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New Ford Raptor - for lovers of fishing and hunting

The birth of a legend or history of the Ford Raptor

Ford SVT Raptor comes from a famous line of Ford 150 F.

 Ford 150 F 4th generation

In North America these models are leading in the number of sales, not only among pickups, but all the other cars.

Despite the high reliability, practicality and durability, proven pickups tenth and eleventh generation, in the eyes of buyers began to seem powerful enough.

 Ford 150 F 8th generation

Premier Ford SVT Raptor took place in November 2008 in Las Vegas at the SEMA auto show-2008. He immediately impressed with his updated parameters – massive grille, powerful tires All-Terrain, bumpers with ventilation passages and tinted lenses. Especially attracted the attention of the original graph the back of the body.

 Presentation F-150 SVT Raptor

In addition to the external parameters, the manufacturer has worked on the indicators of permeability to bring the pickup to the level of a real off-roader. On the new Raptor has expanded to 18 cm wheelbase, equipped it FoxRacing-bumpers, electrically-controlled differential and control on the descents and ascents.

After the show in Las Vegas, Ford F 150 SVT Raptor put on public display at the biggest auto show in Detroit. This marked the start of mass sales of off-road pickup truck, which immediately formed a queue to buy not only in USA but also in Europe. And with the release of 6.2 l version (capacity of more than 400 HP) Raptor thirteenth generation became several times more popular than its competitors.

 Ford Raptor new generation

The design of the exterior and interior of the SUV

Ford boasts impressive size and its individual elements. On it has a 5.6-meter body with a 3.4 m wheelbase, width slightly more than 2 meters and almost the same height. A cargo platform deserves special attention: it is up to 1.98 m, and with extended cab pickup equipped platform 1.7 meters Thanks to this platform capacity Ford F 150 Raptor rose to 422 kg

 Ford Raptor appearance

Design solutions in the exterior of the Raptor became even bolder. Thus, the pick-up has gathered some of the features F 150 and conceptcar F 350, and innovations of the developers of the specialized Department of the Ford SUVs. However, the updated Raptor became more sharp features, angular and sharp lines.

 Ford Raptor v gamme Terrain

From its predecessor Ford 150 Raptor has received a special side Windows, providing an excellent overview of large adjustable rear view mirrors. Advanced massive grille fully sketched in black and has a conditional split into two halves letters of impressive size – the name of the car.

Regarding the remaining parameters, Ford looks no different from the previous F-150.

 Ford F 150 Raptor exterior

Restyled Ford 150 Raptor in comparison with the previous version is more intense and vivid beauty, though it is made of hard plastic. Beauty acquired brightness because of contrasting red inserts in the Central console, door trim, seats, and white color of the instrument scale.

 Ford F150 Raptor salon

Inside the cabin is quite small glove compartment, however, it cannot be considered a disadvantage, because between the seats has a very roomy drawer for all the necessary things. Near the edge of the hatch on the roof there is a button to control electric rear window included in the body.

Above the gear lever in the Central niche there are 4 AUX (auxiliary) switch, which can be connected to the horn, searchlight or the winch. Also in the center pane, there is a special button, which includes off-road mode and thereby changes the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal and provides a higher retention rate of transmission.

 Ford F 150 Raptor center panel

Almost all parameters are adjustable on this display, which can be some disadvantages in the form of a separate climate-control with the inability to adjust the direction of air flow.

 Ford 150 Raptor - interior design

Specifications "rogue"

Technical parameters Ford F150 Raptor is very impressive. Even unpatched version of the pickup truck has a capacity of 310 HP, 5.4 l engine 8 cylinders. An improved model is equipped with 8-cylinder unit volume of 6.2 liters (power 410 HP) with an average flow rate of 17 l/100 km

Engine Ford Raptor diesel engine combined with a 6 speed manual transmission, which operation occurs without any failures: all switching operational and flowing, passing at around 6000 rpm for minutes But felt the American character, because its speed of reaction is slightly inferior to European counterparts.

 Ford SVT Raptor - power plant

The front suspension is equipped with a massive springs and heavy-duty half shafts with aluminum lower arm. Rear suspension spring, dependent. Suspension travel is of particular importance (front – 284 mm, rear – 307 mm), especially when moving fast on hilly terrain, where the SUV almost never gets off the ground.

Also the consumer can buy Ford F 150 Raptor kit with forged aluminum 20-inch wheels and special shock absorbers manufactured immediately with a set of three 22-mm bypass valves. Thus, the working temperature of the oil inside them can range from -51°C to 204°C.

 Ford Raptor

Basic configuration updated SUV has all the options you need comfort. In the standard equipment package are:

 Ford Raptor

When you can buy a Ford Raptor in picking "Suite", then the motorist will receive the following additions:

In addition to all the options of comfort manufacturer bothered and increasing vehicle safety, in connection with which the pickup is equipped with 6 airbags, factory alarm, Central locking, immobilizer system code access to the auto salon.

 Ford 150 Raptor

As you can see, the American pickup truck has serious potential on the roads and all the conditions of comfort and protection.

Any test drive a Ford Raptor runs almost flawlessly, because the parameters of its management worked out to the smallest detail.

On urban roads Raptor behaves like any overall car – with average rolls on turns and the most common reactions. But the acceleration is very good: even on icy surfaces pickup truck begins to move evenly, without grabs and jerks.

 Features control Ford Raptor

Off-road Ford further transformed: the movements are smooth, only slight shaking at a speed of over 130 km/h when driving on paved cobblestone road, empathetic and competent work of the ABS system.

Functions well and stabilization system that is automatically activated in conditions of sliding at speeds over 65 km/h and ensure smooth arc movement on turns. However connectable four-wheel drive significantly changes the behavior of the Ford, making the steering is stiffer and the car itself flexible and stable.

 F-150 SVT Raptor

So the high price of the Ford Raptor is consistent with the requirements of motorists on the road and off-road reliability management auto.


Elite F150 Raptor was indeed a real breakthrough in the field of off-road cars. Real off-road pickup truck will be able to give your buyer the most incredible opportunity of conquering any of roads and off-road.

Despite the temporary absence of official sales in the Russian market, the car can be ordered directly from American auto dealers. In this case, price Ford F 150 Raptor will fluctuate in the range 85000 – 107000 USD.

So, if you have the desire to get a unique car and unforgettable feelings of driving, a full set of power, reliability, and comfort, it is necessary to find a way to buy a Ford Raptor – one of the best pickups of America.