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Off-road vehicles to 500 thousand rubles and crossovers to 1 million rubles

Price range SUVs spread widely enough. And today the price of a vehicle of this class depends on factors such as the year of issue of the existence and magnitude of mileage, number of car owners and etc. frankly, find a good, new cars, and even more off-road vehicles to 500 thousand roubles – rare. The car dealers in the entire offer to buy crossovers to 1 millona rubles - cars and expensive, and function SUV do not always perform.

High cross-country ability, power, force – these are the distinctive features of any of the jeep or SUV. They seem made for Russian roads, which otherwise as bad roads and not be called. Initially, it may seem that SUVs are only interested in those who have long and often goes through the mud, slush, snow drifts and other charms of the неасфальтированной rough terrain, but no.

Statistics are not fooled, every year on the streets increases the number of SUVs and crossovers. Especially in Russia, where, as the saying goes, the road – the second problem of the country. However, given the fact that together with the demand growing and the price for this type of cars, not everyone can afford to buy a new SUV.

What is left to do, if in your pocket just half a million, and become the owner of the crossover really want?

Here there are two variants:

You can draw attention to the domestic manufacturer, which recommends us such as auto Lada Niva 4x4, UAZ hunter, UAZ Patriot. Second, you can buy a used SUV imported.

, Native…вездепроходное

If we consider the crossovers of domestic production, it becomes obvious that almost all of them are in the category of off-road vehicles to 500 thousand rubles. So, for example, the above-named Lada Niva 4x4, the value of which ranges between 373 thousand rubles, for a long time and reliably earning the title “the veteran off-road". And all this owing to such characteristics as clearance of 22 centimeters, full drive, and short overhangs. Manual transmission has five speeds, and the engine roars of 1.7 liter 8-valve engine.

 SUV up to 500 thousand roubles - Lada Niva 4x4

The cost of Russian UAZ hunter SUV from 400 to 500 thousand rubles . It's literally fighting machine, created on the basis of a military vehicle. This SUV has two power units: petrol engine volume of 2.7 litres of diesel engine at a 2.2 liter.

Another quality Russian off-roader is a favorite of Russian car owners UAZ Patriot. This machine is more than all Russian models equipped with "bonus”. In addition to the steering booster, which has in the other models, UAZ Patriot equipped with fog lamps, alloy wheels, side mirrors supplied with heating and electric. If you look under the hood of a car, and there find gasoline engine 2.7-liter, which is associated with a five-speed manual transmission. It is true we can say that the Patriot fully fits the category SUV cost up to 500 thousand, as in picking his classic price remains within 530 thousand roubles.

From hands in hands

We now turn to the second option of buying a car for the available amount of 500 thousand rubles. Naturally, for such money you can buy a used SUV and even find a lot of options of cars. Note, however, that the crossover – a machine designed specifically for off-road driving, so it is natural that all the parts of a car of this type of wear out much faster. That is, getting a used SUV, you should be ready that the excess of the cost will have to invest in replacement parts.

To keep costs to a minimum, you should follow several rules. SUV should not be older than 2004 and have mileage not more than 100 000 km Better if the car for the time of its use was one owner. So, for example, for 500 thousand rubles can buy a Nissan X-Trail (2004-2005) or Land Rover Freelander that same year. Well, we can ignore the Mitsubishi Outlander, the price of which fluctuates between 450-500 thousand rubles, for a car, 2004 Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin.

 off-road vehicles to 500 thousand roubles - supported Nissan X-Trail, 2004

Dear foreigners

If we consider the cars in a different price category, namely, crossovers to 1 million rubles, then, of course, the choice increases significantly. You should be aware that off-road vehicles in this price category in most cases have a mechanical gearbox, although occasionally there are "machines». If we consider wheel drive vehicles, which are supposed to operate mainly on the streets, we can highlight the following brands of cars.

This SUV with the displacement of 1.8 litres will cost its owner about 910 000 rubles, moreover, that the machine will have a basic configuration. Which includes air conditioning, air bags, two window, heated front seats and зеркал.Уже after 15 minutes driving a Skoda Yeti will become clear that it is like two drops of water similar to the Volkswagen Tiguan. External similarity vehicles little, but the equipment and the behavior of the road conditions are very similar.

