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Nuances when purchasing land cruiser Prado-owned

Popular among motorists Prado uses, starting from the generation Prado 90 and up to the most recent version of the SUV. For this reason, take a look at those moments, acquaintance with which is necessary, separately for each of these models.

If you wanted to 90-th Prado

In 1996 the Japanese concern presented the Prado, which was given the index "90". It was built on the platform of the notorious "фораннера" (4runner). And, the first thing you should look for when buying a Toyota Prado 90 as when buying any other vehicle – the external condition. Here Toyota manifests itself from the best side. Even on the first models provided they are competent operation of special problems have been observed. So just carefully inspect the body for various подкрашиваний-repaints. Beetles for Prado – the problem is very rare, but their presence may spoil the impression when auto is selected, so that we should not relax.

After assessing the condition of a body of Toyota Prado owned you should carefully explore the beauty of the proposed you a car, because this beauty will fully enjoy running this off-roader. In General, within the Prado spacious, but there is very pleased to be, there is a feeling of comfort. The dashboard of a car, have been restyled in 1999, decorated with wooden inserts that gives it the respectability. Unfortunately, at present it is difficult to find such a model in which these inserts are kept perfectly. But we are talking about a car with no less than 11 years of age (production Prado 90 ceased in 2002).

 Land Cruiser Prado 90

That's more to learn in the cabin? Of course, numerous items of technical equipment. The fact is that 90-th Prado has a range of measuring instruments: клиномером, compass and more multifunctional device that combines the functions of a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, Central lock speed, timer. Therefore, we recommend you check the work of all these systems, though usually all devices are working properly and accurately, regardless of the age of the acquired model. If only the previous owner was not trying to break them with a hammer.

Talking about the acquisition of a large car, is it not reasonable to pay attention to the quality of the cabin, as his transformation. Generally in the Prado this is no problem: the second and third rows of seats are folded in horizontal and vertical planes, allowing for a spacious cargo compartment. However, we advise you to complete the inspection of the cabin verification of mechanisms in the seats, to avoid later confusion when you try to fold the seat and dip, for example, 20 bags of cement in the trunk.

Land cruiser Prado 90 is available immediately with 4 engines:

Combined they either with mechanical or automatic transmission.

To select a specific unit is, of course, up to you, but as recommendation note: in the best way proved himself 163-strong diesel. Moderately powerful, but not gluttonous, traction and unpretentious in service, it will serve as the owner long enough.

 Land cruiser Prado 90 engine

Note that when buying an engine to run, that is working properly. First of all, pay attention to the moment of start: not exclude the possibility that you find a model with strongly worn-starter. If everything is in order, listen to the sounds of the motor. The fact is that some of the "adult" Prado suffer knock in the engine. As a rule, this problem is quite simple, but some can be alerted to push from purchased auto, therefore, consider this.

Make sure that when you start the engine beauty filled acrid smells of fuel or oil. However, the Prado has established itself in the best possible position, so that the serious flaws may appear during the exploitation of the most shameless driver.

To fully appreciate the driving performance of the Prado, we would advise you to purchase a small test drive (if, of course, this opportunity will be). This will allow more time to assess the operation of the engine, now already in motion, as well as check the status of all elements of driving. In General, good handling and excellent patency while maintaining comfort from the drive – this is one of the main trumps of SUVs from Toyota. Such quality is ensured, first of all, thanks to the first entry on off-road cars of the family of the independent front suspension.

Appreciate the quality of the gearbox, as the oldest models, sometimes slightly stuck third gear. If you find this, it is better to look at another car, than then to spend money and time on Troubleshooting.

Also check the operation of all modes of transmission, they are only four:

Alas, to assess all modes at once does not work, but at least make sure that you can switch between them really are.

 Land cruiser Prado 90 beauty

If no negative moments you are not revealed, then the choice is obvious. Next, you should visit the point of diagnosis and start the execution of all necessary documents. Cost Boo land cruiser Prado average of 500-600 thousand rubles for the car-1998.

Buy land cruiser Prado 120

In comparison with 90-m this model Prado already has pronounced features of the European style. Clearly observed global trend concerning almost all SUVs: auto become signs of the city's increasingly distant from the image unkillable conqueror of off-road. Keep this in mind if you wish to get the land cruiser Prado 120.

In General, there should follow the same criteria for evaluation of the body and interior, as when you select the Prado 90. The only time since we are talking about more  young» car, and requirements to its quality should be stricter.

Not finding any external signs of the last emergency vehicle, turn to the salon. For the 120th Prado is characterized by an even greater comfort and richness of interior decoration. It is already possible to not be afraid to meet with auto "killed" beauty, because it is simply a pity to spoil. The explanation for this is simple: as soon as you find yourself the owner of this beauty then immediately begin trembling and wary absolutely to detail.

