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Niva 4x4 - operation experience

Historical background

Famous model Niva 4x4 is absolutely unique instance of the domestic automotive industry, which over several decades of presence on the roads and the roads not only Russia, but also around the world, managed to earn well-deserved reputation and unwavering love of fans-fans.

 Lada Niva

It is worth mentioning only some of the most brilliant achievements of the father of all modern crossovers, and any motorist will become clear how nature truly Caucasian longevity of the car (serial production started in 1977) and the reason for its popular adoration:

 Lada 4x4 "field"

Despite the improvements and changes that the car has undergone over the years, the appearance of its almost not changed since the emergence of the engineers and designers of AVTOVAZ simple yet brilliant idea to put on the chassis of an SUV body of the car. So extraordinary was the problem of combining two seemingly mutually exclusive requirements of the new model: the convenience and comfort of finding behind the wheel and relatively high permeability. 2014-year major changes in the car were only associated with the engine, as it was constantly required to comply with the international standards for exhaust gases (Euro) and also to increase power and reduce fuel consumption.

 Lada 4x4 five-door

Thus, consumers today are offered a choice of three very similar models of SUV Niva 4x4:

 Lada 4h4 Urban


Three-door Lada 4×4 looks absolutely utilitarian without any hints on design delights. "Square" body shape, round head optics, narrow front rack, old-fashioned glazed, small rear lights, speakers front and rear bumpers, more like doormats. This modern machine can hardly be called and likely to do something outstanding when saving recognizable appearance is unlikely to have happen. But the respectable ground clearance and short overhangs immediately forced to submit this machine somewhere on the roads, in the woods or on the dunes, but it immediately changes the overall perception is critical to benevolent. Well, of course, in the last modifications a bit of charm model add large mirrors, borrowed from Chevi Niva, and running lights in ’nadvornik».

 Lada 4x4

The five-door VAZ-2131 differs from colleague extended wheelbase and the presence of the rear doors. Increase base made it possible to solve the problems of comfort for the passengers in the back and an insufficient amount of trunk, but long-wheelbase model not received the same widespread popularity and produced enough in small batches.

 Lada 4x4 Niva five-door

Urban in terms of design received the highest preference of the three: a more rounded shape, new bumpers, large mirrors and alloy wheels of large radius. But the General appearance has stayed quite recognizable - it's the same Niva 4x4.

 Lada Urban


The interior of the "insides" of the beloved Russian SUV rather difficult: the overall impression can be described by the word "Antiques". Plastic is tough and cheap, the dashboard is the same as was at one time in the car Samara-2. But the seats are quite comfortable and upholstered pleasant to the touch fabric. Assembly and adjustment of parts promise unplanned "music" in the process. Panel a minimum number of buttons and controls, but apparently, to manage most have nothing. Air conditioning is available only in the luxury of picking surcharge. The ignition lock is inconvenient to the left of the steering column. The wheel, of course, is not regulated at all, which may create a problem for tall drivers.

 VAZ-2121 " Niva» beauty

Lada 4x4 with three doors has a very modest trunk displacement of 265 liters. But you can put the back seat and get 585 liters volume with a flat cargo area and wide enough opening for carriage "oversize".

 Lada 4x4 Luggage compartment

In Lada Urban all much more respectable and comfortable. Much of the interior borrowed from Lada Priora, and therefore has all its advantages and disadvantages. Here already has heated mirrors and seats, and power Windows, a new unit interior lighting, another seat upholstery and lining of the tunnel floor in the passenger compartment and trunk are rubber mats. But the front panel is almost not changed, and only just succeeded in build quality and materials used.

 Lada 4x4 Urban - beauty

Technical specifications and safety

In the Lada 4×4 is a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.7 l (corresponds to Euro-4) with a capacity of 83 HP Transmission - 5-speed "mechanics". The car is built according to the scheme permanent all-wheel drive. Not different model and a modest appetite - fuel consumption is plotted in 10.8 liters. - Limited top speed of 137 km/h and reach hundreds of the vehicle may 19 seconds. On Lada Urban supposed to use a new engine from Grants, so his speed figures are slightly higher: the top speed is 145 km/h, and a hundred cars scored "only" 17 C.

 VAZ-2121 " Niva» specifications

Perspectives of the model

It may seem strange, model Niva 4x4 and today still has good prospects for the future. The plant plans to produce the car up to 2021. This is due to consistently high demand for this machine from Russian consumers.

Yes, the car, in addition to age, a lot of other disadvantages: low quality metal, materials and assemblies, and complete lack of modern security systems.

 VAZ-2121 " Niva»

But this SUV, and the SUV is not for speed runs, and for the provinces. Its main advantages are the availability and price, as well as the extreme simplicity and maintainability.