the desires of buyers.

The updated crossover will be minor changes in appearance, the interior of the cabin, increasing the number of functions and the extension of electronics. The car will be equipped with a large grille in the background of a large bumper that will change the shape of the mirrors. The center console will also be upgraded — it will be a noble and respectable. Modernization will affect shock absorbers and suspension, but the engine, drive train and transmission will remain the same.

 Mazda CX-5


Audi will please their customers and will present the new crossovers of 2015: luxury Q7 and Q1 compact.

During Assembly of the Audi Q7 has been used high-strength steel, so it is considered the safest in its class. In developing the model, the designers have tried to reduce the weight of cars, resulting in its value will not exceed 2 T. the Body was also modified — now it looks more strict. The salon will be slightly larger, but the interior will be more simple.

Drivers the choice will be represented by different engines: diesel, gasoline and hybrid, but they'll be United in the presence of an automatic transmission. Cost Audi Q7 will be slightly more than 3.5 million rubles.

 Audi Q7

Crossover Q1 — this is the most compact model from Audi. It has a low weight due to the reconstructed body (weight not more than 1.5 t). The trunk is equipped with an electric drive. Basic presents all-wheel drive system. Buyers will provide a wide range of petrol and diesel engines.

 Audi Q1

Kia Sorento

Kia has not stood aside and has developed crossover vehicles 2014 2015. Kia Sorento modified several times, and in the development of this model was attended by experts from Germany, Korea and USA.

The size of the crossover slightly increased: he began to look more aggressive and solid. The quality of materials is worthy of praise. Changes have been made to the centre console and dashboard and seats (they are more comfortable).

The selection of the drivers presented both petrol and diesel engines of different size. The price of the basic configuration will be approximately 1.3 million rubles.

 Kia Sorento

Manufacturer Kia long ago have gained the trust among Russian motorists. His SUV Kia Sportage, learn about the technical characteristics of which you can here, still enjoys great popularity. Feedback from owners of this model of Kia can be found here.


The new cars crossovers 2015 will not be without the new Nissan TERRANO. This car is a copy of the Renault Duster, which has become very popular in Europe.

Of course, the TERRANO does not have bright appearance, and its specifications even someone to disappoint you, but it should be understood that this model falls into the category of budget 2015 crossovers, which are of high quality, safety, unique style and reasonable cost (no more than 800 thousand rubles.).

 Nissan Terrano

Skoda Polar

New crossovers and SUVs 2015 will also be presented by the Czech company Skoda.

Polar — technological and economical crossover. It is fitted with a quality German engine, has an unusual appearance and a good bundle. The cost of the car will not exceed 1 million rubles, so the manufacturers are predicting high demand and the success of this model.

 Skoda Polar

Hyundai ix25

Fans of Korean technology is already a waiting Hyundai ix25. At the moment it is the most compact crossover SUV, which also has a unique and bright appearance and his own inimitable style.

Internal trim made with quality materials, modernized dashboard, steering wheel, multimedia system. ix25 will be equipped with a manual gearbox and is presented in four-wheel or front-wheel-drive versions of the transmission system.

 Hyundai ix25


AvtoVAZ will delight otechetvennykh buyers and present them to the attention of the Russian crossover 2015 Lada XRAY and Lada XRAY Cross. Previously, the domestic industry was not released this category of cars, so about XRAY and XRAY Cross we can say that this is the most anticipated crossovers 2015.

Lada XRAY created on the platform of Renault Sandero, but is not a clone, but rather has a unique appearance and striking design. She has the X-shaped front part, side panel and some interior parts. It will be front-wheel-drive crossover with a manual or automatic transmission. Technical characteristics of the machine are not being disclosed.

 Fret XRAY

Lada XRay Cross, in fact, double the previous model, but it will be all-wheel drive.

The cost of cars will start from 500 thousand rubles.