 Land Cruiser Prado 120

When you purchase should look for the option with climate control and a conventional air conditioning. This system is able not only to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable ride, but also regulate the temperature for the driver and front passenger separately. Can change the temperature and passengers seats of the second row, because especially for them, a remote control. Therefore, we recommend you sit not only in the driver's seat, but find yourself on the back row, to test the effect of climate control, simultaneously assess the state of upholstery: can be damaged when lazy loading of the Luggage compartment.

The choice of engines of this model are quite rich:

Taking into account these indicators, it is clear that popular was the latest version with diesel. However, fans of powerful cars prefer to buy 4-liter Prado, to fully enjoy the potential of this engine. But note that in the winter, with maximum use of the car, as well as through continuous heating consumption increases significantly (up to 20 l). In General, the choice of the concrete unit depends, ultimately, on the intended purpose of use of a car and the nature of the driver.

 Land cruiser Prado 120 beauty

Make sure that before you European, unless you decide to purchase Arab modification. The matter is that in European variants of the scheme of permanent actuator and not connected. In the conditions of Russian roads is a significant difference.

Drive to make a full experience of it. Especially attentive to the work of the diesel engine, if, of course, talking about the purchase of the car for this unit. Also useful would evaluate the work of the suspension. Although in principle, with the suspension of the 120th classically no problems. So when you want to land cruiser Prado buy, it is better to note the driver assistance systems that are installed on your car.

Useful would be the following systems:

If the first two system does optional for those who intends to use the Prado exclusively in urban conditions, the other to assist you and not just to help out in different traffic situations. Therefore, check with the owner of the sold car of any of the listed systems and make sure to check its operability.

 Land cruiser Prado 120 engine

Also recommended to evaluate the brake system. It is believed that the system, which is equipped with a car, one of the most reliable in the world among vehicles of this category. Experiment with brakes: set off and gently push on the brake pedal until the vehicle is stationary. When fully operational, the system this whole process should take a few seconds even at high speed. Listen: if the Shoe creak, then, obviously, they need to be replaced. In such a case, it makes sense to bargain, achieving a decrease in the value of the car.

If no problems are detected, you delay the purchase is not worth it, there are probably still many who want to but you. The price of the land cruiser Prado-owned 2008 release with full equipment varies from 1,300,000 to 1,500,000 rubles.

Evaluate Prado 150 when buying

150th Prado represents the last generation of the family. Since its launch in Russia in 2010, this model was fairly widespread, and therefore useful to be familiar with certain rules of purchase and this almost new car.

So, traditionally, the study of the upcoming new clothes begin with an examination of the body. And here, in contrast to the assessment of the status of older brothers, need to be especially careful. The matter is that painting Prado 150 differs a certain fragility. She, of course, not disintegrate on the go, but practically defenseless against the small pebbles, branches of the trees. If the seller used his car in the city only with proper care, the state body issues will. But multiple careless trips outside the city can greatly spoil the appearance of the Prado. And whether to purchase 2-3-year-old car, requires painting? Perhaps in this case it is better to look for other options.

 Land Cruiser Prado 150

Before the evaluation of the salon specify package offered to you "iron horse». We have, as a rule, are successfully used by the rich version: "prestige», «prestige plus», «suites». Consequently, the state of the internal decoration in such models should be appropriate. Check the quality of the skin, the work climate control, electric drives. Be sure to experience the functionality camera review: there are no failures in its work has been damaged. And note the unit. Some 150-e suffer a small disease that manifests itself in the following way: if you depress the horn receiver hangs. In principle, with the toggle switch on the steering wheel, you can easily restart, but maybe someone this shortcoming would be annoying.

Equipped with Prado 150 three motors on a choice:

Assessing the work after starting the engine, keep in mind one thing: the diesel generator of 150-th Prado differs noisy work. Be ready for it, if your choice fell on diesel. In the rest of the same disadvantages should not be so picky about all kinds of постукиваниям in the motor, if you find any.

 Land cruiser Prado 150 motor

As in the two previous cases, you should run in the car. This will help to assess the driving performance of the new Prado. Especially feel all the advantages of those who had occasion to ride the 90-120 m or-m Prado. In addition, there also need to assess the work of all the auxiliary systems. As we have said, often caught model with expensive sets, and therefore the equipment will include:

Perhaps, unnecessary to be assistant for driving off-road, all other systems may be useful to you, so make sure all are in good condition.

Finally, carefully read the behavior on the road models are equipped with an air suspension. For those who are not experienced, first sensations may seem unusual and even unpleasant, but we should not just negative attitude toward this suspension: it is quite efficient and brilliantly performs its functions. Its only disadvantage – this is not a cheap room, so look for another option, if you are such a situation does not suit.

If you appreciate the Prado 150 and found the flaw, which immediately repel from buying a car, you should go to the registration. As for cost, buy Toyota land cruiser Prado can be 1,550,000 in very basic and 2,500,000 rubles in version "Lux" the end of 2012-beginning of 2013 issue.

 Land cruiser Prado 150 beauty


If you want a car Toyota Prado buy, then you should consider many factors: conditions of use and preferred functionality, and the available amount of money. But regardless of what model and what kind of set you purchase, Toyota Prado – this is the choice worthy of respect.