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Novelties in the family of all-wheel drive wagon 2013

AWD station wagons at all times been extremely popular. I must say that the reliability of modern all-wheel drive machines are on a very high level. The only drawback is perhaps only increased fuel consumption, at least so say the majority of owners. In the current 2013 on the market was also represented by  a few all-wheel drive SUVs. What are they, and their features to look at next.

Opel Insignia Country Tourer

The all-wheel drive station wagon Opel Insignia Country Tourer has expanded the range of family Insignia of the German company in the European class d it was based on the body of the universal Opel Insignia sports Tourer. The car was increased ground clearance of up to 180 mm and equipped with a machine now large wheels with tires 235/50 R18 dressed in original alloy wheels 18 size.

As engines for Opel Insignia Country Tourer offers one petrol and two diesel engines:

 Opel Insignia Country Tourer

It is worth noting, that is equipped with Tourer adaptive transmission 4×4 with electronic control, which operates on the principle of Haldex. This allows depending on road and traffic conditions redistribute the torque between front and rear axles auto in the ratio from 0 to 100 %. Another weapons station wagon with four-wheel drive and increased ground clearance is adaptive suspension Flex Ride.

Skoda Octavia Scout

Updated Skoda Octavia Scout universal, almost SUV, built on the platform of the family хечбека class Golf. Full drive with electronic multi-disc clutch Haldex, connects, when necessary, as well as ground clearance novelties in 185 mm, will help to overcome any obstacles in your way. Separately worth noting the suspension, which is a measure of длинноходна and энергоемка that allows to walk even on a bad road, not slow down.

For Russia Octavia comes with two types of engines:

 Skoda Octavia Scout

Speaking about the terrain, we note that during the test-drive was found that the soft bottoms for Scout contraindicated, especially if they are combined with differences of heights. However, on country roads, the machine is quite good. And, of course, in winter, the owner of the Octavia Scout will feel like a king expensive than conventional cars passenger cars моноприводных vehicles. 

Buy the model in the salons of official dealers can be from 961 000 rubles.

Audi А4 allroad Quattro

Considering AWD station wagons 2013, one cannot but mention about all-wheel drive five-door estate car Audi A4 allroad Quattro constructed on the basis of the Audi A4 Avant. But differs A4 allroad from Avant quite strongly increased clearance of up to 180 mm, stronger protection bottom, and of course came auto quattro permanent four-wheel drive, complete with an air suspension. Installed air suspension allows you to adjust the clearance, which allows higher speeds "push" machine-to-earth, this reduces air resistance.

In the power range of A4 allroad includes:

 Audi А4 allroad Quattro

On the Russian market of machine presents only one petrol 2 HP motor and the price of the model begins with a mark  1 million 630 thousand rubles.

Volkswagen Golf Variant

In all new car Volkswagen Golf Variant 2013 in pursuit of the buyer engineers decided to adhere to the rules of the severity and again severity, so now already strict kind of the universal of a new generation of added another cast, 10-spoke discs and chrome-plated roof the roof. But that's not all, now the car is equipped with the newest system of a full drive 4MOTION with clutch Haldex fifth generation, and the basis for the new полноприводника served as a modular platform MQB from the German concern VW.

As power units for Volkswagen Golf Variant engineers decided that petrol engines him to anything, so he can be equipped with one of the turbo-diesel motors.:

 Volkswagen Golf Variant

Unfortunately, place an order on this car can at the moment the only German dealers and the minimum price of the Golf Variant with 105-strong engine currently stands at just over a million.


Station wagon and drive full - it sounds logical. This car is perfect  not only for winter holidays, but also for the weekly weekend, in any weather. Among the topics we hire, choose, of course, the best all-wheel drive station wagon is hard enough. Each of them has both its advantages and disadvantages. Note, however, that this all-wheel drive station wagon always performs accurate pirouettes and always remains on the path of motion, despite the difficult conditions.