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New Honda CR-V is an excellent example of «parquet» auto

The latest fourth generation of legendary already crossover, Honda CR-V for the first time saw the world in 2012 at the Geneva motor show, and a full sales model began only last year. According to the representatives of Honda, long time took the tuning of the car, because the manufacturer has aimed to create perfectly suitable for Europeans crossover. Was or not, to judge can only owners, but the fact that this car deserves at least increased attention to themselves, fact.

The same cute features…

It should immediately be noted that Honda Vietnam 2013 model year, though quite dramatically in comparison with the previous version, there are still easily recognizable. Brand features are not disappearing, which certainly will please fans of the car. Visually, the new machine seems somewhat greater for the predecessor, but it is not so – its external dimensions on the contrary, has decreased slightly, although photos of the new Honda Vietnam 2013, this really does not say.

 Model Honda CR-V 2013 is a big and beautiful SUV

Dimensions latest version of the Honda CR-V:

In principle, smaller, which is not bad, but that the clearance Honda Vietnam 2013 also became less, already the worse news, especially for Ukrainian drivers. So, ground clearance model now is only 165 mm, which makes it even theoretically ceases to qualify for vnedorozhnoi – parquet in all respects.

With regard to appearance of the car, the front part with the original false radiator grille, beautiful powered illuminating engineering, large bumper and decent crossover underweight (however, it works more aerodynamic item rather than something really practical), can not please. Plastic protection, located around the perimeter of the body, adds car practicality. Covering edge bumpers, wheel arches, doors and sills, it minimizes the damage from minor accidents, which, given the considerable still dimensions Honda Vietnam and dense traffic modern cities, will be required.

In General profile CR-V became more dynamic through a new, more rapid sill lines and powerful pillar of the roof. Large wheel arches, curves on the sides and other designer touches to make the car really stylish, so that the new Honda Vietnam 2013 looks fine and photo, and live.

 Behind the new Honda CR-V also looks very impressive.

The cabin became even more beautiful…

CR-V has never stood some outrageous comfort or equipment. In the fourth generation of this trend is broken only partially – the machine became much more convenient, but fans of innovation and computers all headrests here will be not interesting.

Honda crv 2013 all thoroughly: dense packing and unobtrusive lateral support of seats, a good range of adjustment of steering column and other similar services help you nice to stay in this machine person with any complexion. Multifunction steering wheel, sophisticated instrument panel with a huge speedometer, powerful torpedo – all clear, clear, informative, and quite nice.

If to speak about extra stuff, here she presents five inch colour display, which are responsible for navigation, rearview camera, and music control. Of course, there are cool climate control with user-friendly controls. In principle, in addition to the standard already safety systems and control traffic in the car has nothing, but he calculated that to buy a Honda Vietnam 2013 will want a serious man who wants a solid spacious machine, not a computer on wheels. By the way, as for space, its a lot here at the front and rear, and in the trunk (589 or 1669 liters, all the same).

 In the new Honda CR-V 2013 simple by modern standards, but functional driver

A bit of technical characteristics

The new crossover constructed on a slightly improved platform predecessor, implying front suspension with MacPherson struts and multilink rear. Power steering gave place to the electric power steering, appeared more powerful stabilizer bars. Engines offered three: 

 Here is the motor Honda CR-V

As for transmission, the car is set six-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual gearbox. Both simple, easy, reliable and complaints so far no one called. In General, outstanding technical characteristics Honda Vietnam 2013 it is difficult to say, but such machines buy because not because of speed, right? But in this machine is convenient, and at any speed.

By the way, collect Honda Vietnam 2013 in Swindon, that in England, so that the build quality is possible not to worry brand…

As for prices…

They are not so small as you'd like. For example, the price Honda Vietnam 2013 with a diesel engine in the basic configuration is 1 150 000 rubles. But it should be noted that for this money you get not only a car, but Fourwheel drive, ABS and ESP, 8 airbags, climate control, heated front seats, electrically Windows and mirrors, and a complete entertainment system.