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Nissan pickup



Nissan pickup NP300 - quintuple-wheel-drive pickup truck, containing in the basis of the standard for all cars of this type of construction - frame chassis, front independent torsion-bar suspension and rear leaf spring.

The car is sold in three different versions. "Base" - a basic configuration, which includes all the equipment necessary adaptation to the Russian conditions - reinforced suspension, the so-called winter package including high-capacity battery, heater front, prelaunch heated nozzles, heated seats. Pickup is available with front-wheel drive and brake system with ABS and front вентилирующими disks. In addition, the basic package includes two front airbags.

"Comfort" - in addition to the basic equipment in the equipment includes air conditioning steering, Keyless entry system, alloy wheels, power Windows and mirrors painted according to the colour of the body. "Premium" - this equipment additionally contains a fog lights, side boards and a CD players, equipped with RDS system.


 Overcoming kruchi



Nissan NP300 is an updated version of Nissan pickup, famous since the 80s. Compared with earlier generations, significant changes occurred. The same square shapes and angles, does not explicitly involve the highest indicators of aerodynamics. Fresh look only grille, solid plastic front bumper with integrated foglights, modern optics and a bit bizarre form of the tailgate.




Inside all executed with the same simplicity as without. In the basic version does not include any electronic bells and whistles. Is located on the front seat, however, quite comfortable, although adjusting looks primitive. For example, the steering column can be moved only in height and the seat can be moved backward/forward with the change in the angle of the backrest. In principle, find a convenient option for planting can quickly enough, and to ergonomics nice. All simply and functionally - a small compartments for Luggage, ashtray and coasters. The rear seat can be called comfortable but a high floor will make human growth 170 cm подирать sitting in the front passenger's knees. Long in such a position not усидишь, but, say, bring workers in a country house, you can. Significant disadvantages are the lack of adjustment  rear seatback and strong shaking. From this you begin to feel themselves more cargo than a passenger.

Salon of inexpensive but high quality materials, giving him the comfort and convenience - you can feel that this is real "Japanese".

Under the hood



The new pickup Nissan combines a high proportion (75 l) fuel tank with low power (133 HP) economy of 2.5-liter турбодизельного engine Euro 4, which clearly shows the commercial purpose of the machine. Engine is well  sign and repeatedly tested: YD25 four-cylinder cast iron block and chain drive on two camshaft. A very important advantage is the low demands of the engine to fuel quality. In the Russian conditions of deficit of diesel oil of good quality, especially in rural areas, this is a serious advantage. Very happy fuel consumption - about ten liters per hundred kilometers in other words, power reserve when fully tank is about семистам kilometers. Moreover, allows the engine to start immediately with the second transmission – informative grip will not give to stall.

Transmission is only mechanical five-speed. Двухтонный car diesel pulls very confident, even on the roads. Although no roads to get involved is not recommended, as clearance is not more than 24 see

Technical characteristics



Test drive

Bright emotions driving Nissan NP300 is not to be expected - it is designed for a large number of the transported payload, successful small business and low operating costs.

Very good actively car behaves on urban roads. With the growth rate, however, the wheel, "empty", but on reasonable speeds clearly kept a straight line without constant intervention in the process. Although it should be noted that after the acceleration to 100 km/h, the rumble of the engine starts compulsively to penetrate into the interior - insulation leads.

 On the road Luggage compartment

Quite uneven "Moscow concrete ring road has allowed to accelerate up to a maximum of one hundred and forty km/h, though under the pedal explicitly left margin. Just at that speed was very uncomfortable to go: half-empty, the car started to shake and sway. It is clear that in such dimensions of the machine preference is given to either cargo or passenger, so to special smoothness not count, although NP300 has a milder course than their competitors. The goods can take about a ton, and one can take in tow three-ton trailer.

Off-road Nissan pickup showed themselves very well. Managed to overcome the Ford up to half a meter deep at the maximum angle of approach less than forty degrees. The value of the roll in 48о clearly very disputable. To promote the impassable terrain is "transfer", which has a three-position - 2H (at the back of the drive and driving on dry hard coatings), 4H (wheel drive vehicles and driving on slippery roads without a center differential) and 4L (drive full, the decreasing number). Between modes 2H and 4H switch can be at speeds up to 40 km/h, and for activation 4L will have to make a stop.

 Load capacity

Improved manageability on slippery surface and reduce thrashing offloaded wheels at steep turns provides smooth rear transverse differential. Off-road characteristics NP300 good, though for such a vehicle is much more important dimensions of the cargo platform and payload. Maneuverability and size of radius of rotation (only 6 m!) car can be considered as the best in its class.

Cost and guarantees

Rates on NP300 vary in accordance with the furnishing, performance and very happy with its availability from 930000 rubles And in combination with high traffic and impressive capacity, they turn the Japanese pickup in a very attractive commercial vehicle.

 Rear view


Nissan pickup NP300 boasts a good combination of price-quality and highly valued on the secondary market - from 500,000 to 1300000 rubles

But, for example, for a country house or villas NP300 can be considered a very attractive option is a great hard worker authentic Japanese Assembly. Marketers Nissan't afraid to set a three-year warranty (or 100,000 km) and service mileage of 20,000 km from the mandatory replacement of the filter engine and the oil every 10,000 km, and a six-year guarantee on the body from corrosion, correctly predicting, that in Russia for lung conditions of operation of these machines are not buying.