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New Mercedes GL (X166) is becoming popular in Russia

Official presentation of the second generation mercedes-benz gl was conducted in 2012 at the new York auto show. The car has generated a lot of interest not only as a new model, but as a new development from the undisputed leader of the global automotive industry. The first generation of GL on the market is from 2006 and still enjoys stable demand.


Front immediately struck by the huge valchiavenna lattice trapezoidal shape. It is decorated with two impressive horizontal rungs and emblem of the automaker. Compact xenon headlights augmented complex curvilinear strip of LEDs. The bumper is filled with a multitude of ducts and aerodynamic elements, and in the lower part of integrated functional aluminum diffuser.

Profile of mercedes gl corresponds to the classic silhouette of a large SUV. A flat roof, a long bonnet, stamping along the length of the doors, giving the body a General dynamic appearance. For ease of planting and protection of threshold has a large footrest. The entire length of the roof installed chrome roof rails.

 Front Mercedes Benz gl

On the back of the crossover attention immediately attracted optics - large torches, lavishly decorated with LEDs, using fiber optic technology. Impressive tailgate is equipped with electric. The underside of the body has a bumper with a protective cone.

The dimensions of the body of the new mercedes benz gl class are impressive:

The car is available in different color body - black, white calcite, beige pearl, white diamond, silver, iridium, brown citrine, blue cavansite, grey tenoric. Painting is a very high quality - on only one coating is separated into seven layers!

 Profile Mercedes Benz gl


Beauty Mercedes YF impressive finishing of aluminum, natural wood and different kinds of skin: Exclusive Nappa - naturalnych, breathable artificial leather - ARTICO and classic skin. Multicontour driver's seat and front passenger with an electric drive, memory selections, and a headrest-mounted monitors. On the second row of seats free to be able to accommodate up to three adult passengers. If necessary for a comfortable fit the entire range can be shifted to the third row seats. All seats of the second row is equipped with electric. If you take them back, you can increase the standard 680 l volume of the trunk up to 2300 HP In the gallery with no less can comfortably accommodate two adults.

On the dashboard is set to screen on-Board computer, information appliance, designed in classic style, chetyrehrazovoe steering wheel, dotted with numerous buttons, joystick control automatic transmission. The stylish Central console are:

Upon customer request, the roof can be equipped with a huge panoramic sunroof

 The interior of the Mercedes Benz gl


For Russian consumers new mercedes gl class is offered in four different versions:

All models of Mercedes GL equipped with one form of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS, four-wheel drive transmission ’4Matic ,  a fully independent two-arm (front) and multi-link (rear) suspension ’AirMatic»and «On and Off road", which includes 6 modes differential lock:

 The engine of Mercedes Benz gl

The opinion of the owners

The most realistic picture of any car can be obtained by looking at the reviews of owners. The first lucky owners of this car, the vast majority of them in one voice to praise the high quality running machine. The full comfort from driving and from the drive. Especially highly celebrated smoothness and instant auto response to the slightest movement of the steering wheel. Many owners like traction engines and, as a consequence, excellent dynamics. Highly valued by users and the security level of the vehicle.

In principle Merse CHAPTER is heavy, and not quite smooth roads in our country with many bumps and holes can cause damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle, the first repair may be required after 50 000 mileage. On the other hand the reviews of many drivers suggest that the reason most likely lies in the poor quality of the Assembly on Chinese factories, the benefit of the main defects are identified, it is within the warranty period. In fairness it should be noted that post-warranty repair of Mercedes GL is expensive.

 The back of the Mercedes Benz gl

Picking and rates

Basic set Mercedes Benz gl presented in the list below.

Systems of active and passive safety

Electrical equipment

Prices for the Mercedes gl depend on the model and spec. So the cost of the car with the engine GL 350 BlueTEC starts at 3 660 000 rubles, with the engine GL 400 3 650 000 rubles, with the engine GL 500 5 000 000 rubles and engine GL 63 AMG 7 100 000 rubles.