This car costs a little more than the previous one. About 960 000 rubles to the owner of the cars get the engine in volume of 2,4 litres, enough rich equipment and a large body. The advantages of this machine include high-quality interior trim. And of the downsides to allocate тряскую suspension, poor sound insulation, and quite weak capacity of off-road driving. But this is one of automobiles is provided with an automatic transmission.

Crossover with the engine of 1.6 liters worth approximately 777 000 rubles, but if you take a car with automatic transmission, its price would increase by about 40 000 rubles. The configuration of the car is quite diverse. And although the external data Suzuki reminiscent of the urban hatchback, he is provided with the opportunities inherent in this crossover. And its small size and light weight can be attributed only to the advantages of the machine.

 crossovers up to 1 million rubles - Suzuki SX4

Almost a million

It was so worth the Renault Koleos, equipped with 2.4-liter engine. In the complete set of  the Expression” includes air conditioning, airbags, power Windows, ABS, electric mirrors and heated, radio / cassette, fog-lights, headlamp washers, chip card, a replacement key, alloy wheels. All-wheel drive transmission of this SUV can operate in three modes. On the request of the driver, for off-road driving can be forced to lock the center of the coupling. Mode"Auto" machine behave as a normal crossover will include the rear axle, only in case if the front wheels begin to slip. Submission thrust back can be completely disabled, for example, if you have to go on dry roads with good covering.

 crossovers up to 1 million rubles - Renault Koleos

Another couple of cars, almost доросших to Millionnaya street price - Volkswagen Tiguan and Toyota RAV4. Both of these models are worthy representatives of class SUV, so they can compete with each other, both in quality and price. By the way, for a million rubles, you can buy the cars of these brands with only basic equipment and manual transmission. And Тигуан and Rav 4 is considered one of the most expensive brands of crossovers.

And who in the first place?

You have to look hard rating of the best off-road and come to the conclusion that consensus as to the principle, and a single ranking in nature hire does not exist. And all because of specialists, journalists, experts estimate SUVs on different parameters.

Rating crossovers 2012, based on criteria such as the car belonging to the premium-class, high off-road characteristics and indicators, capacity is as follows. On the first place here is the Audi Q3, known for its maneuverability and German quality. However, the producers did not call this car SUV, however, in qualitative characteristics and behaviour of the rigors of the road, we understand – this is it.

On the second place Range Rover Evoque, which has compact dimensions, it has a spacious salon and looks quite attractive. On the third Kia Sportage. This car is largely inferior to previous models, technical characteristics and patency, however, has an attractive appearance and good functionality. And finally, close the five caught in the rating Nissan Juke and Ford Edge. The latter has a high capacity, hiding under his hood 285 or 305 horses. In spite of the power to manage this car – one pleasure at the way he behaves in a smooth and flexible.

According to the internationally renowned Forbes best SUV in the world are several other brand cars. Experts to compile the rating, evaluated in the first cross-car, the amount of ground clearance, transmission type, engine power, etc.

«Best SUV 2012», - this was the title of the magazine has deserved the off-Roadster Hummer H1 in the Alpha version. Excellent patency, comfort, prestige. Not a car, but the dream of every American. On the second place in the ranking was also a Hummer, but the model H2. Third place went to  the Japanese" Mitsubishi Montero.

 Best SUV 2012 - Hummer H1

Behind the three leaders remained the Land Rover LR3. Five ranking closes the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Sixth good SUV Land Rover Range Rover, and on the seventh Jeep Grand Cherokee. The last, eighth and ninth place awarded to representatives of Lexus brand, namely, models, Lexus LX 470 Lexus GX 470. Thus the places were distributed among SUVs according to one of the world famous publications.

A new year has begun and, therefore, ahead of us is summing up the results and drafting table called "rating crossovers 2013». However, according to experts, if the world's cars will not appear absolutely new model, capable to displace any crossover from the list of the best rating for the current year will be slightly different from the previous one. However, for the year can happen a lot. What will be the rating crossovers 2013 will show time.